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What about nazis and aliens do you know? please tell us everything were ready.

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Do you smoke weed in Thailand? Where are you in Koh Samed? How beautiful is it where you are now? Where next?

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Do you believe censorship on other internet platforms has gone too far? What is your stance on censorship and free speech? Are you worried about the Balkanization of internet communities? Do you intend to have experts kindve "swoop in" and combat bad ideas with better ones when folks post not so good information?

I saw you posted a list of the "shelves" topics? How would experts of something like comedy work?

Lastly, if I commit to 6+ years of engagement, and your platform turns into a groupthink hive mind with an itchy trigger finger for banning and removal of "shelves" can I drive to your office and personally slap the both of you?

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What is your perspective on racism in the open industry? An example would be how starlets ask for more money to do IR scenes or Alexis Texas and Rachel Starr not doing IR scenes at all.