We are the members of 5secondfilms, makers of daily internet micro-comedy since October 2008! We just released our first feature film "Dude Bro Party Massacre III" starring ourselves, Patton Oswalt, Greg Sestero, Andrew W.K., Nina Hartley, Jimmy Wong, John Francis Daley and Larry King! Now available on iTunes and www.dudebropartymassacre3.com which is also features goodies such as BTS and a 45min special 5SF compilation to name a few!

We've hit the front page of Reddit a few times for videos like "Magic Show Volunteer", "Absence of the Towels", "Missing", and "Late For Work". We've been seen on Attack of The Show!, Tosh.0, Last Call With Carson Daly, Larry King Now, Spin Magazine, and Wired Magazine in the past; and have featured such super cool people like Patton Oswalt, Weird Al Yankovic, Peter Stormare, Juliette Lewis, Eddie Pepitone, Laura Silverman, Andrew W.K., David Koechner, Cyanide & Happiness, and The Room's Greg Sestero!

We are an entirely autonomous production studio / group of recovering film students and, after 5 years of never missing a weekday's post, we're ready to answer your questions. Should you have any.

We're a big group (some of us are still sleeping on the west coast) but we will be coming in shifts all day, so if you have any questions for specific members (Brian Firenzi, Michael Rousselet, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Kelsey Gunn, Michael E. Peter, Tim Ciancio, Paul Prado, Jon Worley, Jon Salmon, Ben Gigli, Joey Scoma, Alec Owen, Tomm Jacobsen, Maria del Carmen, Mike James, or Daniel Hollister) please address them and we'll respond with our initials at the end so you know it's that person. For example, "No, you can't see my dick in 'Absence of the Towels,' believe me I looked. (BF)" or "The history of Cinco de Mayo can be found by entering in the words 'Cinco,' 'de' and 'Mayo' on Wikipedia. (BF)"

Shameless Web 3.0 plugs: fan us on facebook or follow us on twitter or subscribe to us on youtube should you so choose.

ALSO FREE SCREENING OF "DUDE BRO PARTY MASSACRE III" AT COMIC CON! This Friday, 8:30pm at The Reading Theater in the Gas lamp district.

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CallMeFierce225 karma

Has Vine hurt the popularity of your website?

5secondfilms462 karma

No, it actually helped us with some real street cred. We've been doing this since 2007. When Vine came out (2014) we saw a HUGE spike in our traffic because all the tech blogs were commenting "this is just a rip off of 5sf" and everyone else was like "who the fuck is 5sf?" and googled us haha. We got some love and we were even asked to be interview on CNN! Plus that year Time listed us as "one of the best websites of 2013!" Also if Vine really wanted to screw us they would have made it 5-seconds. I feel it was a subtle nod that we existed. In the end it's a good thing, it allows everyone to be a filmmaker, you shoot, you edit, you upload to the world. Short storytelling is fun. (MR)

neilarmsloth25 karma

If you're still around, could you tell me the name of the one where it goes "I wonder what you're thinking right now" and the dogs like "GET OUT OF MY HEAD". That and the changeling are my favorites. I've been watching them since 2008!

5secondfilms45 karma

That's The Life of Riley (MR)

NylonKat160 karma

What's your favourite 5 second film?

5secondfilms518 karma

Aaron21582 karma

I think we're gonna need one from each of you. Come on folks, pull your weight!

5secondfilms116 karma

Ok, mine would probably be And the Winner Is... obviously Missing, and Ready to Blow (MR)

5secondfilms21 karma

For some reason, Brian Finally Gets Mike's Joke always really got me. (AO)

5secondfilms26 karma

yep, that one. Genius. (MR)

5secondfilms164 karma

Going to have to report a pretty extreme bias here and say that my longtime friend Grant is a bottomless source of hilarity for me. Films where he's suffering some sort of pain, be it physical like Super-Psyched, emotional like Cool Neighbor or a combination of both like Asshole truly get me every time. (BF)

5secondfilms37 karma

Stay out of a Bad Pun Neighbourhood Or Missing :) - MDC

underthegod124 karma

What is the history of Cinco de Mayo?

5secondfilms216 karma

I'm going to have to ask you to be quiet and enjoy a refreshing beverage, with or without alcohol in it. That's up to you. (BF)

kittyitty6102 karma

Which 5SF was your favorite to shoot?

5secondfilms246 karma

Kelsey Cat not only was it a completely absurd concept, but none of our usual DPs were available that Sunday so I got to pick up the camera and shoot it myself! (MEP)

5secondfilms217 karma

Guns a Blazin cause we got to dress up, hike out into the hills and I had to do 12 takes... of tobacco, to get it right. Then we shot Forgotten Hero which I don't remember much of. (MR)

5secondfilms108 karma

So, so many contenders for that throne. Really, it's been a pretty amazing ride. But here's video proof of one where I couldn't keep it together in the background (and also just had no real reason to be in the 5SF). I distinctly remember speeding over to the 5SF house on my lunch break from work, just to be present for this shoot because it was my idea, taking my shirt off for, again, no real reason, then zooming back to work inside of an hour. I sat back down to an Ellen promo I had to cut, thinking "I love my life." (BF)

5secondfilms60 karma

People Saying Important Things Into Wine Glasses was a fucking riot. As documented in this BTS (JW)

DonDriver88 karma

Was there a vetting process when new people joined the crew? Was it just whoever was living in the 5SF house?

Last, who is everyone's favorite recurring character?

5secondfilms113 karma

I feel like the vetting process is really just an endurance test. We're a very open group, but we're also tirelessly working, shooting, writing and being a group of loud maniacs. If you're crazy enough to keep showing up and contributing then you're in. A sane person would not be able to live in that house with the constant film production going on. (MEP)

5secondfilms81 karma

Haha, good question. I guess subconsciously we would vet someone when they would "hang out" with us on the shoot days. There was a period when people would just show up, bring beer, chat and just distracted us from filming, which isn't really bad BUT we needed to meet our quota and it became tiring and unproductive. So we would take note of who was helping move lights/gear, who was helping with props, and who was just funny and fun to be around. It got to the point where we had to tell the friends that weren't working that "hey, sundays we have to work, come by afterwards to hang and bring beer!" (MR)

5secondfilms73 karma

Others are probably going to chime in on this question of yours with "Pauly P" or "Satan." And they are definitely kings of Recurring Character Mountain. But though he is not a recurring character, he does show up in a series of 5sfs back-to-back. And with that shitty loophole, I present to you my favorite 5SF character, Barry Ouelette. He's just a Jersey schmuck who can't hold down a job and cuts a ton of corners and I love him. (BF)

Typhon63069 karma

Even though it's only 5 seconds how long does it take yall to make a concept?

5secondfilms134 karma

It varies. Sometime you come up with a joke that's so funny and so simple you pick up a camera and shoot it right then and there. Other jokes go through a lot more re-writes and development with the group, planning, and elaborate shoots. Looking back, I see that this answer was very unhelpful. (MEP)

5secondfilms108 karma

It can range anywhere from all day to one hour, usually more on the hour's-length side of things. This one went from a pretty simple concept into a whole, day-long ordeal once we decided it wasn't funny enough on its own and decided to throw in the "fake arms" bit and make a comp out of it. So sometimes they evolve throughout the course of the day too.(BF)

TheMattressMack41 karma

Have there been any 5sf videos that we will never see? Be they old ones that no one can see anymore or just didn't work out filming?

