Host of Comedy Bang! Bang! (the TV show on IFC and podcast on Earwolf). Emmy-winning producer for "Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis." Former writer/performer for "Mr. Show with Bob and David," and current writer/performer for Netflix's "With Bob and David."

Thank you all - I have to go, but I appreciate all the fun and sincere questions. Please watch the show this Thursday? I'm very excited for you all to see it.

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JPort24281 karma

Adam Scott did an AMA two weeks ago. When asked how you smelled, Mr. Scott said "He smells stupid" Any response?

SAukerman804 karma

Fuck him

Slayner219 karma

Heynongman! Scott, I have a question that I've been very curious about for awhile now.

I want to frequent and comment on the Earwolf forums more often but most of my time spent listening to podcasts, and using the internet is from my smartphone. The Earwolf site isn't too mobile friendly and to be frank, it's difficult to navigate through. I was wondering how feasible it is for Earwolf to make a mobile app for their forums? Or at the very least make it generally a more mobile friendly site. I'd love to get more active on there!

Aside from that, I'd just like to express my deepest gratitude for your work for all things comedy, Reggie's last episode was fantastic, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how Kid Cudi turns out on CBB TV. I feel like every season the show gets better and better. And also, the podcast has been unbelievable this year! It's gonna be so hard to vote on the 2015 best ofs.

And finally, if I can open up the plug bag just briefly - there is a small yet very active and super friendly subreddit here on reddit called /r/earwolf. We would be absolutely thrilled if any of the earwolf guys ever paid us a visit there!

SAukerman152 karma

thank you so much! I actually don't know much about how the forums or websites or business side of Earwolf works - you'd have better luck bringing this up to them directly on twitter or something! apologies.

I think Cudi's first episode is going to thrill people - i can't wait for people to see it.

and yes, i'll check out that subreddit! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

drunkandy198 karma

I'm very concerned that the breakout success of "Heynong man!" will overshadow the, in my opinion, greater potential of "All joking a salad". "Heynong man" may be burning bright right now but I sincerely believe that "All joking a salad" has a wider appeal and that will keep it going as a catchphrase long after "Heynong man" has gotten old.

What are your plans to ensure that "all joking a salad" is not relegated to the dust bin of history?

SAukerman182 karma

Look for t-shirts for both this Monday!

art_is_dumb119 karma

I designed those shirts!

SAukerman130 karma

great job!

mbb87150 karma

Are you planning on having Thomas Middleditch on as characters more often? His weird character stand-up is honestly some of the funniest anything I've ever seen. The combination of him and CBB is downright delightful.

SAukerman131 karma

he does a character on en episode of the TV show I just saw for the first time yesterday - it's quite weird! Would love to have him on the podcast more frequently, were he to be up for it.

slribs130 karma

Were you upset when your buddy Obama sidelined you for that other guy's podcast?

SAukerman188 karma

the nerve of that guy

dukedevil0812123 karma

Is there now a 100% chance that PFT's Santa will appear on the Christmas Special, you candy-ass motherfucker?

SAukerman99 karma

haha, yeah i think we have to, now.

gorilla_eater105 karma

How long will you allow the closing up the plug bag theme to get?

SAukerman151 karma

i imagine i will get sick of it at some point and reset... but not yet!

Redwinevino100 karma

Hey Scott you wonderfully funny human.

I was wondering would you mind sharing one of your favouite Harris stories? I totally understand if you wish not to.

Thank you so much for being so funny.

And thanks for taking the time to do this, be well!

SAukerman224 karma

There are so many funny stories that other people have from performing on stage with him that people shared at his memorial... luckily (I think) most of my fun stories were documented by our recordings.

I will say that when we were taking the group picture from his final Farts & Pro ep - I don't know why, but I felt like I wanted to hug him very tightly at that moment, and show him some affection. I'm glad I did, and I'm glad I can look at it.

irishstevenj99 karma

Heynong man! Thank you for all of the free entertainment, it's gotten me through a lot of really tough days.

I know you sort of went into it the intro and I don't want to bring up any bad memories, but how close were you to never releasing Farts & Pro 4? Just want to say that it was one of the most weirdly cathartic, funny episodes I've ever heard and I'm glad you chose to put it out, though I could understand why you wouldn't.

