I am back again Reddit, When I was 3 they discovered that I had tumors on my optic nerve and optic chasm. I did a year of chemotherapy, then it came back when I was 10 and again I did a year of chemotherapy. When I was 25 they found a tumor on my brain stem, I had brain surgery and radiation therapy, when I was 26 I once again did chemotherapy, but I had a bad reaction to the radiation therapy I had a year prior, I passed out and was technically brain dead twice for 8 minutes a piece and paramedics couldn't find a pulse either. I was in the hospital for over 5 weeks. I now have to live with my folks again and I have to use a walker to get around

My latest MRI is on the left http://i.imgur.com/YCP91dI.jpg

Me getting radiation http://i.imgur.com/R6SClqX.jpg

Relay for Life http://i.imgur.com/8BZfJBo.jpg

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TheClevelandUnicorn329 karma

During your treatment were you ever at any point fired by Ellen Pao?

RJB1337197 karma

Nope, thankfully

sloth_on_meth104 karma

Sorry about the not very serious questions. Theres a lot going on here.

Was there ever a moment where you thought "this is it?"

RJB133768 karma

No I never felt that but when I was in ICU I know my folks felt that multiple times, when I was really bad,I was in a medical indust coma so I didn't realize it

_Guinness14 karma

Do you remember anything from the coma at all? Or was it basically like going through time travel once you woke up?

RJB133734 karma

Basically like time travel, I passed out on a Friday and woke up on Wednesday

_Guinness8 karma

See you can just tell yourself that you went on an epic drinking binge with friends. Because that is exactly what happens. One minute you're at the bar and the next you wake up thinking "wait I was just at the bar what the hell man!"

RJB13373 karma

Haha, I have had a few nights like that as well actually

GoredonTheDestroyer67 karma

How does it feel to be one of the most durable human beings alive, circa 2015?

RJB133758 karma

Haha, pretty good actually, I never looked at it that way

Ballersock24 karma

You are a wonderful person and just reading your replies makes me feel better. You could choose to have a pessimistic attitude given everything you've been through, but you choose not to. You choose to be optimistic and happy.

Everybody here could learn from your example. I hope you have a long, prosperous life.

RJB133729 karma

Thank you so much for your kind words. I try to be as optimistic and positive as I can. There is no point in being angry, everyone has their own issues. I will always try to help others, I am sure other people have issues I can't even begin to understand

Avenger_0073 karma

So shouldn't you be breeding like a rabbit to make many strong human babies? I would volunteer if I was a woman (I'm not), though I bet lots of women would love to.

RJB13379 karma

I have had a few interested, but alas, they were crazy

HardlySoft9865 karma

How is having cancer as a child and as an adult different, psychologically for you and your folks?

RJB133768 karma

Well as a kid, I never really grasped the magnitude of the situation I was in. When I had my brain surgery, the situation really hit me that I could in fact die

HardlySoft9813 karma

I'm sure it must have been difficult breaking the news to your loved ones. How did they take it, knowing that you'd had this before?

RJB133724 karma

It was very difficult, because most of the people who I told were as old as me. When I was 10 the C word didn't really affect my friends because we couldn't really grasp the magnitude of it

better_off_now35 karma

Were there any changes in your personality or memory?

RJB133757 karma

No thankfully, I am blessed to still have my memory

methamphetaminee24 karma

Congratulations, man. Happy to hear you are okay.

RJB133728 karma

Thank you fellow redditor

El_Oso_Blanco34 karma

First, I want to congratulate you for your fight. My brother has been fighting brain cancer for the past seven years.

Did you explore into any alternative medicines at any point?

RJB133738 karma

Thank you for your kind words. I hope the best for your brother. I never did, I only went through mainstream medical care, I use medical marajuana but otherwise no

rainbow-sailor16 karma

We gave my great-grandfather marijuana to help when he was in his final right against cancer (fourth time). It was the only thing that helped him settle down (he was in a lot of pain) and be able to eat at all.

RJB133721 karma

I smoked before, and I live in Oregon (where it is now legal) but it definitely helps me sleep and eat and with the pain

rainbow-sailor11 karma

I haven't had cancer, but I do have severe OCD, and y'know what helps a bunch with that? Toking. I'd rather use that than have to take Klonopin for the anxiety or a sleeping pill for going three days with no sleep, etc.

It helps so many people. I'm glad you live in a state where its legal for you!

RJB133717 karma

I am sorry you have to go through that. I hope it is easy for you to get weed, I am glad you found something that helps

rainbow-sailor18 karma

It's actually ridiculously easy. My first suppliers were friends who lived in the downstairs apartment. I'd had a panic attack at work and my husband had to come pick me up. She happened to be in the lobby when we entered and she saw me shaking, with gross puffy "obviously just cried" eyes. She told my husband "I don't care if your against it, she needs this. You can come pick her up in half an hour or so," and dragged me into her apartment and had me smoke with her. My husband, who really didn't like weed cause it was illegal , came to get me and saw how relaxed I was. It completely blew his mind and he felt bad for being judgemental of something that actually helped me.