5secondfilms69 karma

There is at least a very decent handful that will never see the light of day. One was a bizarre conceptual 5SF I thought of, narrated by a depressed, poetic bird to all of humanity, that just absolutely did not convey what I wanted it to. I'm sure the others have some examples too. (BF)

5secondfilms57 karma

Yes. There have been a couple 5SFs that were shot, edited, and sent out to the group but were self-censored. Comedy often involves pushing the envelope and making jokes that some would find offensive. But we never want to hurt anyone's feelings. So there's been a couple times (not many...2 or 3) where the film seemed to really push the envelope when we wrote it. But after it was shot & edited, we thought it better not to put that out into the world.

Oh and one time Rousselet animated a film that everyone disliked so we banned it from the website and grounded him for a week. (MEP)

NylonKat11 karma

I think the problem with comedy sometimes is finding that line between funny and offensive where nobody really minds it. Some people, like myself, are hard to offend so I find it harder working out the boundary haha

5secondfilms27 karma

Yep, you just gotta feel it out for yourself and see if it's something you'd be proud to stand by for years to come. Like a tattoo of Mini-Taz saying "9/11 was an inside job." You just have to know deep down if it feels right. (BF)

BlackMartian40 karma

To Brian and Maria:

What happened to Brian's "25 New" videos? Were only two or three videos released? I looked forward to experiencing these new things with Brian, but only saw ice skating and some other one I forget about now. Did I really miss out on those videos or am I just not as big of a fan as I thought I once was?

Sincerely yours,

Black Martian

5secondfilms69 karma

Ha, believe it or not, my mom got really worried when she saw I was doing this series. It may have had something to do with the fact that I told my sister I was going to ramp up to more and more dangerous things I've always wanted to do, and eventually my mom just told me, "Can you please not?" I've never really seen her get that concerned about any of my projects before, so I just sorta stopped it cold.

Anyway, there's always new stuff I'm doing. Like I moved to London, for example. That's new! (BF)

5secondfilms29 karma

I would have loved to have finished 25 new but I think it was a combination of what Brian said and also sometimes life just gets in the way. Each idea we came up with was increasingly more dangerous too! I do think we should finish that series sometime. Brian recently told me that he has never watched Disney's Hercules - that seems like a relatively easy safe video to make :) - MDC

Simon_Draws31 karma

Omg omg omg it's 5 Second Films! I'm a HUGE fan of you ladies and gents, and I want to thank you for all of the hysterical videos that you've put out. They are perfect for sharing with my coworkers because they have the attention span of a goldfish.

I wanted to draw a family portrait but I'm super late for work now and I had to compromise: I hope I got your good side Kelsey!

I don't want to pose a generic question, so here's one for the entire team: What's your take on the Vine medium, now that everyone and their mom is uploading short jokes? Question was already answered so: Would you be willing to maintain a presence on Reddit?

My personal favorite is Grown Men are Talking. Have a great day 5SF!

5secondfilms19 karma

You have to think, at some point, in the lead-up towards releasing Vine, they saw our shit and decided "You know what? Let's not do 5 seconds, let's push it to 6 and leave 5 alone." Because 5 is just a nicer number, right? People love 5. 5 fingers, 5 Power Rangers, 5 just makes sense. So we'll take it as a compliment and, as Peter said, we would never in a million years be down on a format that allows everyone to have as much fun as we've had since 2008.

I'm not sure what you mean by "Presence on Reddit," but one time a kid wanted to ask me some questions about film school and I went sort of overboard explaining my thoughts on it. Hopefully it did some good, because I felt good about it. And that, I think, counts as a presence on Reddit. So BOOM.


5secondfilms16 karma

Vine is awesome. Anything that allows people to be funny and express themselves and share it with the world is awesome. Don't get me wrong, I'm SUPER happy that we got to make 5SFs for a few years before Vine was invented. I wouldn't want to compete with Vine. Luckily we had decided to make DBPM3 a feature film before Vine debuted. (MEP)

5secondfilms14 karma

Damn! I answered the Vine question and then it was crossed out. Took too long to answer. I must be losing my edge (MEP)

beakmaster300030 karma

Hey guys! I've gotten thousands of seconds, maybe minutes too, of entertainment from all of your films, shorts, BTSs, and COTW. So thanks for that! My question is, now that DBPM3 is out, what's next on the agenda? I miss seeing my favorite comedy group online! If you've all got projects going on, go ahead and plug 'em. Thanks for everything! P.S. I'm downloading DBPM3 as I type!

5secondfilms28 karma

We all have a ton of projects on our plate. DBPM3 has energized us to branch out and do the things we want to do, with or without other members of the group. And in the "without" cases, that can honestly be for the best - making a movie is hard, and it's a miracle that so many cooks got together on this project and made something we can all agree is our best work. Best not to test the cinema gods right away by doing another all-hands-in project. We all got dreams. Time to let 'em fly for a little bit. (BF)

5secondfilms37 karma

suvrankar28 karma

Your production Dude Bro Party Massacre 3 recently released got a 8.1 rating on IMDb... Congratulations about that!

How was Directing or shooting for a full length film different from making 5 second films? Any more full length movies next?

5secondfilms22 karma


I'm sure one of the directors will come by and answer your directing question. As for full-length movies to come, well it sort of depends on how this one pans out! Check it out and see if it's worth your 5 schmekels to rent it. Cheers, (BF)

5secondfilms18 karma

Hey! Thank you!!! Well, as one of the directors I guess the challenge going from 5SF to a feature was trying to balance the non-stop jokes with the character/relationships growth. It's one thing to fire off a couple jokes a minute but the audience still needs to know whose story it is, what is their main objective in the film and more importantly having the audience care about their journey. Also knowing which beats who have to milk for character, sometimes you need to hold on a someone's look longer than 5 seconds just to get the right emotion/pacing across instead of just firing away like we did for 5SF. Brian Firenzi was a master editor and really brought out all those moments we the directors wanted to hit. It's amazing how shot and reverse shot reactions help move a scene. Eye lines baby. Kuleshov! (MR)

Kicking22225 karma

Which 5-second film took the shortest time to shoot? Which took the longest, and why?

5secondfilms77 karma

Shortest is tough to answer! One of the single-take films. Probably Osama Bin Laden's Final video. That was conceived, shot, edited and posted in the 3 hours window between POTUS's speech and our midnight deadline. Longest was Live Fast, due to the numerous locations, costumes & make-up that was shot over the course of a few days. (MEP)

5secondfilms36 karma

Pretty sure we knocked this one out in one take, so this must be the shortest shoot.

The longest still has to be Live Fast, and that's due to all the setups, locations, props, costumes, and the times of day we wanted to shoot each scene. (BF)

EDIT: Not sure why that link to the shortest 5SF didn't work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBXOR-uDJuM

5secondfilms34 karma

I recall Communication Breakdown taking about 1 minute to film (JW)

plowkiller25 karma

For Michael Rousselet:

Alright Michael, I think we've all waited long enough. What was it that you said on Thanksgiving 2013?

I've been waiting more than a year and a half for this answer and I'm sure as hell not going to find you on the street.

We deserve to know.