SAukerman154 karma

i was going to put it out on the anniversary of his death at one point... chelsea got really mad at me, and insisted i put it out right then. She was right.

bhawx1097 karma

"I'd like to say hello to Scott. I would also like to say hello to Adam Scott. I would like to say hello to my family. I'd like to say hello to my friends." Hi Scott. Is this the end of U Talkin' U2 To Me or is it still going after the new album?

SAukerman126 karma

it's still going.

chichicork89 karma

How was your recent trip to France with your ex girlfriend?

SAukerman305 karma

You HAVE to go... every day they have this bicycle race that the entire country watches... it's so different from the USA

CrouchJr81 karma

Hey Scott, I have a question to ask on behalf of our mutual friend Tim Heidecker. It reads as follows : "Where the hell is the 'cast we did with @brettgelman and @jondaly?"

Tim is banned from reddit, and Brett is banned from the podcast, so I'm assuming you just trashed the episode, not wanting to assimilate yourself with such shady characters?

Thanks, love the content you put out.

SAukerman107 karma

this will NEVER see the light of day. Too much truth.

bombasstic65 karma

Which CBB joke(s) do you wish people would stop saying to you?

SAukerman231 karma

none - i wish the people who get mad at the people who say the jokes would chill!

Wayne6163 karma

As a longtime listener, I'm still profoundly sad at the passing of Harris Wittels. He out of everyone made me laugh the most – full on belly-laughs. One of my favorite podcasts was back during the CDR days when you had him, Benny Schwartz, and Sarah Silverman on, and the natural chemistry between all four of you was so apparent. Can you speak to the lasting impact Harris has on not only yourself, but to his other fellow peers in comedy? From longtime professionals like you and Sarah, to emerging comedians and writers getting into the business? Thanks for taking the time to read through everything, and god bless you, Saucerman.

SAukerman109 karma

it's a really interesting world where a comedian like Harris - who in previous decades would just be considered a footnote in comedy - has made such an impact in the world. He never had a TV show of his own. He never toured as a headliner. He just wrote on great TV shows, appeared on podcasts, did improv shows, wrote a book, and did twitter. But the amount of lives he's touched is huge... I am very glad people got to know him and his work, and could figure out how special he was.

KlobbCity62 karma

So on UTU2TM, the bit you and Scott do when you pass the phone cable between each other; is it the hold the cord limp just out of reach thing, or is it the act like you're going to pass it to them and drop it just before they grab it thing, or is it something else entirely? I am asking for a friend.

SAukerman112 karma

hold out cord don't look at it at the last second, snatch it back laugh your silly butt off!

GilliMarshall59 karma

Do you think the Earwolf Network would ever expand to the east coast or that there would be a sister network set up there a la Wolfpop? I love the content you guys put out a lot and it'd be cool/nice/fun/interesting if there was a NYC comedy equivalent.

SAukerman154 karma

yes - it's in the works.

Memphish_Boognish54 karma

Do you have any plans for extra special podcast eps when Wet Hot American Summer and With Bob and David premiere?

SAukerman59 karma


Kid_Cudiman48 karma

Heynong Man! How you weigh?

SAukerman110 karma

I just went to Paris - not weighing good, bro

Dr_Onion_Rings46 karma

What's the worst thing you ever spilled all over your pants, and did it ruin them?

SAukerman167 karma

shit... out of my butthole

i think i washed them and they were fine?

TheTank12346 karma

Love everything you do. Earwolf is a constant in my life. Two questions:

  1. When are you going to convince Zouks to start his own podcast?

  2. Snap your fingers and have 4 people on your show all the time. Who are they? Lapkus? PFT? Adam Scott?

Again, keep doing what you do. Love every second of it.

SAukerman88 karma

  1. He has one - "How Did This Get Made!" If you're talkin' "Talkin' 'Tang," then it's up to him when he gets started.

  2. I actually like the variety of having different people all the time, but maybe Zouks, PFT, Lapkus, Adam?


goborage44 karma

Is there a guy in your writing room who's too needy? How do you deal with that guy?

