Hi, I’m DJ Esco.

Besides being Future’s DJ, I run Magic City Mondays, the biggest night at the most famous strip club in Atlanta — also the most important club in hip hop. Any rapper who wants to make it in Altanta comes through Magic City, and me, first. Over the years I’ve helped break acts like Future, Young Thug, and 2 Chainz, to name a few.

Also here is Devin Friedman, who wrote an exclusive profile of Magic City in the latest issue of GQ. To read it, and also see a 20 minute documentary by Emmy-nominated director Lauren Greenfield, go here. (WARNING: Both NSFW.)

Ask us anything about strippers, twerking, the Atlanta music scene and what goes on behind the scenes at a club like Magic City. Or, you could just ask about the time I spent 56 days in a Dubai prison. True story.

Here is some proof.

EDIT: Alright, i got to go. Literally just about to walk on stage for the NYC free show. Get that DS2!

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Pleasureryan130 karma

I hope this isn't too rude, but how much of an impact do you have on the creative side of Future's mixtapes? Are you like an executive producer helping keep the project cohesive?

Love your work with Future. Truly the coolest DJ in the world.

DJEsco108 karma

That's not a rude question. You could say I'm the A&R.

Smbrazy116 karma

Is 56 nights really crazy?

DJEsco96 karma

More than crazy.

bri457995 karma

Do those two guys still cook chicken and ribs out in the Magic City parking lot?

DJEsco140 karma

Yeah. The grill man is in FULL effect. But I'm a vegetarian.

DevinFriedmanGQ58 karma

wait i didn't know you were a vegetarian. didn't i see you throw some chicken on that Chipotle?

DJEsco74 karma

Eat chicken? Nah.

princessk887 karma

What is the most popular song for strippers to dance to right now?

DJEsco185 karma

Freak Hoe by Future. They're going crazy about that right now.

redlipstik75 karma

How much does it cost for rappers to rent out magic for their videos?

Are the strippers in the videos actual magic strippers?

DJEsco128 karma

It depends, because Magic has relationships with everyone. I think it can be as simple as a handshake, or it can be more difficult. It varies because Magic is all about relationships.

They're always Magic strippers. You gotta keep it home. That's why you come. They'll call your ass out if she don't work there.

wavyhairedsamurai64 karma

What kind of hard drive was it that Future is so attached to? Western Digital? SeaGate? Fill me in.

DJEsco74 karma

It was a big ass hard drive. Big. Ass.

But we got it back when i got released. That was the key.

mysaadlife59 karma

Hi Esco, what do you think is the reason why Future's last 3 mixtapes and his DS2 album have resonated so well with the fans? What is he doing differently than he was when making Honest?

DJEsco102 karma

He's making free spirt music. He's making the music he really wants to make.

throne-room54 karma

I've been seriously debating a Brazilian butt lift in the past couple weeks. Are all the girls there au natural or do they get enhancements? Are patrons more ass or breast centric?

DJEsco126 karma

They have a fair amount of natural woman. But, then again, you wouldn't be able to tell anyway.

I don't know what the patrons like, but i like ass.

Scopelitist51 karma

Why are Houston and Atlanta tied so closely together in the hip hop industry? It often seems Atlanta rappers, and of course elsewhere as well, take pride in claiming their city, but Houston as well.

DJEsco126 karma

Because they're run by strip clubs.

lovenicolecorey39 karma

did your 56 nights change your mindset about life? broad i know, but i can't imagine what went thru your head during and after...

DJEsco60 karma

Yeah, it changed my life: mind, body and soul.

56 nights. Shout out to Dubai.

stillmclovinit39 karma

what's it like being the coolest DJ in the world?

how did you and Future start fucking with each other? did you ever think that the #FutureHive would ever be as big as it is?

what's the weirdest moment you've experienced in the club?

DJEsco119 karma

Question1: Being the coolest DJ is like smoking a blunt sitting on top of a cloud.

Question 2: No, I never thought #FutureHive would be as big as it is. It just shows the creativity of the fans. It's something to look forward to. At the beginning of the week you've got to check it.

Question 3: Weirdest moment: Trying to bring my new girlfriend into the club while my ex girlfriend was working in the club and we'd just broken up. Actually, I say "trying" but I did do that.

Hellrazor2533 karma

whats your favorite song on DS2? also funnest story that happened in magic city?

DJEsco82 karma

Rich Sex is my favorite track.

The first day i got out of Dubai I hadn't seen Future. When i got out he still didn't know if i had the hard drive or not, and he didn't want to ask me—The whole time in prison he didn't want to ask. When i finally got to the studio he gave me a hug and then, after an awkward moment, said "you got the hard drive?"

Rehydrate25 karma

how do you feel about OG Maco?

DJEsco61 karma

I think he's a young up-and-coming hot Atlanta artist.

mrnismo9224 karma

How's your day going?

DJEsco131 karma

Aw man. I'm having one of the coolest days in the world. Don't you know? I'm the world's coolest DJ.

I_cant_feel_myface23 karma

You ever play any of Futures slower/sadder songs at the club like codeine crazy, hardly, 2nd half of Throw away? How's that go down?

DJEsco73 karma

Yeah. I play those because those are great songs.