5secondfilms35 karma

ahahahaha.... oh man. I once forgot but now I DO remember! BUT like I said in the video, you have to find me in person for me to tell you cause it's so wildly inappropriate and mildy offensive I refuse to type it haha. I'll be at Comic Con this Friday for our free screening of dBPM3. Find me then. (MR)

Novembrine19 karma

Ben, how do you keep your locks so luscious? Also, why did you hit that chick's balloon in Disneyland?

5secondfilms29 karma


Nature's Gate Tea Tree Calming Shampoo and Paul Mitchell' Awupuhi Leave-In Conditioner....and a touch of love. (BG)

whilst_i_poop19 karma

Brian - Does Johanna still sometimes s your d?

5secondfilms50 karma

It's my job to S Brian's D. :) - MDC

5secondfilms25 karma

She's off on Lifetime's UnREAL and ABC's upcoming Quantico, so I'm pretty sure in the game of careers, I'm the one s-ing d. And that's just in general. Everyone I compare myself to, I'm s-ing their d and it's not looking good. (BF)

computerphilosopher17 karma

absence of towels How many takes before you stopped laughing and got a good shot?

5secondfilms50 karma

I guess this is a funny story in itself - When Brian first pitched me this idea we had only been dating for a few months. Like any normal gf I think its safe to say I was a little unsure about the idea - My bf was butt naked on the internet after all! I told him I would film it for him on the condition that we review it together before he did anything with it. It was all pretty straight forward and I filmed it in one, maybe two takes. Brian told promised me that he would show it to me as soon as it was done. Two days later I was on the site and he had put it up without saying a word. - MDC

insert_funny6 karma

A followup for Maria: now that you've been together a little longer, isn't Brian being naked on the Internet the least of your concerns?

5secondfilms5 karma

Haha I guess you could say that. I tell him that he can do what he wants providing he has no problem explaining it to his future kids. (MDC)

jorgeud16 karma

How do you get the ideas for your videos?!

5secondfilms69 karma

LIFE...the magazine, not the experiences of being alive on this earth. Literally every film we've ever shot were ripped off from pre-1996 issues of LIFE magazine (MEP)

5secondfilms28 karma

In the worst of times, it comes from looking around the room and seeing a funny object and hoping to God we can get something out of it in order to make our quota for the week. In the best of times, it comes out of a relaxed, unrelated conversation or riff session with friends, where the inevitable phrase "Let's shoot this right now" is then uttered. (BF)

noclip114 karma

What was the initial inspiration behind starting 5sf?

Who was your favourite guest/cameo?

5secondfilms27 karma

My friend and I heard about a car company's contest to "make a commercial in 5 seconds." We were bored and immediately seized upon the idea of knocking out a bunch of 5 second jokes in our dorm rooms upstairs. They had nothing to do with cars, nor did we ever submit anything to that contest. We just liked shooting something and getting practically instant results that night for the rest of the dorm to crowd around and watch.

My favorite guest is Andrew WK, but for me, being able to star in a 5SF right next to Patton Oswalt is going to be something I show my kids. (BF)

HematomaFalafal13 karma

I have no burning, pressing, or aching questions for you so I'll ask a mildly itching one: what's your favorite color? Collectively. Like ask everyone what their favorite color is and give what the result is when they're mixed.

5secondfilms23 karma

Orange (BF) EDIT: I mean blue

5secondfilms19 karma

Red (the blue kind) (BG)

5secondfilms11 karma

Blue (MR)

5secondfilms10 karma

Blue (MEP)

DCSFoyle11 karma

Will you guys (and gals) consider making another feature length film down the road? Or even transforming 5sf into 5sp, 5 Second Productions?

5secondfilms20 karma

It partially depends on how this one does! We are ecstatic as ever that we have the kind of fans we do, the fans who backed our movie on Kickstarter or tweeted out links to others to do so, or just sent us their best wishes for the project in general. Now that it's out there in the world, it's sort of up to...well, not just those great fans...but also their friends, and friends of friends, and disapproving family members, to spread the word, recommend and download the film!

And guys, please don't steal it. I see some links for it already going up. Pretty please. (BF)

thehench4210 karma

Can you tell us a little about this movie? And the origins of Dude Bro Party Massacre?

5secondfilms17 karma

The title should be pretty self-explanatory. Bros get massacred.

At least one of the early inspirations (everyone contributed to this crazy thing) was my childhood obsession with my brother's extended-play VHS tape containing SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE 1 and 2 and SORORITY HOUSE MASSSACRE. At some point Erik Sandoval and I drunkenly got obsessed with spoofing those in a 5sf, and we went to a screening of those movies at the New Beverly Cinema here in LA, hoping for inspiration. Then we shot the 5SF, and had so much leftover footage that everyone decided to shoot some more footage and make it into a fake trailer. So a lot of the elements -- Sminkle, a guy in a wheelchair, Motherface with her mask, bros being victimized by a woman, were already there.

So when the group had the buttfuck insane idea to make it into a full-length movie, we had to do things like create a "plot" and "real characters." And we had to deepen the comedy way beyond the simple gender reversal of the 5sf and trailer.

So that's that. We made the craziest, weirdest, and funniest horror spoof on the planet. With a lot of (literal) blood, sweat and tears. So buy it! (JW)

5secondfilms15 karma

Dude Bro Party Massacre III is a labor of love from all of us, a seemingly impossible yet wonderfully unique blend of our senses of humor into one giant bloody, VHS-infused spoof of cheesy 80's slashers. It follows the story of loner college boy Brent Chirino, who seeks to investigate the murder of his identical twin brother Brock. Naturally, as he pledges with Brock's old fraternity Delta Bi and moves up its sordid ranks, he finds out more and more about Brock's dealings with the villainous Motherface, a serial killer who wants nothing more than to see every last Delta Bi wiped off the face of the Earth.

There is no Dude Bro Party Massacre I or II that you can watch, but helpfully Brock recaps the main events of those movies in the first 5 minutes of III.

Also, a note on presentation: Dude Bro Party Massacre III, when it was originally meant to be released in the late 80's, was banned by President Reagan. One public access TV station in Minnesota aired it just once, and what you're watching is the sole existing broadcast of it, which was taped off of TV by a teenage boy. So you'll get some commercial snippets as well (our version of 5SFs for this movie).

Rousselet can explain where the idea for the original 5SF came, but mostly it was a gender-inversion of the old "Slumber Party Massacre" movies, so that now the boys would be sexually objectified and terrorized instead of the girls. (BF)

ZaneKitsune9 karma

To the cast, What was your favorite 5sf to film?

Also hey Alec

5secondfilms26 karma

Any of the Behind-the-Scenes gag reels where we're cracking up constantly tend to make the lists of "favorite to film," or at least they make my list.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bAWA3obysQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBXNOnqM8bU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFhl416hOnE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmMLvT-wzHc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yu2GwlJsNUU

5secondfilms7 karma


Jaster21448 karma

Will Pauly P ever find love?

5secondfilms12 karma

Pauly P is an inherently tragic character. I like to believe that he did love once. And he may love again. But every time it ends with him pantless and gnawing on dog bones. (MEP)

mko09878 karma

Hey I just wanted to say that I love all of you guys and have been following your videos, projects, kickstarters, etc. since Robodog era. I'm a film student myself and I understand "the hustle" can be tough in terms of getting stuff seen (especially features) and securing distribution deals.