SAukerman91 karma

is this Hanford?

turdninja43 karma

Hey Scott you always have the best AMAs thanks for doing another one!

Can you speak on how Cudi came to be the new co-host of CBB? He seems like a great fit for the show and I loved his episode last season.

SAukerman115 karma

we knew reggie was leaving - and were holding auditions for people to replace him. I knew I wanted something different - I didn't just want to have another comedian who did loops, or even a comedian! I was kind of looking for a woman, mainly, just because I wanted the feel to be different.

While we were doing this, Cudi was a couch guest on the show. and since we shoot the show out-of-order (they call this "block shooting"), we had actually shot Reggie's goodbye ep the previous week.

So all of this was on my mind, and when I was chatting with Cudi during the breaks, he said he was trying to get into more acting - and was grateful for the opportunity to do weird comedy, which a lot of musicians don't get to do. And he was so charismatic, and down for anything, it got me thinking he would be a good person to reach out to.

I didn't think he'd do it, since he's such a current, popular musician. But he really relished to chance to branch out. I think people are going to really dig him.

nicemaker42 karma

Hey Scott, thanks for doing this AMA! In Lauren Lapkus' AMA she said that you approached her to ask if she'd be on the show after seeing her perform live a few times, did most of the CBB-regulars join the show in this way? Obviously you've known PFT and others for awhiiiile but do you feel like you have a knack for knowing that someone would be good for the show?

SAukerman109 karma

Actually, I am not totally sure i ever saw Lauren perform before I asked her to be on. Maybe at one Assscat, but I actually don't think I've seen her improvise on stage. Most of the people on the podcast in the early years were people that I was booking regularly on the old CDR/CBB show at UCB back in the day. I would either see them do something onstage (like iBrain) that I thought was really funny, and ask them to do it on the show, or I just generally liked them and said they could do whatever they wanted.

For some reason, one day I asked Paul F. Tompkins if he would want to do a character instead of appear as himself, and he had never thought about that before. Weird that such an offhand, innocuous question would lead him to do something at which he's proven to be so adept.

that last sentence was a grammatical feat for me to get correct, so i'm going to end it there.

eskimeaux39 karma

heynong man!

i (very belatedly) got into Analyze Phish a couple weeks ago and devoured it. listened to the last ep on my way to work this morning. it's really brightened my days. of course, it also makes me so sad about harris, and i cannot imagine the loss you must feel. not to be a total downer or anything. anyhow, i guess my question is, how are you feeling about phish these days? and do you plan to ever see them again? huge earwolf fan, thank you for everything you do!

SAukerman58 karma

i would like to see Phish again eventually, but not this year, unfortunately.

MCkhaleezy37 karma

Heynong man! I recently got in a fight with my brother cause I love Solo Bolo but he thinks there is "too much joy" in them to be really funny. I actually prefer joyful comedy over cynical comedy, but that's just me. Do you think one or the other makes for funnier or more poignant material, or do joy and pain both have an equal place in comedy?

SAukerman58 karma

i am kind of equally joyful and cynical in my comedy, but i can appreciate how your brother feels. some people really want dark comedy that feels like it's lashing out at the world. I get it. The CBB Tv show occasionally flirts with that, but on the whole, I try to keep it positive and joyful. But I don't think either is preferable or has more value.

heynongman6937 karma

Did you and Scott see U2 at the Forum? New UTU2TM soon?

SAukerman62 karma


JPort2434 karma

I'm interested in how/if Kid Cudi has put his on spin on the theme song. Can you tell us anything on that?

Also what time does the show air/what show does It come after?

SAukerman97 karma

Cudi actually wrote a NEW theme song - I'm a little nervous about it, because I was worried it was almost like changing "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" in Cheers, or something - then I realized I was being too precious about it.

I think the weird thing about when you change something is, the first time you say "That sucks!" or "That's weird!" Then the second time you see it, you can't really remember the old thing.

That's how I felt about changing the name to CBB from CDR... after two weeks, CDR felt like it was old and dumb, and CBB felt cool to me.

