Hey reddit, my names Aancod and you may have seen me in this video from the front page yesterday, but truthfully I'm trying to be a lot more than some white guy.

I have been traveling around in Thailand and ended up living on an island that gripped my sense of life. I've taken time off from posting on my Facebook or YouTube channel. Instead I've been collecting footage for a documentary project about my travels and my music. Go ahead and AMA


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ryano52112 karma

Just curious, on a scale of 1 to handsome, how handsome is the handsome person who helped you set up this ama?

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Darkomicron77 karma

How did you roll into this kind of lifestyle? How did you leave everything behind and travel? What's in store for your future?

AancodZaccarelli109 karma

big questions! aha. i dont know how to give a satisfying short answer. but ill try. i started "traveling" 5 years ago, started in search of myself as i was lost and going through depressive identity crisis. i was 19 when i shaved my head to nothing and decided to sleep on the streets of florence in christmas time with 100 euros in my pocket (50 in pocket, 50 in shoe aha) as an attempt to clear my head from myself, and the life i considered to be too complicated to be in for me at the time. the plan was one month in florence, but this became 5 years of traveling around the world somehow, i never looked back and recently ive been living on an island called Koh Samed in Thailand for the past 5 months or so. My future... like anyone is full of dreams and ambitions. my nearest future vision worth mentioning right now is a youtube channel about my travels, and experiences outside of myself that id like to share with anyone who's interested. i hope to give inspiration to those who seek it and even better if i can to those who don't :) i hope this answers something darkomicron. have a good one ;)

Darkomicron21 karma

Good answer! I just wonder.. You had no family or loved ones to return to? Sorry if this is too loaded of a question.

AancodZaccarelli73 karma

at some point i did believe i had no family. but i always had one. and now i have two. my adopted japanese family, and my biological english family.

Deadzone_7 karma

Do you travel alone? I've always wanted to adopt this lifestyle but I very deeply fear being alone. I always want to have someone by my side to listen.

AancodZaccarelli4 karma

I find that... if u fear being alone. Ull always run away from urself until u just face it. And when that fear is gone. Oh... the kinds if doors ur mind will open for urself ;)

Notningamaster42 karma

What is the context of the video? Why were they all so excited to sing with you? What song were you singing and what is it about? Specifically, what is busking? Thanks in advance for answering.

AancodZaccarelli79 karma

  1. what is busking.... to me it just means playing music or performing on the street/ in public, getting the attetion of passerbys, and recieving a donation for it, or selling cds etc. but ur free to look up what it actually means. 2. the context of the video... can be explained fully with the context of my life. but specifically on this occasion, i had stopped by in korea in july last year (korea was once my home for 6 years in my teenage years). i had been busking everyday in the subway and streets from the moment i arrived for about 2 weeks. i usually play about 3 to 5 songs (all english) before everyone gets on the train and then i start again when a new crowd arrives waiting for the next train. 3. why they excited... if i feel like the crowd is "big enough" and has "enough energy", so that i can trust that they will sing along, i surprise them with the one korean song that i can sing from start to finish. 4. what song was i singing.... the song is by a group called G.O.D. the title translates in english as "One Candle" (link on bottom). 5.what its about... to oversimplify it, its about having life being tough and unfair, but as we choose to become light (or the "one candle") it kills the darkness and has the power to spread itself to the next, growing exponentially. the chorus is basically something along the lines of "when ur tired and worn out, lean on me, ill always be next to you, ill make sure u dont feel alone, ill hold your hand". keep in mind please... that translating lyrics from any language to another, always sounds.... meh.... its poetry, and its deeply contingent on the culture of the language and in many cases the grammar itself.

link to the song:


corncorncorncorn3 karma

Where did you go to school in Korea?

AancodZaccarelli7 karma

kwang yang middle school. in seoul.

Kayehnanator31 karma

How many different languages do you know?

AancodZaccarelli70 karma

aha i speak english, japanese, korean, italian, hebrew. comfortably. anything else is just baby level.

Kayehnanator14 karma

What's been your motivation for those languages? Are they all places you've been born in/travelled to?

AancodZaccarelli44 karma

all of the 5 languages i mentioned are from the countries i grew up in before i was 21.

thatbluesyguy15 karma

Why traveling so much when younger? Parents in army?