So now he always makes sure I have a supply. It's useful for migraines, helping with sleep/anxiety, and I honestly believe I've gained weight from it. It helps get rid of that nausea you can get when you're overstressed.

RJB133711 karma

I am very glad to hear that, god bless dear friend

getpoked10 karma

I bet you are hungry right now you stoney stoner :)

I'm glad you are doing well!

RJB133717 karma

Haha well I actually just ate so maybe in like half hour, I will be hungry again

breadmaker20732 karma

Have any small things changed? Richard Hammond on Top Gear got brain damage which resulted in him inexplicably liking asparagus. I was wondering if anything similar has happened to you?

RJB133763 karma

Haha, I have not yet discovered anything yet. I should probably start doing something weird and blame it on the brain damage haha

Stavorius30 karma

How was it like, to wake up out of being brain-dead?

RJB133738 karma

Very confusing, I had tube in my throat so I couldn't ask questions either

King_Obvious_III19 karma

As a respiratory therapist, I hope that someone, a nurse, respiratory therapist or doctor was there to explain what was going on. When I see patients wake up in the hospital for the first time with an endotracheal tube in and on a ventilator my heart truly sinks... I couldn't imagine the fear, even if you knew what was going on and that you were going to be intubated- that feeling of not being able to do anything for yourself and completely and totally relying on your healthcare providers for even the breaths that you receive... man..

RJB133720 karma

Unfortunately, no one was there to explain it to me at the time. I was able to get the whole story at once instead of getting it all over a few days

_Guinness3 karma

Sorry for the repeat questions, I am legitimately curious. When you woke up, did you panic at all because of the tube in your throat? What was swallowing like?

RJB13376 karma

No problem, not really panic, just more confused if anything

EVOSexyBeast2 karma

LOL. Sorry I found that funny xD "I had a tube in my throat so I couldn't ask questions either" hahahaha

RJB13375 karma

Haha, it's not a good situation, I had so many questions but I couldn't ask them

draik1122 karma

How is eating food after experiencing this?

RJB133724 karma

Ummm I definitely have a little trouble cutting things like steak but for the most part I do just fine

draik1115 karma

It doesn't affect taste?

I wish you all the best! Thanks for doing this AMA!

RJB133719 karma

It probably does with some people but luckily it hasn't affected me

Theoneybadger6 karma

or maybe it has and you cant tell

RJB13378 karma

Perhaps, that's why I like to see people I don't see everyday, they usually tell me haha

Zuleikah20 karma

How do you do it? People like you make me just seem puny and weak. Keep in truckin' bro, my thoughts are with you :)

RJB133742 karma

Thank you for your kind words, my faith in God has really helped me, I am sure you have struggles that I can't even begin to understand or fathom

chickenroast4 karma

Stay strong, brother. He is sovereign!

RJB13373 karma

He is indeed

jattyrr-18 karma

Hey I'm glad you have beaten cancer 4 times, that's awesome man. But I would like to ask why God? Why would God make you suffer? If he loves you so much why would he make you unimaginably suffer?

RJB133716 karma

I haven't figured that out yet, but the best I can figure, I was meant to suffer through cancer to tell people about his love, that through him you can do anything, with him nothing is impossible

jattyrr-19 karma

But that's a horrible way of thinking. It's basically child abuse if you think about it. Forcing someone to endure pain and then saying "I'm just showing love to you." Come on man. If a perfect God truly loved you and existed then he would have never made you suffer in the first place. I get it man religion gives you a sense of faith and all that, but think logically for a second. It's all just a bunch of smoke and mirrors. Look I'm not trying to be mean here but just to let you know the truth. Cancer is a bitch and I'm glad you beat it... But come on... God didn't do shit to help you it was those doctors who saved you.

RJB133721 karma

You are entitled to your options friend no hard feelings, I wish you the best in life. God never promised life would be easy or fair. There is suffering all around the world every day. My strength to endure it comes from God and the promise things will better, perfect even in heaven

bearkin112 karma

Good job staying strong, and stay forever unbroken. I'm not even Christian but there's no need for assholes like that guy going around trying to belittle others.

RJB133711 karma

Thank you fellow redditor, I don't mind, everyone is entitled to their beliefs and I am used to hearing stuff like that, the price you pay for putting yourself out on social media like this

Mr_Isch16 karma

Given that cancer generally runs in families, has anyone else in your family had multiple instances of cancer?

RJB133714 karma

Nope I am the only one in my family

drunkrabbit9910 karma

Looks like your just lucky...

RJB133724 karma

A real man makes his own luck eh Dawson

Captain_Oreos14 karma

What is your current state? Do you still have to go through Chemotherapy, are there any more surgeries planned?

RJB133718 karma

No, I am currently not doing anything treatment wise, but I still have to use the walker

Captain_Oreos7 karma

I'm happy to hear that you don't have to go through more Chemo for the time being, and hopefully you won't have to go through it again. Best of luck.

RJB133711 karma

Thanks Dear friend

SteveNick14 karma

Was it anything like the DBZ Frieza battle?