The first episode I watched from this new season (the one on Thursday with Michael Cera) I had JUST watched one of the Reggie episodes to QC it. So I was saying to the editors, "what's wrong with the set? What's up with these camera angles?" You know, not feeling right about the change. Then the second time I watched it, it felt right to me.

In our second season, IFC asked us to have Reggie start announcing the guests over the theme song. People were outraged. It was different! But now I can't imagine it without it.

So what I'm trying to say is - there will be some differences, but I hope people who find it weird at first will stick around to figure out that they like it after all.

JurassicParked25 karma

Will the CBB podcast change with the new theme song as well?

SAukerman62 karma

i don't believe so!

StackhouseLOST34 karma

Mr. Aukerman,

We met after your live CBB! at Webster Hall. I kept the interaction very brief as to not be a bother, and you couldn’t have been kinder or more accommodating. What I wish I had told you was how important your comedy has been to me for over three years, and how it kept me going through troubled times when no other comfort could be found. I wish I had told you how much I respect you for the insane workload you shoulder, all while operating with such integrity and joy. That’s all I wanted to say, but the AMA bylaws require I ask a question, so do you ever feel/consider the deep impact your art has on the people who consume it? If so, how does it process for you?

SAukerman58 karma

thank you for saying all that (now, anonymously - i'd be too shy to hear it in person). sometimes people write stuff like this to me, and it's very overwhelming! I'm just glad to do my part to alleviate boredom and stress for people.

LaurenLapkus31 karma

Hey Choctaw, would you ever consider doing a podcast to recap/discuss Big Brother or The Bachelor(ette)?

SAukerman50 karma

as much as i like watching those, i unfortunately think the podcast would have limited appeal. The Hollywood Handbook guys found that out, when they stopped doing the Reality Show Show.

Getupbear34429 karma

Hey Scott,

On an episode of Who Charted last year Kulap mentioned you were a Big Brother fan. My question is do you just watch the CBS version or have you ever tried the live feeds?

SAukerman59 karma

i watched the live feeds season two - i was watching live on the crazy night when everyone was drunk and partying - Dr. Will was dropping N-bombs, and that guy held a knife to that girl's throat. Was super crazy and i couldn't believe what I was watching. Now the producers have streamlined the show, and everyone is focused on gameplay, so the feeds aren't as weird, I think.

SkylerThiot29 karma

Whatever happened to your relationship to VPN? I love those video episodes of the podcast! Especially with GILLY!

SAukerman37 karma

i think they went under!

sa62127 karma

Are we going to get an entourage movie recap on the podcast anytime soon?

SAukerman29 karma

i think that ship has sailed...

digitall56527 karma

Mr. Soccermom, great to meet you. Would you ever consider doing a Solo Bolo with PFT other than the Best Ofs? Listening to your bromance on the air is honestly one of the best parts of the show, and if you guys did a Solo Bolo spin-off it would be massive.

Second question, if you so choose to answer, how did you feel about welcoming Michael Ableson on the show? I'm sure many fans (like myself) have always wanted to be on CBB, and he got to live out the dream. What was it like going in blind with someone you didn't even know would be funny or not?

SAukerman31 karma

Would love to do a regular or semi-regular pod with PFT... but where could we both find the time, around CBB and SPONT?

It's always dicey doing a show with ANYONE I haven't met... Michael was a joy and really delivered.

drunkandy25 karma

What was the bathroom situation like at the White House? I imagine it's more like a country B&B than a commercial thing, a unisex room with just a stool and a sink, maybe carpet? Thanks.

SAukerman50 karma

I took pics - i seem to remember they had soaps with the presidential seal on them. but yeah, it kind of felt like a bathroom out of the 1960's - i wanted to take pics to remember it.

goborage25 karma

Who were you more scared of on Mr. Show, Bob or David?

SAukerman45 karma


johnnyappleseedy0125 karma

Question Answerman, What/Who is your favorite recurring character as of late?

SAukerman79 karma


pokemaster2624 karma

Scott, huge fan. My first experience with CBB was when I took mushrooms and someone just put it on the TV. I have never seen it before, but what happened moments after can only be described as a comedy cocoon. I was entangled in a blanket and literally could not move and not stop laughing for the next 2 hours. I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital. Anyways my questions is about the Podcast, when you started comedy death ray how many people where coming to shows and how did you grow to the next level performance wise? (THE SHOW NEEDS MORE MATT BESSER!!!!)

