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Who were your mentors, how did you find them, and what were the most important lessons that they taught you?

Of all of your martial arts experience, what style(s) do you find most practical? Which do you enjoy practicing the most?

How did you get into the movie business? What advice would you have for martial artists who would like to be where you are in your career?

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Mike! I've seen Linkin Park live on stage several times. You guys are great. Keep being daring with your music and you'll always have a fan in me. My questions:

1) Who were your mentors, how did you find them, and what big lessons did you take away from them?

2) What advice do you have for people trying to find success in artistic fields like music or video production?

3) Are you still doing work in Haiti? Are there opportunities for us to help you in your side projects like that?

4) When LP was just getting big with Hybrid Theory and you used things like Instant Messenger to connect with your fans, did you ever use a screen name of SunggleFuzz something or was somebody just pretending to be you and trying to kill me?