AancodZaccarelli43 karma

actually part of a religious movement, which i am no longer a part of.

pitaenigma2 karma

סאמק אני יושב כאן גאה בעצמי כי אני לומד שפה שלישית

AancodZaccarelli4 karma

Tov! Ahrei ha shlishit ze nihya yoter ve yoter kal. Behatzlacha ;)

Seth-mars24 karma

What's the most useful advice you could give to someone looking to travel around a lot that you've learned in your own experience?

AancodZaccarelli46 karma

i find that to be a big question. and naturally calls for a big answer. but 1st of all, this completely depends on your intention of travelling. either way i would say i find the most important thing to be attitude. for whatever reason you are travelling, or missioning in any direction, you gotta ... not believe.. but KNOW. that 1. its possible. 2. everything is always ok. 3. there is always an answer.

travelling can just be fun ofcourse, but it becomes meaningful when you know why you are doing what you are doing, and you are deliberate with your day and in the way in which you derive meaning from your experience.

i have almost always traveled on low, or no budget. and so this forced me to be a certain way and do certain things inorder to get what i want from my life. but this was ofcourse specific to me.

theres obviously alot more to be said here, but then again, im just tempted to answer the question with another question.

are you serious about your desire to travel? if so, then why?

Pandas_can_scubadive13 karma

You seem like a very happy person. Do you have a pet?

AancodZaccarelli22 karma

ahaha I have a dog in Korea, Ghandi.

iglyboop2 karma

In case you mistook it for Korea, Martin Luther King Junior


AancodZaccarelli1 karma

ahaha love it

WhateverIlldoit12 karma

I watched the entire video of you in the subway station. You truly have an amazing voice and energy. Do you plan on releasing an album or anything like that?

AancodZaccarelli12 karma


Rnmkr12 karma

1. Where are you living right now?
(couch surfing, hostels, family home, do you pay rent)
2. Where do most of your earnings come from?
(youtube ads, busking/tips).
3. Do you have job? (or trade, besides busking)
4. How do you manage your daily expenses?
(do you make a weekly budget of how much you expect your living expenses are?)
5. Have you ever taken a "break" from busking because you couldn't keep up?
6. And finally; What are your personal dreams or expectations for the next ~2 years? (what line of work would like doing, what cities or countries would you like to travel/visit).

[Feel free to pass on questions you feel are too personal or intrusive]

AancodZaccarelli10 karma

  1. I live in Koh Samed, Thailand. for the past 5 months. i think this is already written on top. but im leaving today to bangkok and to japan on thursday to spend a week with my family.
  2. i dont make money of youtube yet. i havent started my channel. the money from the adds on youtube go to the people who posted them. i have no clue who they are.
  3. i havent had a "job" in 3 years. other than playing music.
  4. yes i do my own accounting based on predictions of busking climate of wherever i am vs rent/food etc.
  5. nope.
  6. 2 years seems so far, i think usually a month or 2 in advance max. but im starting a youtube channel which i hope picks up and becomes something.

thelastmanbear8 karma

What is the most interesting place you've traveled to and performed?

AancodZaccarelli26 karma

ofcourse any traveler would tell you there are many. i dont have a favourite colour, i guess cause they rely on eachother to be what they are. same with traveling. i could probably pick a favourite experience in each country i was though... like a favourite shade of a colour.. or something. possibly not the answer you were looking for, but hey its what it is.

EmotionalMillionaire7 karma

Since you're travelling the world, what do you do concerning accommodation? Hotels/Hostels/Couchsurfing?

AancodZaccarelli20 karma

i coulda shuda woulda couchsurfed more. i know that. but i found that the downside of that for me, is that money making times are also the only time hosts can hang out. and i dont want to be the guy that sais, "hey can i sleep on your couch? sorry but i cannot go drinking with you cuz im out singing" its happened like that once or twice and...it just doesnt feel right... i guess. but i always found a way somehow, always found someone with a couch, or a hostel that would let me play in exchange for accommodation. or if i really liked a place, id be making enough money to rent out my perfect spot for those weeks or months.

Guitar_fool7 karma

Any tips on busking successfully?