SAukerman23 karma

we did CDR first at M Bar, which could hold about 175 people - then at UCB, which could maybe hold 150. Could have probably sold out at 250 a week or so, but we wanted to keep it small and intimate, because we liked the feel. I like stuff that's small and feels like it's for a small group of dedicated fans.

laserhippie24 karma

All jokes a salad, what advice would you give someone moving out to L.A. and trying to be a part of this great scene/show business in general?

SAukerman56 karma

just move - ninety percent of the people never do.

GuyNoirPI24 karma

Has the success of any podcasts on the EarWolf network surprised you? Did you think any podcasts would be less successful than they were?

SAukerman58 karma

no, everything's been cool! I think most shows could be even MORE successful - i was glad Hollywood Handbook has started to raise its profile. We felt that podcasts would just get bigger and bigger, and were pleased to find out we were right.

SpcAgentDaleCooper23 karma

Hey Scott, I'm a huge fan of you and everything Earwolf. When is Weirder Scott coming back?

Seriously tho, is there anything you're still really focused on achieving during your career? You got a TV show, have Earwolf, worked with Obama before Marc maróne, any other things/dreams you got your eye on?

Also, when is the new ep of you talking U2 to me dropping?

SAukerman58 karma

would love to direct a movie!

would love to make a CBB movie, actually.

tabelz23 karma

Hello to my favorite Time Bobby!

Have you ever had a particular guest on the pod/show that was very difficult to get in contact with? Was it worth the effort?

SAukerman37 karma

I tried for years to get Paul Reubens on, and it paid off in spades!

myshadowinvain23 karma

Heynong Man! If your career were to end today (which we all hope it won't, of course), what would you consider to be the highlight(s) of your career?

SAukerman64 karma

Mr Show / Comedy Bang Bang / Between Two Ferns / meeting Pee-wee

whynotminot8 karma

How is #1 not being the leading man in Oklahoma! at PCPA Theatrefest!?

SAukerman8 karma

haha, were you there?

steampunkjesus23 karma

When James Adomian did his Slavoj Zizek impression, it seemed like you weren't on board with the character. I know you were able to convince Horatio not to do the "Cum Tissue Carl" character, so my question is do you have any sort of strategy for guiding your guest's away from characters you aren't sure will work as part of the podcast?

SAukerman26 karma

i don't really recall the specifics of that ep or charac, but i try to guide all characters into having forward progress, or a simple identifiable "game" - sometimes characters can just be weird, or quirky, without an idea behind it, and that can peter out quickly.

heynongman6922 karma

Will you be acting in "With Bob and David"?

SAukerman36 karma

I'm in one episode, yes!

Bromeo1222 karma

what do you think of london mate/any brit comedians you'd like to have on the show?

SAukerman102 karma

London was so cool... they have these tennis matches every day that everyone in the country watches... so different from the USA

servotronic22 karma

I love the eps of the podcast with musical guests. Who's the musical artist you want get on the podcast the most?

SAukerman91 karma

you know what - i just ran into a weird situation yesterday, where a band who really wants to be on the show was told by their record company that they would have to own the rights to the podcast in perpetuity if they sang any songs... i hope record labels don't go down this route - I mean, if you appeared on The Tonight Show, would you insist on owning that episode? Anyway, record lables will be turning their backs on the fastest growing promotional tool if they start mucking around with trying to clamp down on podasts. but that's just my two-hundredths of a dollar!

JPort2421 karma

Scott! Long time listener first time AMAer,

Has anyone who's been impersonated on the tv show or podcast ever reached out to you?

SAukerman48 karma

yes, someone's agent reached out and wanted them to come on and do a show with the person who impersonated them. I declined.

SkylerThiot20 karma

Have you ever watched a single episode of Parks and Recreation?

SAukerman43 karma

every single episode!

ImRichieDagger20 karma

Hi Scott! I just read Secret Wars Journal #3 and loved the story you wrote. The line, "Hulk smash puny Honda Civic" made me laugh out loud. Do you have any plans to write more for Marvel?

