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What is the context of the video? Why were they all so excited to sing with you? What song were you singing and what is it about? Specifically, what is busking? Thanks in advance for answering.

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We Are Family is everywhere commercials, movies television shows. Does the bad still control the rights to this song? Do you get request to use it all the time? I've heard other bands say certain songs become a curse because they have to perform them over and over and they get sick of them. Has this happened with We Are Family for the band?

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I am not planning on immigrating to Canada anytime soon, I am in the United States and like it here. I've been to Canada numerous times though, I love everything except the fact I have to buy booze at a government run shop, and cigarettes are outrageously priced. I just mostly wanted to say this is some of the most informative and helpful information I've ever seen on an AMA and thanks for doing this AMA.

I am supposed to ask a question..... So my question is this, why is it so difficult to got from US to Canada but seems as though it would be easier to go from Canada to the US? Don't both country have similar skill sets, and people that either want to immigrate here, or immigrate to there? Couldn't they just exchange people of equal skills and abilities and not have all this legal tape. Honestly, other then healthcare, I don't know that someone immigrating from one place to another would cost either country anymore then they are already spending. I am probably naive, I mostly wanted to compliment you on a great AMA.

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Wow that an amazing story about Mandela and very awesome! I am not sure what a Whammo is, lol sorry.