They do well. You gotta be diverse when you're a DJ. Someone who can speed it up, or slow it own, that's a good DJ.

Yungmah20 karma

I'm a new artist that's very inspired by what u n future have created..how could I become apart of the legacy also? My music is maturing also

DJEsco48 karma

Xanderkclark20 karma

How did you get your job at the Atl. strip club and how did you get into DJing in general?

DJEsco69 karma

Princess Cuts, the only female DJ I've ever known, was working day time. She really didn't want do it any more—no one wants to work day time—so I would fill in for her.

I would come in during the day, and they'd be like, "who are you?" Originally i would work Monday day, which no one wants to work because Monday night is so packed, and that was the only day of the week i worked. Then girls started liking me, because i played the music they liked, and I eventually worked my way up to the night. Now i only work Monday night. T

Loubanga16 karma

What songs are really popular in Atlanta right now that haven't become popular elsewhere?

DJEsco35 karma

Anything Future raps on. Also Lil Donald has a song called "I Got The Juice." You can dab dance to it. It's an Atlanta thing.

easonbeencool16 karma

What is the coolest thing about working in Magic City?

DJEsco94 karma

Getting paid.

dastevn13 karma

Will there be a DS2 tour soon?

DJEsco44 karma

Yes, there will be a DS2 tour soon. I don't know the date, but off crowd demand, we're going to have to do it for the people.

lovenicolecorey12 karma

esco, what makes you a free spirit and did this mindset help you keep your head together for 56 nights?

DJEsco21 karma

I was open to all cultures. Being open minded helped me survive in there. I didn't have any preconceived ideas.

b4cATL12 karma

If it's possible at all, how can I send you beats through?

DJEsco18 karma

seeitswimmin10 karma

What is one example of how your life is vastly different now than how it was before the collaboration with Future ???

DJEsco21 karma

A lot of traveling. I travel every day now. I used to be just in Atlanta and now i travel all over the world. I'm in New York right now.

altl77310 karma

What's news or somethn gonna be on? When no sleep 2 come out?

DJEsco25 karma

News or somthn was just a teaser. It was simply for the news...or somthn

Hzygone8 karma

Hey esco, huge fan since the early future days. You have any comments on this drake meek mill mess? Is ghost writing common or is there just more collaboration in today's rap game. Thanks!

DJEsco59 karma

Shout out to Meek he's fam. Shout out to Drake he's fam. It's just hip hop. That's all.

thefreshaire7 karma

Esco! Much love from out here in LA. I needa get myself to Magic City! Can't say I've been a Future fan since day 1. It was No Sleep that converted me actually. Are you ever gonna put out more mixtapes with various artists' tracks?

DJEsco8 karma


Kingdariush7 karma

Thanks for doing this, I love your work! My question is about how you choose your playlists. Do you ever do favors for friends who need to get hot, and do you feel a sense of responsibility towards the hip hop scene because anything you play gets hot immediately? Thanks, and keep killing it! Ur awesome dude

DJEsco14 karma

Responsibility? Well yeah, man, it's hard. It looks so easy, but people don't realize how much work you got to put in.

CoolEmpire6 karma

Any advice for a upcoming artist?

DJEsco28 karma

Yeah. Make as much music as possible. But quality, always, over quantity.

blackTANG116 karma

How was the Dubai prison? I heard shit is fucked up in Dubai, especially with prison guards and shit. Must've been brutal.

You ever considered making some music yourself? Or have you made some already that I don't know about?

Also, I'm working on making a version of DS2 that has a ton of Esco drops in random places just for my personal entertainment.

DJEsco6 karma

I made a lot of music you don't know about. I'm like a ghost.

Grassandapples5 karma

Pancakes or waffles?

DJEsco76 karma

Pancakes with STOOPID butter.

rejjiesnow5 karma

How did you and Future became such good friends? I mean he shouts you out on almost every track

DJEsco16 karma

We became close friends because we were friends before music. Now, with music, we're even closer than that.

Kingdariush4 karma

Why are you the coolest dj in the world?

DJEsco14 karma

Because, I don't sway anything.

Uncleverest_Username4 karma

Aside from being humble for the little things like family, what else did you learn from your experience in Dubai? Do you ever think about contacting the guys in the prison? like the warden

Can you give a hint for the Future show tomorrow at LA? I bought the album too

DJEsco8 karma

You learn that freedom is priceless, and if you got a chance to go for it. go. for. it.

I can't give a hint for tomorrow.

Scopelitist4 karma

What are your favorite strip clubs in Houston, outside of VLive, and why? Looking to go to my first one here soon

DJEsco8 karma

I like all the strip clubs in Houston.

I like VLive because DJ Eric is there, and I like his vibe.

ClentRutherford693 karma


DJEsco17 karma

It was the most turnt Atlanta has been in 10 years. Shout out to Jeezy.

[deleted]1 karma


DJEsco3 karma

Yeah, make history.

Actually, DJ'ing is becoming a cool thing. Wiz is DJ'ing, Snoop is DJ'ing, Drake is DJ'ing. It can be done.

[deleted]1 karma


DJEsco8 karma

Loyalty is so hard to find in life. I had to learn watching others so it wouldn't happen to me.