SAukerman27 karma

thank you! That was a thrill. Well, I would love to if i had time, or if they wanted me to - I haven't received any kind of request for a follow up story yet, but they know how busy i am and how long it took me to finish that one. But yeah - i'd love to do something larger some day - maybe a run of issues? The trouble is fitting it in around my other (frankly, more well-paying) work.

Davethulu18 karma

Heynongman! Are there any plans to branch out into television shows that are more improv based like the podcast and live shows?

SAukerman43 karma

we talked at one point about doing a CBB after-show that would have more of a feel of the podcast - sort of like a Charlie Rose type show with characters. But we decided to do 40 episodes of CBB instead. Might be fun? I've always liked how the podcast gives you the straight-improv nothing-is-planned type feel, and the tv show is more produced.

OG_Mou17 karma

Heynong man,

Love the Show and the Podcast Scott!! I was wondering since the show has been on a while now, have any of the guests ever come in with their own bits and you guys riff from that or do you usually have to write for most of the show?

B-B-B-ONUS QUESTION: Where the hell is the cast you did with Tim Heidecker, Jon Daly and Bret Gelman?

SAukerman27 karma

Sometimes people will come in with a bit - Michael Cera came in with the Angry Birds bit from Season one. And Mark Duplass came in with the gun bit from this season. And Joseph Gordon-Levett came up with the idea of the hitRECord bit from his episode. But most of the "celebrity" guests come on and just do whatever we ask of them.

The character guests, of course, for the most part, are improvising stuff they come in with. Sometimes they'll be working off an outline that we provide.

JPort2417 karma

Scottrick my dear boy!

How ever did you get into writing a comic?

SAukerman29 karma

Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn (writers of Deadpool) asked me to write the short story for DP 250. and i guess Marvel liked it, because they asked me to write the Secret Wars story. Was very honored to have been asked.

Mashedtatos17 karma

Who gets higher on the set (if at all), Kid "Scott" Cudi or Reggie "Reginald" Watts? Also, will Kid Cudi make a new theme song for the TV show? Thanks in advance, Scotty Aucks

SAukerman35 karma

i believe Reggie? But since I wasn't invited to partake with either, I'm not sure.

and yes, Cudi made a new theme song!

dkvoras15 karma

Hey Scott! Will you have Tatiana Maslany on the podcast? All joking a salad, maybe in SDCC.

SAukerman20 karma

she wants to do it - i want her to do it - but WHEN????

booger77415 karma

Hi Scott! Huge fan of the show and the podcast, thanks for doing this AMA. What was your favourite comedy growing up? How did it shape your sense of humor?

SAukerman49 karma

Letterman Monty Python Steve Martin Douglas Adams Pee-wee Herman SNL

i think those were my touchstones all throughout high school. Letterman made me sarcastic and appreciate weird humor. Pee-wee made me appreciate joy in artistic expression. Steve Martin taught me about irony, joke writing and timing. Monty Python taught me about performance and wordplay. SNL made me appreciate how to do characters without worrying about them being accurate - just find the funny. Douglas Adams was a super smart MF.

FerrisWheelOnFire14 karma

Any plans to tour again, or still don't have time while working on the show?

SAukerman35 karma

i want to tour next year -when season five premieres. look for it in March or April or May.

SomewhatEnglish14 karma

1) Do you have plans to do any other podcasts? Personally I'd love to hear you and Ben Schwartz talk musicals.

2) Would you be willing to do a live show in the UK? I'd be willing to pay every penny to see a live show (disclaimer: I'm only worth £11)

SAukerman21 karma

would love to do something more with Ben, but probably will have to be just CBB for now.

Really want to do stuff in the UK! Maybe next year?

PartyDown41513 karma

Where do you go - or what do you like to do - to unwind after a really long day?

