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DevinFriedmanGQ102 karma

I will tell you 2 Chainz shows up just to eat some hot wings and then goes back to the studio

DevinFriedmanGQ58 karma

wait i didn't know you were a vegetarian. didn't i see you throw some chicken on that Chipotle?

DevinFriedmanGQ57 karma

talk about recycling!

DevinFriedmanGQ39 karma

it's basically a&r for hip hop. this is where new artists break in atlanta, it's where they get record deals. before Future became Future, Esco had to play his songs at Magic City. the girls had to love the songs.

that, and they are working on a cure for cancer

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you have to see the video. http://video.gq.com/watch/magic-city-inside-the-atlanta-strip-club-that-runs-hip-hop-uncensored especially the part where esco says "ass ass ass ass ASS." but i'm not sure he'd be in favor of lifts. esco? also, just an ignorant question. but what's a brazilian butt lift?