My question is, what can fans like myself do to help you guys make sure that DBPM3 is seen by as many people as possible on this god-given earth? Is there anything other than sharing on social media and talking to friends that we could do to support you in spreading around the movie?

Essentially I just want to see DBPM3 playing at every single drive-in, drive-thru, and late-night adult theater across America.

5secondfilms13 karma

The hustle has only gotten harder now that YouTube has long since peaked. Good luck getting cycled favorably into their algorithm.

DBPM3 lives or dies by its eventual word-of-mouth. I've been in theaters where it kills, just absolutely crushes, and I'm walking on air afterwards. I've screened it for good friends on a laptop and watched it, well, not do too hot. It's a weird beast of a movie, but it's a love letter in many ways (to fans, to VHS, to gorehounds, to entire genres of film), and we hope people key into its strange, David Wain-by-way-of-Zucker-Brothers wavelength. If they don't, it won't really be a surprise. But there's no harm in getting the word out as hard as possible. Thanks for your kind words and good luck in film school. (BF)

5secondfilms19 karma

Whoa, no idea how that got bold and huge. Um, sorry for the obnoxiousness there, but now I like it and I'm not changing it. (BF)

5secondfilms6 karma

Just keep telling people about it, sharing it and spreading the word! Word of mouth is our weapon of choice. It's already for sale online and we have a bunch more screenings in the coming months at a few festivals and one-off events we're organizing ourselves. We're also going to be on tugg.com soon! So stay tuned for that. It's a great service that would bring DBPM3 to theaters in any city where we can pre-sell enough tickets to justify it. You can sign up for updates at dudebropartymassacre3.com to find out if there are theatrical screenings near you! (MEP)

William_wallace_7 karma

Do yall still have a connection to Freddie Wong and rocket jump?

5secondfilms10 karma

Yes indeed! Freddie and the Rocket Jump crew are all friends that we see time to time, both socially and professionally. A few of the 5SF crew (Joey, Dan) actually work on a pretty regular basis on many Rocket Jump endeavors. I just guest starred as The Devil in a short a few weeks ago. (BG)

BigDecks7 karma

Brian, will we ever get updates to your personal YouTube page? You're killing me, bubs!

5secondfilms7 karma

I've long since admired the BriTANicK model of "don't post a sketch until it's absolutely perfect, from the script to the performances to the edit," and the more time Maria and I spend away from updating it with new content, the more we feel that's the only way we can return to it.

There are scripts, there are ideas, there is even a series bubbling about. But it will take time, because we just want it to be right. (BF)

NiceXil7 karma

Why isn't your movie on Google Play?

5secondfilms7 karma

What the fuck is Google Play? (JW)

tomkvideo7 karma

I got my DBPM3 digital link this morning, can't wait to see it when I get home!

But selfishly, when can we expect the blu-ray of all the 5SFs? It was the perk that made me donate.

5secondfilms7 karma

THANKS!!! Can't wait for you to see it. Don't worry Blu-Rays won't be too long. We are going to mail everything out at once so people who got a bunch of physical stuff will get it all in one big box. So shirts, posters, scripts, playing cards, DVD's etc.... saves us on shipping/packaging costs :) (MR)

plowkiller7 karma

How many times have each of you watched the film already?

5secondfilms8 karma

I have watched it literally 100 times at least. Brian on the other hand edited the monster so ask him. (MR)

5secondfilms2 karma

Hundreds, but I still laugh. (TJ)

AmnesiaCane7 karma

Did you ever have a really, really funny joke that you just couldn't narrow down to fit the time limit? I've always been impressed with the "Voodoo Slide Whistle", I consider myself a really good editor, but I don't know that I could have fit that concept in to all five (coughseven) seconds. Do you have any special tricks you use to narrow them down?

5secondfilms7 karma

Sooo many. That was one of the fun parts of doing Uproxx Video. When we had a concept that just couldn't be crammed into 5 seconds, we'd just shoot it as a sketch! (MEP)

koptimism7 karma

Hey 5SF, congratulations on making your feature film!

How do you guys vet your ideas? I imagine that when you're aiming for 5-second-videos, there's a greater willingness to shoot something and see how it turns out, rather than aggressively vetting ideas at the pre-shooting stage. Is that the case?

5secondfilms15 karma

Our main rule, does it make US laugh. If it doesn't make the group laugh, then the next rule is does it make the one person who pitched it laugh so hard and they love it so much that they HAVE to do it. we usually let them just shoot it cause more often then not it turns out to be very funny. I will pitch a lot of weird shit and sometimes the gang just scratched their heads but more often than not when I show them they end product they go "oooooooh, now i get it" for example Lemons and the other end of the coin Planking no one in the group wanted to do it but I really wanted to cause i hated the Planking fad and we needed a 5th film for the week so everyone just shrugged their shoulders and let me do it. Would the fuck would have predicted it blowing up like it did. (MR)

muzakx7 karma

Hi! Been a fan for years and years. You guys do some very awesome work. My favorite 5sf has to be Brian shaves an arrow on his chest.

How did you feel when Vine and similar platforms came out? Seeing as they offer between 5-15 seconds of film.

5secondfilms9 karma

We're never ever going to compete with Vine, or popular Viners. A lot of those Viners would eclipse us on YouTube or Instagram or Snapchat or Google Maps anyway - they're just far more keyed into what the demographic wants.

So, in realizing this, we're honestly very chill with Vine, and just happy that we had several years to play around in the sandbox on our own and make a small name for ourselves. It's fun to make really short shit like this! So it's good that everyone else gets a chance now too. (BF)

GoodWorkBobandis7 karma

How is Greg Sestero doing? Have his performances improved since he stopped keeping stupid comments in his pocket?

5secondfilms10 karma

haha. Greg is the nicest guy EVER! He is a true genuine guy and a good actor! It's amazing what an actor can do when there is a good script and a good director to allow them to do it. Also he is doing great, his book "The Disaster Artist" about his experience making The Room is a really good read, even if you haven't seen the movie. Find my comment in this thread about him and Andrew W.K. meeting :) (MR)

Lun066 karma

This is for The Law errr Brian I watched Telekats for the first time yesterday, are you ever going to finish the series? Also how good are you actually at FPS shooters?

5secondfilms10 karma

This is the fourth Telekats question, which is statistically impossible since no one cares about Telekats.

I am terrible at any modern-day game except for whatever new Mario comes out. The last game I was officially Beast Mode at was N64 Smash Bros, which should give you some indication of how old and lame I am. (BF)

tiagosvn6 karma

So the potential sequel to Dude Bro Party Massacre 3 is gonna be called Dude Bro Party Massacre 4 or Dude Bro Party Massacre 3 II ?

5secondfilms27 karma

If we ever did another one it would be Dude Bro Party Massacre 9 "Bros in Space" (MR)

5secondfilms1 karma

The Divergent Series: Massacurgent (JW)

stilesjp6 karma

Can you break down your production? How long was pre, production, and post production? How many pages were you shooting per day? Did you go over budget in regards to what you raised via kickstarter?

Congratulations on your film! Love your shorts, keep up the great work.

5secondfilms13 karma

Okay...this answer is going to be long and rambling...bear with me...

The writing process took about 1.5 years. We started writing the summer of 2012, and did our kickstarter the summer of 2013. By that point we had a draft of the script, but did not know it was going to be re-written 100 more times before (and while) shooting.