SAukerman26 karma

watch tv and read comic books and listen to music!

angry_pandas13 karma

Whats up hotdog, it's been a while. My wife has a question for you: how are Loudon Wainwright III's sales doing almost a year after receiving the CBB bump?(underrated episode should have been in the best of )

SAukerman30 karma

i haven't seen him since! It kind of hurts that the song he picked for CBB fans to buy actually wasn't on iTunes.

mrblaq10 karma

Compliment: Scott, I've likened a lot of C.B.B. to a live action Space Ghost Coast to Coast. I quite enjoy your brand of humor there.

Question: How do you create an "off the cuff" feeling to what appears to be really intentioned writing on the show? Are you asking guests to act out lines, going off improv queues, or is it simply good people acting organically and then edited around that?

SAukerman12 karma

we improv a lot, so hopefully that adds to the feel. i knew i wanted the show to be different from previous, more totally-scripted, fake talk shows. So i would say the show is about 30-40 percent improv.

1212BoogieWoogieAv8 karma

First time, long time. Are we getting a Little Button Puss 2 with Mr. Gamberling? I'll take the answer off air, thanks!

SAukerman15 karma

oh shit, yeah - we have to do that

puppyciao7 karma

Scott! I am a huge fan of your show. Like many others, Time Bobby 2 is my favorite episode. How did you guys come up with that, and how did you keep it together throughout the whole thing?

SAukerman15 karma

in the first Time Bobby, Bobby (Moynihan) had the basic idea of Fourvel, but we didn't know anything about him or where he would go. That's the cool thing about not planning what's going to happen on the podcast - it can end up in such weird places you would never expect.

myshadowinvain7 karma

Heynong Man! I have enjoyed reading the comic books you have written stories for, such as Secret Wars Journal #3, which is on sale now.

Is writing comics an area that you would like to pursue further someday? Are there any established characters that you would like to write for?

What are some of your favorite comics to read (past or present)?

What is Doc Samson really like?

SAukerman11 karma

would love to write Spider-Man or the Fantastic Four.

Think I would be better at Spider-Man, because the science of FF is something I have trouble with. But I love how big and crazy the ideas can get in FF.

Really like Saga, Walking Dead, Dan Slott's Spider-Man and Silver Surfer... so many good books out there now!

spacejam27 karma

Hey Scott, longtime caller, first time listener, second time dog, wanted to say "THANKS" and ask a few Q's, or "Questions" as we call them here on Reddit.

  1. How do you find writers? Like, do you get sent funny stuff from random people? Is it through friends, agencies? I'm a writer and I've just always felt like I have no idea where to go to submit to places I want to work at or people I want to work for.

  2. I've never seen you naked

  3. In the upcoming season of CBB! what can we expect from the cast and crew? Is it more of the same "comedy" or is it new, fresh social commentary?

SAukerman28 karma

as far as writers go - most of the staff are people with whom i've worked for a long time. Neil Campbell, our head writer, is one of my former students and someone whose work I admired when he first got here and started performing.

As far as getting work, it depends on what kind of show you want to write for. But whatever that is, you can't go wrong with just writing something and showing it to friends; getting feedback. Eventually something will come of that. (Putting it up live? One of your friends sending it to an agent? A performer reading it and liking it? Who knows)

slribs6 karma

This is more of an observation than a question, but has it struck you that the TV show is very reminscent of the podcast/radio show when it first started when it comes to the integration of the guests, in that they have a very short 5-10 min. segment that is somewhat planned but can veer off a bit into a tangent? I just find it really interesting to go back and hear, say, Brett Gelman as Billy Crystal, and the format is essentially idenitcal to that as if he were to come on the TV show with the same bit.

SAukerman11 karma

yeah i think you need to have that structure in the TV show - since we're trying to pack so much into every second. when there isn't enough forward momentum with a bit (when it's just character quirks), we usually try to do a second take, and have the characters trying to come on the show to accomplish something. It's weird because in TV you can acheive so much more in a shorter amount of time - something longer can seem aimless.

Memphish_Boognish5 karma

Any chance we will hear Jon Hamm on the podcast again anytime soon? IIIIT'S BEEEEEEN too long since he's graced us with his presence

SAukerman7 karma

yeah, he needs to be back on, but he's been out of town for a long time.

FasterDoudle4 karma

Hi Mr. Soccermom, big fan. I saw you pimping the complete eightball on instagram a few days ago. Who's your favorite underground comics artist currently? Also, will you be at SDCC in any capacity this year?

