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Thanks for doing this!

I'm a huge fan, and love Man Vs Food. You actually inspired me to try a few of the places featured on your shows (Hoss and Mary's, Randy's Wooster St Pizza, and Eagle's Deli just to name a few).

So as far as questions go,

1-what have been your favorite/least favorite challenges?

2-Are you planning on featuring any Boston based restaurants on Man Finds Food?

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Do you have any certain types of music you listen to while you animate?

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You were literally born to play bass.


britchesss5 karma

How's it going?

britchesss5 karma

Is Andrew WK as awesome in person as I hope he is? Also, does Nina Hartley smell like grandma, or does she smell ok? I know that's weird, but you know that grandparent smell? She looks like she smells like that.