Pre-production went from the day we got the money (summer 2013) until we started shooting (january & april 2014). We had bursts of "hard prep" when the production staff was working all day to get things together.

We never really went "over budget," because we had the luxury of prioritizing & changing elements of the movie. Some individual elements went over budget, but others came in under budget. So it evened out. But we did have to think outside the box a lot.

FOR EXAMPLE: about 70% of the film is shot at the 5SF house. Our locations budget was through the roof. It was fucking impossible. So we prioritized. The most important locations to us was the forest/lake. So, I built the schedule to go like this: we completely stripped the house, repainted it and built our own sets. The college Dean's office, the psychologist's office, etc were all shot inside the 5SF house. Then we went to big bear and shot all of the exterior forest/lake scenes. While we were in big bear our art department tore down everything they'd done and re-painted the house and re-built the sets to be the interior of the lake house. So when are characters are outside in the woods, they're in big bear. The moment they step through the cabin door...they're at the 5SF house in Los Angeles. Any other locations we shot at were usually friends' houses or other places we could shoot for free. The exterior of the college is the Echo Park Library (which let us shoot there for free!).

During the height of production we shot 15 days doing an average of 6 pages per day. There were a lot of little guerilla shoots to fill in the blanks.

Now you may have seen my "januray & april" comment and thought..."dafuq?" Well, you see, Brian and Maria were moving to London. So in January 2014 we set up production, got locations & permits and shot ALL of the Officer Sminkle scenes. Then production shut down (because it was snowing in Big Bear...our aforementioned priority location) and picked back up again in April. So at the film's climax (no spoilers) when you see the dude bros in the woods intercut with Sminkle in the woods, that's actually the dude bros in Big Bear and Brian in the backyard of the 5SF house (with some very clever art design).

Post production then took about another year. Brian's a rockstar editor and got his rough cut done in a couple months, but that had to be refined and whittled down to it's current state. Some practical FX were refined/enhanced with VFX. We had to get music, for a while we were pursuing music licenses, but that was going to be crazy over budget, so the final product has a 100% original score & soundtrack, done by Tyler Burton & Spencer Owen.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that we were doing the VHS transfer and final sound mix a week before we had to deliver to LA Film Fest. As I type it, that all seems like a long time, but a lot of it was built on free (or minimum wage) labor. You have to flexible & patient when your budget constraints were as tight as ours.

At the end of the day we shot a movie that, on paper, should cost about $2 million. And we shot it for approximately $400,000.

Which is why I now have a lot of grey hairs. (MEP)

5secondfilms5 karma

Hey thanks! Well, the most important thing EVER in a film is the script. If you don't have a good script, you will not have a good movie. Period. We spent a solid 2 years working on the script it had to not only be fucking hysterical to us, it also had to have a character journey. We knew we'd only get one shot at this with our fans/kickstarter so it had to be as strong and as funny as it could be. We were even rewriting and riffing on set if something unexpectedly funny popped up, like whenever Paul would riff (he kills it as Turbeaux in DBPM3). Then we spent a good 6 months doing pre-production. Also very important. It was such a big script with so many locations and speaking rolls we had to juggling everything to make it work within our budget and time (some actors were only available for so long). Depending on the complication of the scene we generally shot at least 5 pages a day, but sometimes we would shoot 10+. We are 5sf so we move fast. Post was about another 6+ months, a lot of editing and fine tuning, we even found ways to make new jokes in the editing. Then getting the legit VHS effects (Tomm ran the film through a VCR a few times) music/scoring (Tyler Burton and Spencer Owen killed it!) then sound design. We actually didn't go over budget, which was crucial because there would have been no money at all to do anything! So always start with with your most expensive set pieces so down the line if you do go overbudget (Which you should never do) you can cheat it out in the end. Also find ways to cut corners and save on the little things you have control of, for example, we shot out 15 locations at the 5SF house. (MR)

whilst_i_poop6 karma

Noticed you said in an earlier answer 'Meet your quote for the week'. Is this something set by yourselves or are you managed too?

If part one was correct, has anything been rejected you feel shouldn't have?

5secondfilms10 karma

The quotas are always set by ourselves. But when you shoot on Sundays, and you post 5 films a week, it makes sense to try and shoot 5 films every Sunday! Sometimes we shot more, sometimes we shot less, but a weekday never passed when we didn't post a film! (MEP)

PM_Your_Pussy_Mound6 karma

How has the critic reception of DBPM3 been so far? Has any critic not understood the movie?
Have you guys been contacted by big shot hollywood people for future projects?

5secondfilms15 karma

The critical reception has been WONDERFUL! Actually a lot better than we thought, we were worried a lot of mainstream people wouldn't get it. But surprisingly a lot of people love it. IndieWire, ModernHorror, AwardsCircuit, all gave us a great glowing reviews! But out of the 14 reviews so far of course there is 1-2 bad ones. But they admit "there are some funny parts" but "it wasn't really for them." And seriously we come from the internet, these "bad" reviews are sooooo polite. Not like the YouTube comment section haha. (MR)

Prydefalcn6 karma

My wife loves the Tele cats. How should I break the news that she has brain damage?

5secondfilms5 karma

It is one of my biggest shames that I still haven't finished the last season of Telekats. Currently (because I just couldn't get satisfied with the scripts I was writing for the finale), it's stuck on a cliffhanger where the cats aren't even friends anymore, and it's been that way for years now! How depressing is that? I gotta go help those cats out. (BF)

VintageRuins6 karma

Hey! I'll be at the Little Rock Picture Show where your film will be screening in ~a month. Any chance of having the pleasure of meeting any of you at the festival? That would be a dream come true.

5secondfilms9 karma

Hey Hey! We're figuring that out right now! There is a pretty good chance at least one of us will be heading out. I believe Jon Salmon is the front runner. (BG)

5secondfilms7 karma

Yes! A couple of us will be there, still figuring out the logistics of exactly who but we will have a presence. Very excited to be a part of the festival! (MEP)

hpanandikar6 karma

Will you make a 5 sec film of your feature film?

5secondfilms11 karma

Thats a great idea! LETS DO IT! (TJ)

Jeffums6 karma

What's the deal with airline food?

5secondfilms7 karma

You buy a plane ticket and for flights over 3 hours it normally comes with a meal. That's pretty much the deal. (MJ)

5secondfilms6 karma

PRO TIP: order the kosher meal, it's always better (JW)

Aggrobuns6 karma

What made you guys do Bummer Weeks? Any plans for this year?

5secondfilms8 karma

We've always tried to branch out and do 5-second films in genres other than comedy, to varying degrees of success -- but I think everyone's proud of Bummer Week. I don't think anyone has discussed doing another one but now that you say it, we'll probably start talking (JW)

TheZaco326 karma

Are you hiring?

5secondfilms19 karma

Yes, and your job is "Professional Figure Out How We All Make Money From This." You start tomorrow. Here's your money barrel. Fill it with cash for us. DON'T go bankrupt and start wearing it. The last guy did that and we used his meat to plug up the holes in our roof. (BF)

spelledwithaph6 karma

Did Dimo's Wife Sheila ever take him back and acknowledge the existence of goblins? Also does Dimo still get random (626-38-JUICY) calls for under the table legal advice?