AancodZaccarelli27 karma

busking is an art form like anything else. what works best for you might not for others depending on .... everything pretty much. each style, person, country/city you busk in, calls for different skills. adapt. if my intention is creating positivity and having fun. i take away the guitar case, dont show that u want money. ppl will feel more comfortable to gather. and often end up tipping you anyway. and more often then not... i end up meeting the greatest people and making real freinds, with real couches to sleep on ;) if i want money, i play short sets. not long dragful ones. i turn my short set into a quick show. where i begin by attracting attention, telling my story (musically or however), reaching a climax, and at the biggest round of applause, i STOP. say thank you, put the guitar down and drink my water. this helps people feel like theyve seen the whole thing, and feel comfortable and carrying on with their lives (this is the streets... remember.) and ofcourse they will feel as thought it is a perfect cue to tip, (since everyone else is doing it). and once theyve all moved on, i can start again, with a fresh audience. this way i can spread my performance to more people, and obviously fill up my guitar case faster. again i insist, everyone has theyre own way. ive seen many many buskers along the way, and they do things i never have or would, but it works best for them. just do it ALOT. and the sooner you become immune to rejection, the more successful you will be.

gutter_rat_serenade38 karma

I saw a busker once and all he did was stick a gun in my face and then demanded that I tip him all the money in my wallet.

Worst. Performance. Ever.

AancodZaccarelli16 karma

thats one of the best ive ever heard aha

WhatWouldPicardDo7 karma

Do you still do stuff with the three mongchong friends? The daft punk cover was fun.

AancodZaccarelli6 karma

eyyy im going back to visit korea in a couple weeks. id love to do something with them yeaaaa

EnduroRacer5 karma

How can one go about adopting this lifestyle while lacking any musical performing skill? I imagine saving your money for travel and food must be somewhat difficult. Also the question of material posessions, (clothes, phone, instruments, etc) how do you take all that around and keep care of all of it? Do you have things like cell phones or other electronics while you travel? If so how do you maintain all of it? I know it's a lot but your time is very greatly appreciated sir

AancodZaccarelli4 karma

Regarding my possessions and maintenance of them. I learned a while back to keep with me only the bare necessities. I will show it all on my YouTube channel when its up, but i basically put my whole life into one biggish backpack and one guitar case. I put all my clothes in the guitar case, and often inside the body of the guitar itself. Apart from this... all i own is a portable studio (zoom r8) an effect pedal of some kind, laptop. And phone charger, external hardrive... etc.. all this fits in the bag. Done. Everytime i leave a country i will have accumulated a bunch of stuff. I make point of throwing out the unnecessary, and giving away anything else. This way im free and light. ....... as to the 2st question. I obviously cannot tell anyone how to make their way. But ive met many people who havr their own unique way of "gypsying around" so to speak. Some who draw caricatures. Sell jewelery. Dress up as a bush and stay still. Pantomime. Etc etc. Make it up man. Theres always, always something you can offer to the world. And as crazy as it sounds, if u KNOW (not "believe" or "hope" ) that everythinfs gonna work out somehow. It just will. Period. Maintaining a positive attitude regardless, and finding a way to sincerely feel greatful for whatever u get or lose, is gonna keep u inspired and ultimately grow in ur ability to be content most of the time, and as u keep doing whatever it is ur doing (given that u love it) ull eventually master it, and cash will just start flowing in. This is a quick answer. hope it is relevant :) Goodluck

flotiste4 karma

In that video, it cuts out right at the end of the song. How much money did you actually get from that crowd? They seemed pretty enthused about the song.

AancodZaccarelli19 karma

i think i made about 4 dollars from that performance. noone tipped ahah.

EdwardNG213 karma

What country do you want to visit the most? Why?

AancodZaccarelli4 karma

there are many man... why, is always curiosity.

kronik853 karma

Any tips for someone who has the raw ability to do street performance, but shies away from the limelight?

AancodZaccarelli31 karma

no. you know what to do.

ThatJuanMexican3 karma

Whats your favorite language to sing in?

AancodZaccarelli7 karma

i almost always sing in english. its still a nice thought to sing in the others.

youdontseekyoda3 karma

How much do you make in an average day?