SAukerman6 karma

i will be hosted two panels - Moonbeam City and Ash vs. Evil Dead. I will also be doing a live CBB podcast taping, with Paul F. Tompkins, Thursday night at the Burger Records party!

theskyismine4 karma

Mr. Aukerman,

Thank you for getting me into U2, my dad and I bond over them now and it's really great have mutual interests. My question is, do you ever think Web content will overtake television in terms of veiwership?

SAukerman6 karma

gahhhh i don't even know how to predict something like that.

TheOnlyOscar4 karma

Hey Scott I have a few questions

  1. In the episode with Robert DeBiro, was the burp scripted or unscripted? That's my favorite part of all CBB TV.

  2. When will Neil Campbell's "Narf" be on CBB?

  3. Will we ever see/hear Craig Ferguson on CBB? I think he'd be a great fit.

SAukerman7 karma

Robert DeBiro was unscripted- neither Fred nor I knew where it was going to go.

I don't remember Narf! I'll have to ask him about that.

Yeah, he would probably be great - he (or his people) have never responded to requests!

heynongman694 karma

How do you plan bits for your podcasts? Obviously with something like U Talkin' U2 To Me? there were recurring sub-podcasts that could be cued by you, Adam, or a guest's tangential anecdote, but I always wondered how you got into that territory? You guys just knew the rules of how to get to "Talkin' 'bout Turtle" (who doesn't?)?

SAukerman5 karma

i think most of those were just born out of acting stupid - we always put the theme songs in after the fact. i think "i love films" was the first one? And we realized it was a thing we could do.

DefConGay3 karma

Scott, big fan, how is Rocky? I'll bet he missed you a lot when you were on your trip.

SAukerman5 karma

His teeth really hurt right now - we're taking him to a dentist (doggie dentist? Dog-tist?)

cantaloupesteve3 karma

I noticed that Dads and Grads got a lot of press last month, including the creation of a new holiday, DaddyGraddy Day. I was wondering why Moms and Proms did not see the same amount of attention. In my opinion, Moms and Proms cause way more problems then Dads and Grads. First off Proms, I mean COME ON! All that dancing is going to create a lot of sore feat and put a lot of strain on the sales person working the counter at the Dr. Scholls outlet on the night of the big dance when all those sore dancers come rushing in 5 minutes before the store closes. And don't even get me started on Moms with their constant spouting out of juice box guzzling, crayon coloring kids. Kids who always wind up asking for puppies and ponies, putting a huge strain on the cashier at Petco. I propose removing both Moms and Proms and replacing them with Foxes and Boxes, your thoughts?

SAukerman6 karma

Mommyprommy Day

des09083 karma

I'm so bad at these thing and I can't even think of a question.

But what I DO want to say is how much I love the show and your podcasts. I recently went through a tough break up, but your comedy has kept me laughing and distracted (especially Analyze Phish. You and Harris together were golden.) Thank you for that :)

Oh, I thought of a question. How do you manage to keep a straight face anytime Paul F Tompkins is around? I mean, seriously.

SAukerman4 karma

thank you! We usually edit out MOST of the laughs PFT and I crack during the TV show.

ThaaaFudge3 karma

Have there any bits on the podcast that you had to edit out because of sponsors that you really wish made it in?

SAukerman5 karma

I don't think we've ever edited something out of the podcast because of a sponsor.

Martin_Starchild3 karma

Hey Scott,

I'm getting married in a few months, and based on everything you know about me, what would YOU choose for MY wedding song?


SAukerman6 karma

November Rain (I'm assuming you're getting married in November)

marthtwain3 karma

How much do you check out the social media related to CBB/earwolf? There is a CBB subreddit as well as earwolf. Do you ever check them out to see what the people are liking/disliking? I mean, you mostly just see people saying #heynongman, but some people probably say regular things as well.

SAukerman13 karma

i can sometimes check stuff out but it NEVER affects what I do with the show. I think some people who complain about certain guests on twitter or something feel like they're helping guide who i book, but i never take that into account. I have people on who make me laugh, plain and simple.