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Your production Dude Bro Party Massacre 3 recently released got a 8.1 rating on IMDb... Congratulations about that!

How was Directing or shooting for a full length film different from making 5 second films? Any more full length movies next?

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Hi Carmen, I have a few questions... So would love if you could answer them...

Well... I don't live in Mexico... Nor America... But how easy is it to become a drug Lord in Mexico? Have you ever given a thought why people become involved in this nasty business? Why wouldn't they choose something else? Isn't the Mexican government's economical n financial policies responsible for the people joining the drug cartels.... Wouldn't they choose some other profession if they AT All Had the option? Or is it real good pay... Considering the risks? I do believe sometimes people are forced into these... Might be family business... But how is it expanding.... Why do younger people join this business?

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What do you personally do to contribute to a better Climate? Inspire us!

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Congratulations on your survival man! Btw... How does PEGSASSC work? I mean How does it exactly work to ensure the continuity of the extremely important species!

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How did the idea of creating something like MOAS come to your mind? How did you recruit the people in MOAS? How much do you yourself spend on the MY Phoenix?