AancodZaccarelli4 karma

every country completely different.

geardownson3 karma

How much would you say on the average would you make in a day?

Also, Which country would you say is the most generous?

AancodZaccarelli11 karma

again. every country is different. from 30 euros in 2 and a half hours in some countries, to over 200 dollars in other countries. korea is pretty generous, but only if the fire of the crowd picks up well. so far, by far the country best cultured for busking has been australia. they get it. respect it. and appreciate just the fact that we are doing it more than anywhere else ive felt. dublins nice too.

Dammasta282 karma

Where did you learn to play the guitar? Who are your inspirations/role models?

AancodZaccarelli8 karma

where?... i dont know if thats a question i know how to answer. its a constant thing, im still learning. i started when i was 12 in israel. i had different role models along the way. big influences, meh... alot. i guess ur questions is about guitar, so ... mike einziger from incubus, john Frusciante from RHCP, tommy emmanuel, john mayer to name some.

n00bstackz1 karma

Are you gonna do some Thai songs?

AancodZaccarelli2 karma

I know a bit. But i often play guit for other thai singers to sing to. Its a great excuse for me to put full attention just on my instrument.

Entity171 karma

Is the Korean public always receptive to you or were those videos of rare instances?

AancodZaccarelli1 karma

In general, Korean people have been very receptive. but it usually takes one person to stop before a crowd forms. this could take up to 3 or 4 songs of jamming. but once that one person is on, BOOM. and not really.... that kind of vibe is usually an everyday, especially in Korea.

selectorate_theory1 karma

Do you worry about things like health insurance and retirement? It seems that a lot of people feel chained to their jobs in order to afford these things. Do you have them covered or just don't worry about them?

AancodZaccarelli6 karma

never worried.

BombOmbWho1 karma

How were you able to learn Korean?

Also, how long did it take you to be able to sing in Korean than in English? (It being any harder than singing in English)

AancodZaccarelli2 karma

I had a massive advantage in learning Korean as Japanese is my mother tongue. i find the grammar to be 90% exactly the same, and all i had to do is think in Japanese and switch the words around. and that song... specifically, being the only full Korean song i can play, I had memorised the lyrics to when i was 12, before i spoke Korean. I thought the song was catchy (especially the very intro) and i just memorised the lyrics (at the time just gibberish) and later on as i learned the language, understood what the song was about and was able to kind of correct my little mistakes in the mimic here and there.

Poonsnatcha1 karma

I'll actually be heading to South Korea in a few days until the end of August, which area of South Korea will you be staying in? I would love to see you perform and help donate to your travels!

AancodZaccarelli2 karma

ey man. if i busk, my favourite spots are insadong in seoul, haeundae beach in busan. and the rest is subway hopping, in seoul mostly. ill post any big gigs on my facebook. www.facebook.com/aancod

cometswin1 karma

Have you ever been kicked out of places or kindly been asked to move on?

AancodZaccarelli3 karma

all. the. time. ;)

bozobozo1 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur?

AancodZaccarelli2 karma

Gon. from tekken 3.

cara1234567891 karma

What countries did you grow up in and how long in each?

AancodZaccarelli1 karma

England 3 years. Japan 3. Israel 6ish. Korea 6ish. England 1 year again. Italy 2. 3 years roaming around with music. = 25

gmr50411 karma

Aancod, I am kicking off a podcast next week. Would you be down for a brief interview to talk about your music and travels?

AancodZaccarelli1 karma

Yea man smile emoticon Contact me at [email protected] or message me through www.facebook.com/aancod

CheekyChipmunk1 karma

On a scale of 1-10 how white are you compared to asians?

AancodZaccarelli2 karma

A korean friend once called me an asian cracker. One guy said im a fortune cookie.

swagyolo420noscope1 karma

Hey man dunno if you'll read this but I remember meeting you at cleeve house a few years ago. Me and a few other 2nd gen were having some sort of "gaming night" and we were playing smash bros and halo at cleeve house haha! You were there and for some reason I remember you spoke about some guy who you used to call "bobi one kenobi" or something like that lol. I thought I recognised the guy from the video when I watched it and it felt pretty strange when I realised who you were. You probably don't remember me but I hope everything works out well for you man! :)

Are you still in contact with many 2nd gen?

