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The conceit that Childrens is in Brazil is so funny. When did that come up in the writing and how did you decide that it was canonical rather than one of the many throwaway gags that change week to week?

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I'm very concerned that the breakout success of "Heynong man!" will overshadow the, in my opinion, greater potential of "All joking a salad". "Heynong man" may be burning bright right now but I sincerely believe that "All joking a salad" has a wider appeal and that will keep it going as a catchphrase long after "Heynong man" has gotten old.

What are your plans to ensure that "all joking a salad" is not relegated to the dust bin of history?

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What was the bathroom situation like at the White House? I imagine it's more like a country B&B than a commercial thing, a unisex room with just a stool and a sink, maybe carpet? Thanks.

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There was an amendment proposed to make the middle class tax cut permanent and it was defeated on a party-line vote: