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The standard male voice drop happens due to structural changes in the vocal folds where they lengthen and thicken, and the voice drops. That being said, a standard male voice, even a low one, has access to higher singing notes in the falsetto, and you can talk in that range as well. Many people with high singing voices talk at the lower end of their vocal register, or vice versa, but you can train yourself to talk in a different register.

As for the hormones, you can't undo the lengthening and thickening of the vocal folds, with estrogen, but you can force it to happen with testosterone. So you can change a voice, but you can't un-change a voice, you can just train it to talk at the top end.

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Fordlandia is an awesome book that talks about that.

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Your website is down as you're past your bandwidth allotment.

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You said you were great at recreating "hard" props (guns, machinery, vehicles, etc.), but not "soft" things, like creatures, monsters, etc. If you had the chance to make a soft thing perfectly, what would you choose?

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Have you, or do you feel an impetus to make reparations to the families whose funerals you picketed? Have you made any attempts to contact them and apologize for your actions?