5secondfilms7 karma

Funny fact! Her dying words were actually "Holy Crap I can't believe I'm being eaten by a goblin" (MEP)

5secondfilms7 karma

Sheila did take Dimo back, just in time for him to succumb to goblin-inflicted injuries. Dimo does get calls every now and then. Sometimes he answers. We tried to put the phone number in Dude Bro, but we couldn't for legal reasons which is stupid. (AO)

britchesss5 karma

Is Andrew WK as awesome in person as I hope he is? Also, does Nina Hartley smell like grandma, or does she smell ok? I know that's weird, but you know that grandparent smell? She looks like she smells like that.


5secondfilms15 karma

Andrew WK is a total force of nature. I remember when Maria and I met up with him for the first time on a street in New York to shoot Free Hug and I was so nervous to meet one of my idols. Let me tell you, short of meeting Mr. Rogers or maybe Dave Grohl, there is no celebrity who matches up nearly as perfectly with what you expect from their persona as Andrew. Calling him a friend is one of the many victories I associate with 5SF. And getting him in this movie is the cherry on top. (BF)

britchesss5 karma

All I want to do is party with him. Hard.

5secondfilms10 karma

It will be everything you want.

One of my favorite moments ever is going to see him perform, after having just shot a 5sf with him backstage, and then getting roped into a crowd-surfing moment I didn't want. Not that I didn't love the music, it's just that I don't like bonking other people on the head with my shoes and stuff like that. Anyway, I wind up getting close enough to the stage that Andrew pulls me up, and we start screaming along to the finale of his song "Don't Stop Livin' in the Red," which has a very special meaning to me that Andrew knows all about. It was just the fucking greatest. (BF)

voiton5 karma

Is Tomm as emo as he tries to look?

5secondfilms6 karma


5secondfilms4 karma

Yeah, he's a real piece of shit. (AO)

steeb2er5 karma

How amazing is Andrew W.K. in real life? Can you physically feel his positivity?

I'm new to your work, but congrats on all the success!

5secondfilms10 karma

Andrew W.K. is a saint!! He is so super positive and fun to work with. My favorite moment of working with him on DBPM3 was when he pulled the directors quietly aside halfway through the scene and said "Is that Greg Sestero from The Room?" we said, "yea" And he freaked out getting all star struck, "oh, man I've been working with him for the past 30 minutes and I didn't know, oh, man,oh, man you think I can get a picture with him? I'm a huge fan!" Two of the nicest people in the world met each other and for a brief moment all the bombings and fighting stopped all over the world to watch them hug. (MR)

5secondfilms7 karma

Just answered this in another question, but check out this BTS video of the first 5SF I ever shot with him (also the first time I met him, full stop):


In this video, I'm recalling the first time I ever saw him perform, and seeing him remember the show causes my face to fanboy out pretty hard. The fact that he remembered that show cements it for me: This guy lives for the music, lives for entertaining fans, and is genuinely as devoted to partying as you could possibly expect and more. (BF)

jablair515 karma

Rousselet, do you ever regret introducing the world to the awfulness/awesomeness that is The Room?

5secondfilms9 karma

HAHAHAHA.... Never :) I'm really happy that a movie I loved so dearly didn't fade away into obscurity. Unlike "Dangerous Men" i love that movie watched it 3 times in theaters and it's gone forever :( the director, John S. Rad (seriously), actually wished that no one ever see it again cause he learned people we laughing at it. It is partly the inspiration for with the relationship with the A-Plot and B-Plot with DBPM3, which have nothing to do with each other. John S. Rad made the movie in the late 80's but the actors quit so a few years later in the 90's he hired a whole new cast and kept filming to finish it. The plots don't connect! It's wonderful!!!!! I highly recommend it if you like bad cinema, if anyone has a copy let me know. I will bring beer! But back to The Room, I made a lot of wonderful friends because of The Room, that's how I met ALEC OWEN! And Greg has become a close friend and trusted me to direct him in DBPM3. It's a blessing. I've been fortunate to be called a friend from all the cast members of The Room. It's also funny cause Tommy calls me "The Michael" which is an honor cause he never remembers names haha. (MR)

GiantAcroyear5 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized Patton Oswalts or 1 Patton Oswalt sized duck?

5secondfilms9 karma

I could never fight Patton. I can only sit back and let his comedy wash over me...that being said, 100 tiny Pattons. (MEP)

adamav5 karma

The Changeling was my very first 5sf and remains one of my favorites. It amazes me how many funny things it contains in such a short amount of time, but I want to ask about one moment in particular:

The skateboard not landing properly.

Was this intentional? If not, how many attempts were there to get it right? If it WAS intentional, why are you so brilliant?

Any stories about this particular 5sf would be wonderful!


5secondfilms7 karma

You bet your ass that skateboard was not intentional. When it happened, we instantly knew that was the only way this 5SF could end humorously.

One of my favorite mini-jokes in "The Changeling" is how Rouss asks me "Do you know how to change a tire?" and I respond with "Can I!" which is not a grammatically acceptable answer. Then I don't even "change" his tire into a fish. I just make a fish appear where he wants his tire to go. It's like I'm an antsy magical goblin, not even paying attention to the mortals I want to torment, just way way too eager to start making mischief and failing at all of it, every step of the way. (BF)

Kojack95 karma

In March/April, a friend and I are producing a micro-budget Wilderness-Sabbatical film and we have a recurring dream sequence with a Venus-esque/Embodiment-of-a-perfect-woman role.

How do we reach Kelsey's people?

5secondfilms6 karma

ahhhh supremely flattered... send me a message thru Facebook and I will get you in touch with them! xoxo https://www.facebook.com/kelseyagunn (KG)

epl555 karma

What is the current exchange rate on a mathematical mega buck?

5secondfilms3 karma

NumberWang! (MR)

SpinyPants4 karma

Around how long to these 5SF's take?

5secondfilms8 karma

Depends it could take 1 minute or it could take 6 hours like this Keeping You Safe. Doubloons took half a day cause we had to pull extras, get costumes and drive out to a remote beach! But damnit I wanted to do this idea forever! (MR)

McGobbles4 karma

What was the process for trying to come up with ideas to match the Kickstarter reward films?

I hope you didn't cry yourself to sleep over some of the prompts aha, because the comment section and I did aha

5secondfilms18 karma

Oh, man! It was tough. Some of them were really really tough. There were a few handful that were perfect on their own and there were some that were half-baked ideas that we were able to get some really good jokes out of.We wanted to do them proud because they are fans and donated. I felt really bad afterwards because I proposed that we list the kickstarter's prompt in the description so fans could see the difference/similarities of what we did, but that sometimes backfired and commenters attacked the donor. I regret that. The donors shouldn't have had to take the heat, that's our job, we were born in the internet comment section, molded by it. (MR)

5secondfilms10 karma

That was actually a super fun process! We all sat around the table reading prompts and riffing on funny ideas. We may not have written the initial concepts, but we were still quite invested. Some turned out super funny! One of our favorites was Are We Going To Make It?; we kept delaying shooting that one because we wanted to find a real ambulance to shoot it. That joke deserved some quality production value! (MEP)

5secondfilms6 karma

I looked at the Kickstarter 5SFs as an interesting new challenge, actually. Most of the time, our ideas come from us or they don't get made at all. There are a scant few here and there that others have suggested or made, but for the most part we kept it strictly in the family. This time around, we knew the process would be different, so to keep it feeling like a team effort instead of an assembly line of product, we all met up for multiple punch-up / idea sessions, coordinated times to meet (by this point a lot of us had either moved out of the house or across the globe), and divvied up the editing as much as we could. We know the results weren't everything people were hoping for, but we learned a lot - and if we were to do it again, the first thing I'd change is to not write the original idea in the description box. I take some of the blame for letting that go through, because I'm still writing descriptions for fan-submitted ideas that aren't getting made (it's a lower tier) and I think in the end, "letting the original idea have its day in the description box" turned into "invite super-unfair comparisons to the original idea and the finished product in the comments." Bad move. Won't happen again. (BF)

FootmanFrenzy4 karma

Why did you call your movie 'Dude Bro Party Massacre III'?

5secondfilms20 karma

Because Slumber Party and Sorority Party were all already taken! We wanted to flip the genre and gender objectification on it's head. Plus who doesn't want to see Dude Bros get massacred on screen! Also calling it "3" allowed us to do completely insane shit, cause sequels in horror films get more and more ridiculous as they progress. (MR)

5secondfilms15 karma

Because it's more fun to start with the third movie, it's based off of our original 5sf and trailer sketch, and the arrangement of words makes us laugh.

Of course, we thought we were being sooooo original by making up a sequel to a bunch of movies that don't exist, when the cinematic masterpiece "Leonard Part 6" actually beat us to the punch by decades. (BF)

barrettsmithbb3 karma

Hey 5SF! Why create a feature length film? Why not keep the DBPMIII confined to the short form you've been doing for years?

5secondfilms5 karma

We are all filmmakers at heart, doing 5SF was a lot of fun and an amazing exercise in storytelling but ever since we were little dude bros we've always dreamed of making a feature film. After doing 5secondfilms for 5+ years straight we realized that we were closer to making our dreams a reality with the thanks of all our fans and now the addition of crowdfunding, which is a game changer for all indie filmmakers. We just weren't sure what THAT first film would be. After we did the 5sf of DBPM3 and then joke trailer (which originally we had no intention of making into a real film) the response from our fans was so overwhelmingly positive we knew this was the perfect film that would allow us to be completely bat-shit insane. (MR)

5secondfilms4 karma

Every artist has to move on eventually. New challenges, new formats, new obstacles. Nothing gold can stay. (MEP)

Enzemo3 karma

Oh man, I love your videos! I felt so bad for you when vine came out :(

I do have a question if it could be answered - in the 5 second film where someone is in the shower and forget a towel, they crab walk across the room and say something, but I've never been able to work out what they say; it's something like "you fooking what?". It's one of my favourite videos of yours :)

5secondfilms5 karma

Aw don't feel bad. We had a good run being the only game in town, particularly since the "5-Second Movies" guy who came before us never actually made movies that were 5 seconds.

That's me and that's my junk tucked inbetween my fish belly white legs. I'm saying "Would you fuck me Jon?" and then "I'd fuck me so hard" in a weird, slurred accent. It's a movie reference, and you should absolutely check that movie out because it's awesome. (BF)

5secondfilms5 karma

Ah yes, Absence of the Towels *Brian-Oh shit. *Brian- Would you F#$K me Jon? *Jon- oh God dammit! *Brian- I'd F&#K me so hard *(TJ)

thunderust3 karma

who killed the dinosaurs?

5secondfilms4 karma

Eiffel 65 (PP)

barrettsmithbb2 karma

To Tomm, Jon, and Rous: Who were some of your biggest critics when trying to make DBPMII? What were some of the biggest criticisms?

5secondfilms4 karma

Well "Dude Bro Party Massacre 2" was a very difficult film to make, because it's director "Brunt Crumpston" is shrouded in mystery. A lot of the actors and crew didn't know where and when he would be filming, cameramen and effects people would just show up and start shooting at odd hours, even at actor's houses when they didn't even want to. But he made them listen to reason. The restraining orders against the director didn't help but Brunt pushed through and killed the proper people to get the shots he wanted. Then he had to leave the country for tax and other legal reasons. Shooting in the jungles of Nicaragua were tough because a lot of the actors didn't want to be there and wouldn't stop crying. The CIA didn't make it any easier but Brunt fooled them, poison tipped hand buzzers, also an M16 helps with film permits but even a rope can do just fine if you know how to use it, which Brunt was he was an export rope maker which made him the most dangerous man in the world if he could get his hands on enough strands to make a knot, they say he killed a man with his own hair, hence why Brunt is bald and wears a wig. Anyway, Brunt developed a taste for motorcycle cock-fighting, his gambling debts slowed the production but his producer Pino Grigio was able to pull the proper strings and find more funding by making a deal with Pablo Escobar, who was more than happy to invest in the film provided that the cocaine levels were kept at a constant high and the body count kept rising. Dude Bro Party Massacre 2 is a crazy weird film, yet to be declassified, BUT Dude Bro Party Massacre 3 on the other hand was a delight production experience! (MR)

non-troll_account2 karma

The best 5-second Film is actually sex kitten. Was there a reason that sex kitten didn't get a permanent role among the cast?

5secondfilms3 karma

That kitten is a DIVA. (BG)

KnightlySir2 karma

I've been meaning to ask you this. We are friends on Facebook and I don't know why. Is your facebook a public profile, or am I just really special?

5secondfilms6 karma

We love you and that special funny thing you and us share, that no one else knows about. You know that little joke? Ha, it's so funny. And even funnier that it's just our little secret.

Let's grab lunch soon! Call me over the summer break. (All of 5-Second Films, In Unison, At Once)

5secondfilms4 karma

As long as you're not some spammer robot, or seem like a serial killer, I usually friend everyone. I even have a few friends who seems like serial killers! (MEP)

ConorTheOgre2 karma

Hey guys! Loved 5sf for a couple years now, don't watch it as much as I should because you guys put out SO MUCH stuff but whenever I do you're hilarious.

First question for Brian, kinda unrelated but might as well ask while I've got the chance: How different an experience was working on VGHS to your typical time spent working on 5sf? With which project did you have more fun?

Next question for the whole gang: How long do you typically spend per day on the whole process? I've always wondered how it works, gotta be hard coming up with an idea every single day for years. Do you have days where the juices are flowing and you can shoot a full week's supply of videos in a few hours, or days where the planning process takes wayyyy longer than shooting/editing the video?

Final question, for Paul: What kinda stuff did you do before BLUEBIRD BLUEBIRD BLUEBIRD you joined 5sf?

5secondfilms3 karma

VGHS operates on a far larger scale, with many many moving parts, and every minute detail is hemmed and hawed over until it's as polished as possible. That said, I certainly didn't feel like a cog in the machine. I had a lot of chances to improv and basically wrote my own character (more or less). So in that way, it reminded me quite a bit of 5SF, because eventually it just came back to being funny on camera and trying (sometimes painfully trying) to make people laugh.

5SF was literally: Wake up, shower, get in the truck with Maria, drive over to the house, grab an iced coffee, shoot the CotW, kick around, play Mario, set up a C-stand (something which I still struggle with, full disclosure), grab a beer, laugh, go get lunch, come back, sit on the porch, and somehow we've all worked together and shot 5 funny gags by the end of the day. People ask how we managed to keep going for five years and never miss a day. The obvious answer is "There are a bunch of us and some of us work harder when others are slacking, there's always a check-and-balance effect," but the answer that feels more correct to me is "I have no fucking clue." (BF)

GreenyBlues1 karma

If you had to start from scratch, how would you build an audience?

Is it more difficult to get fans on YouTube and Vine if you're not part of their establishment (read: "LOLrandom" humor directed at young teenagers)?

5secondfilms3 karma

Straight up, you HAVE to be yourself and not deliver what you think anyone else expects of you. That comes later, once you're huge for a very specific set of sketches or vlogs, even though you've kind of changed since then, and the money's coming in and you're going to be able to pay for your high-priced 1-bedroom at 1600 Vine St. as long as you drink from a MateFit bottle in this next Insta. That's when you hate yourself and want to do anything but viral. Because of course it's easier to get fans with LOLrandom. And it'll keep the lights on, but it won't keep your heart turned on likewise.

But before then, when you're younger and struggling and it seems like YouTube won't even acknowledge your existence, you just have to make yourself laugh. This is one of those answers that's a punishing cliche because it's true. (BF)

5secondfilms2 karma

Oh, man, starting from scratch... it's scary to think about now. I guess only because when we started, we didn't have any huge aspirations so to us there was no "starting from scratch" we just did it because we had fun doing it and it made us feel productive. We always wanted to write and make films I guess this was the lazy way of doing it 5-seconds a day.... for 6 years. Originally NO ONE was watching our stuff other than our friends, for 6 months we had like 10 visitors on our site then suddenly, thanks to Reddit, we got a huge spike because of Magic Show Volunteer. Then we started taking it very seriously and we committed to continually releasing a new 5SF ever day. There was no end in sight.... even though we hoped some giant money man would give us all the cash to make a TV or Movie... that never happened. But after 5+ years we built a large enough audience where we did a kickstarter and asked our fans to trust us. Thank god they did. I guess my only advice on "starting from scratch" is to not think of it as starting from scratch, just START and keep DOING. It adds up and then years and years and years down the line you will look back at when you started and marvel at how it was once "scratch." Find your filmmaking friends, give yourself deadlines and KEEP TO YOUR DEADLINES. The hardest part about graduating film school was that all the deadlines stopped, I was on my own. You now have to be your own boss. Keep working. Keep being productive. And more importantly do it because you LOVE IT, not because you hope to get fame or money, cause there is no money only opportunities to keep creating bigger things. We did 5SF because we loved it and loved hanging out with our friends and making each other laugh. If you keep working on concepts you love with your own unique voice you will grow and find people who like what you do. And to answer your LOLrandom question, I think Vine lends itself more easily to the LOLrandom because its so short, just like us. YouTube can be less LOLrandom because you have more time to spread your wings for pacing and jokes. There is an audience for LOLrandom and there is also an audience that doesn't like LOLrandom. Focus on the art you want and people will respond to it. Good luck and thank you (MR)

manufactured001 karma

Can anyone from your group link me to the 5SF where 2 pilots are screaming "PULL UP!! PULL UP!"? (I don't want to spoil the last 2 seconds). PS I really love what your group is putting out. I appreciate all the effort you put into those 5 glorious seconds. Really.

5secondfilms3 karma

That's Time to Feed Baby a super oldie, hence the bad greenscreening haha. (MR)

johnbaxtersmitherson1 karma

Is DBPM3 longer than 5 seconds? How many seconds is it?

5secondfilms2 karma

Not counting credits I believe it is roughly 5490 seconds long. MEP will have the exact second count I'd bet. (BG)

Nonitus1 karma

Any plans on doing a live ReciTweets to promote the movie? Jk, love ya guys!

5secondfilms2 karma

Not gonna lie: I fucking love doing Reci-Tweets, and one day I'll probably get on Periscope so Maria and I can bring it back. (BF)

5secondfilms2 karma

Reci-tweets + feedingmyboyfriend.com = Amazing Cooking Empire (MDC)

CouldBeATomato1 karma

Who was you favourite guest on 5sf and why is it Weird Al?

Plus, I've got to say that the doubloons 5sf never gets old

5secondfilms3 karma

Weird Al was the nicest guy in the universe and was such an awesome sport for such a weird series of 5SFs.

Michael Rousselet will love you forever for saying you love dubloons. (BG)

William_wallace_1 karma

What is your favorite breakfast cereal?

5secondfilms3 karma

Cookie Crisp (BG)

5secondfilms3 karma

Your mom (JW)

5secondfilms1 karma

Cinnamon Life (MEP)

Aaron2151 karma

Without giving away any spoilers, what was the most difficult part of getting this feature film finished (not just including filming)?

Have you been surprised by what the most well received parts of the film have been, or did you know when you finished "Yeah everyone is gonna love this part"?

5secondfilms2 karma

I think, like with any big creative project, there was some nervousness about how it would be received. In the screenings we've done (LA Film Festival, and a few private ones) we've all been pleasantly surprised by the level of the positive reaction. Certain jokes we liked, the audience LOVES. Other jokes are a little more dependent on who's watching the movie. The first few screenings there was one joke in particular that no one laughed at, which confused us. The third screening? Whole audience loved it. Who the hell knows why.. Sitting and watching the film with a new audience is incredibly fun each time. (BG)

5secondfilms2 karma

Every aspect of making a feature film is difficult. And that's not a negative statement. The medium is filled with obstacles at every turn, and half the fun is over coming those obstacles.

There's a few jokes (no spoilers) that we KNEW were going to slay. But there have definitely been a couple times when the audience laughed and we all looked at one another and thought "holy crap that joke really worked!" (MEP)

anyadnincskukac1 karma

What are some cool things we don't know about the 5SF house/HQ?

5secondfilms2 karma

It's built on an Indian Burial Ground. (BG)

barrettsmithbb1 karma

When shooting DBPMIII which scene took the most takes? Was it laughter or technical difficulties?

5secondfilms2 karma

Hmmmm... that is a good question. I'll let my other bro-rectors jump in with their thoughts. The one that we let run the longest was with BriTaNicK. We were just having so much fun with them on set that we let them go completely off and riff for 15 minutes. Drove our Assistant Director nuts because we were running behind schedule for that. They are so god damn funny! (MR)

5secondfilms1 karma

Laughter=Paul Prado's monologue (no spoilers...if you've seen it you know the one)

Technical Difficulties=Mike James' death. It started snowing in Big Bear while filming that scene, so we have to move the production inside and construct a fake forest in the cafeteria! Plus the FX rig didn't work on the first couple takes.

(shameless plug: you can watch all of that on the behind-the-scenes featurettes included with the Broterion Collection of the film on dudebropartymassacre3.com) (MEP)

McGobbles1 karma

How did the idea for Kelsey Cat come about? Is Kelsey half cat half human behind the lens too?

5secondfilms4 karma

haha... If we need to think of an idea/joke I do this thing where I just keep riffing and riffing and riffing (usually digging myself into the ground) non-stop until something sticks or someone laughs. I was just looking around and said "ugh.... tree.... ugh....kelsey....is a cat.... and she's stuck in a tree...." I guess by that point I riffed long enough to get to that point that everyone was exhausted and laughed at it. success! (MR)

5secondfilms4 karma

Like Athena from the head of Zeus, one day Kelsey Cat just popped out of Rousselet's head. We quickly fell in love and shot it that very day. (MEP)