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1) How much did you typically ask for?

2) What was the closest call you ever had as far as either getting caught or hurt?

3) Were you always solo? Did you ever meet or talk to any other bank robbers like yourself?

Can you give us a basic outline of your strategy/approach? Firearm? Real/loaded? Mask? Did you do any pre-robbery set up or did you just go into it and do the job?

Feel free to selectively answer

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How was the Dubai prison? I heard shit is fucked up in Dubai, especially with prison guards and shit. Must've been brutal.

You ever considered making some music yourself? Or have you made some already that I don't know about?

Also, I'm working on making a version of DS2 that has a ton of Esco drops in random places just for my personal entertainment.

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Lemme know what I should listen to

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This is my second comment but did you hear about what happened with ogmaco.com? Apparently some dude had bought the domain name a long time ago and he heard about Maco and some comment he made about Future that wasn't a big deal so he put up a pic of Future and the words "Is OGMACO.COM for sale? BITCH YOU GUESSED IT!" And ended up selling it for a whole bunch of money. Shit was hilarious