AancodZaccarelli2 karma

yes brother. :) but ur not telling me your name ahah. who are you?

kaliheart1 karma

What is the nicest country you've been to aesthetically? What country has the nicest people?

AancodZaccarelli2 karma

every country has its own beauty, and special qualitys in people. i find these questions impossible to answer.

MainlyPorn1 karma

Wow, man, you're literally living my dream right now. I've always been afraid to just go out and do this though because I feel as though I'll miss out on a lot of important years in my life (currently 18). Do you feel like you've missed out on a lot of "normal" experiences?

AancodZaccarelli2 karma

Oh yeah man of course i missed out on some "normal" life. But i never wanted that anyway. Every year is as important as u make it. At a young age, in ur case, still developing, u have the massive advantage of starting to work towards ur ideal life early. I like to think its never to late in life to find contentment, but at some point ur body will no longer be able to stiff up a boner. So now is a very fertile time to use ur energy to start working on YOURSELF im everyway possible. To start asking urself what u want and start making moves man. Itll never be too late but man its never too early. Take time to listen to block out all the noise and listen to urself. What do u want? And start grinding ;) now.

ShameDiesel1 karma

Do you smoke weed in Thailand? Where are you in Koh Samed? How beautiful is it where you are now? Where next?

AancodZaccarelli2 karma

the 1st question ill answer by not answering ;) . i have a little humble home by the beach. it is damnnnn beautiful. next is japan and korea back and forth.

Pleecu1 karma

I really have a million questions to ask you but it is almost unbelievable that you can bring music to people in such a way that you've taken upon yourself to cross all boundaries and bring them together for a video like this.

I guess the only thing I can ask is how did you connect like the way you did in the video?

AancodZaccarelli3 karma

Im assuming u mean connect with the crowd? Mm... this makes me think... music is the channel. I suppose the way i see it is that in that case i happened to be the driver of the sound. And the audience the passengers. As long as they choose to stay on, i can direct where we are going with our emotions. The view however, is for all of us (the passengers and driver) to enjoy. So just like when we watch a movie or eat a good meal or whatever and share it with someone, we are connected on the same focus point, the song, in this case, is our experience. I just happen to guide it. So i suppose all i am doing is enjoying the sound and how it makes me feel, and i deliberately project my emotions as they are in that moment. And anyone who wants to jump on the ride, is automatically. .. connected. I hope this answers your question.

krazyking1 karma

Hey thanks for doing this AMA! Do you have any advice for learning new languages specifically Japanese and Korean? Thanks!

AancodZaccarelli2 karma

This is going to depend on what ur native language is a little bit. But regardless. If u trully wanna learn, and are passionate. u dont need tips. Ull just absorb. you gotta be obsessed. books can be great to an extent, but better is just go out to talk to people. dont be shy, use every word u know even if u only know 15. nobody will judge u for not speaking perfect, as you probably wouldnt judge someone for being a noob at your language if they showed effort. nobody can judge effort. memorise 15 to 50 words a day (in ur own speed), and go out and speak to people, have fun with it. and in a few months only, u could start dreaming in that language.

Upsidedownnightmares0 karma

Really? I'm gonna be the one to ask?

Alright, what's up with the dreadlocks? I always wonder why white people choose to get them. Is it to seem more worldly? Sorry if this question seems rude, I'm genuinely curious.

AancodZaccarelli7 karma

ahah well to me thats like: why a nose ring? why dye your hair? why a beard? im not trying to "seem" like anything. i get that dreads stick out as something more... say... controversial maybe? or they have to mean something, as they do to rastas. i have my own personal reasons for having dreads. but then again so do people with nose rings.

iwazaruu-1 karma

Why don't you just teach English in those countries instead of being a bum?

AancodZaccarelli2 karma

i was an english teacher once. im way happier now as a "bum". i have no boss, and am free to go and do whatever i like whenever i like. and now i make more money than i did as a teacher.

Beta4eva-1 karma

Do you shower?

AancodZaccarelli1 karma

whats a shower?

Sunday2424-5 karma

Reddit 5 mins of fame, what now?

AancodZaccarelli5 karma

youtube channel.