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DJEsco185 karma

Freak Hoe by Future. They're going crazy about that right now.

DJEsco140 karma

Yeah. The grill man is in FULL effect. But I'm a vegetarian.

DJEsco131 karma

Aw man. I'm having one of the coolest days in the world. Don't you know? I'm the world's coolest DJ.

DJEsco128 karma

It depends, because Magic has relationships with everyone. I think it can be as simple as a handshake, or it can be more difficult. It varies because Magic is all about relationships.

They're always Magic strippers. You gotta keep it home. That's why you come. They'll call your ass out if she don't work there.

DJEsco126 karma

Because they're run by strip clubs.