If so, are you concerned that the next time your brain cancer comes back it'll be in a stronger, robotic reconstruction? And bring its dad with it for moral support?

RJB133714 karma

I fear that the cancer is pissed and if it comes back it will be very vengeful

thatbiddy14 karma

have you ever considered manufacturing methamphetamine to fund your treatment and to leave a little something for your family?

RJB133718 karma

I was actually Walter White for Halloween a few years ago

anywayzz3 karma

That is wicked man. I don't have a question but I've been reading all your replies and you seem like such an amazing person, I wish you all the best in the future.

RJB13374 karma

Thanks for the kind words, I hope the best for you too my friend

thatbiddy7 karma

fair enough but do you have a pinkman to your heisenberg and if so who is it?

RJB13376 karma

I don't :( I need to find one

Dreamerlax11 karma

Hey man, I wish you the best of luck.

I have to say, the second pic looks cool af. What does it feel like to get bombarded by radiation?

RJB133718 karma

Thank you fellow redditor. Haha it actually doesn't feel like anything, although they let me keep the mask after, I wear it sometimes lol

chucktastic889 karma

When you were brain dead for those eight minutes did you experience anything?

I also have to say as a guy the same age as you and through the comments I've read, you are way wiser and stronger (in a psychological perspective) then I would be. Hope all goes well in the future for you.

RJB133715 karma

You are probably wise yourself dear friend, in ways I can't begin to understand or fathom. Everyone has their own issues. I really wish I could remember anything but I don't

bilde29109 karma

First of all, I'm sorry you've had to go through all of this, and I really hope you don't have to go through the ordeal again. I know people myself who have had cancer themselves, and even only once, it is a terrible experience. How do you feel your life is different compared to friends and others you know as a result of all of this? What kind of thing really matters the most to you?

RJB133716 karma

For the most part, I am just disappointed that I can't work anymore, and I have to use a walker. I used to be so independent and I hate the idea that I am a burden on the people I love

Oyemulata15 karma

U are not a burden

RJB13376 karma

I know I am not, but sometimes I feel like I am

Oyemulata15 karma

U are a miracle

RJB13373 karma

Thanks for your kind words

Oyemulata11 karma

Not just kind words. It's true. Sometimes we need to hear it.

RJB13376 karma

Thanks again, sometimes we do

Steavee5 karma

There are agencies, workshops, places that work with people who have additional barriers to work. I've been a part of it, and I don't know how where you're at exactly, but I helped people learn to do jobs all day long. Accommodations can be made, and their are companies that make it their mission to hire people with disabilities because they can be some of the best folks on staff.

Don't give up and settle for just puttering around the house, it doesn't have to be that way if you do not want it to be. If you can use a computer this well there are plenty of places that would hire you.

RJB13375 karma

I am actually part of a similar organization actually, it is helping me to find a job, but I am also currently working on my first novel so I am not just puttering around, but thank you for your kind words fellow redditor

Steavee5 karma

I'm glad to hear it! I don't know what it is about people, especially people with disabilities, but just sitting around doing nothing saps their will to live. Working, doing something, can be one of the easiest ways to improve your quality of life.

RJB13375 karma

Definitely, I have had grandparents who have done that. I try to get out and do stuff

shopcel29 karma

Hello buddy, are you an alien?

RJB13378 karma

I don't think so, but maybe, I do have a rather big head

dporiua8 karma

During those 8 minute of being brain dead did you consider applying to become the CEO of reddit?

RJB133710 karma

Haha, probably not even then lol

dporiua4 karma

Well it's too late now, you've regained your brain functions and also sound like a really nice guy, pretty sure these qualities disqualify you for that job.

RJB13373 karma

But maybe I can "take a turn for the worse?"

glass-him6 karma

Hi! Thank you so much for doing this AMA!
I know this might be super personal but what kind of mentality or headspace do you get into when you have to visit your doctor?

RJB133710 karma

You're welcome dear friend, no such thing as too personal on an AMA. I honestly don't have to go to the doctor very much anymore so usually I am pretty calm and collected

henchman176 karma

What is the financial cost? Do you have some of government or private sponsorship, or is your family in debt for the next few generations?

RJB13376 karma

I actually have been blessed with great health insurance so the fincial burden has been lifted

manipulationcreation6 karma

Omigosh you answered every question, and you answered them all so nicely! Ok so I guess my question is, what do you like on your pizza? And in that picture where you have that thing on your head, I think it's to wear during radiation but I'm not sure, isn't that scary? Seeing it on tv always made me very uncomfortable and nervous.

RJB133710 karma

Haha would you prefer if I was a jerk to people? Haha I like meat on my pizza, the more the better haha. Yes, that thing is a mask that I wore during radiation, it was scary the first few times, but I had to wear it every day for a month, so I got used to it

manipulationcreation5 karma

No keep being nice please, so refreshing to see! :) I remember my uncle telling me about wearing that thing when he was doing radiation for brain tumors, it looks so uncomfortable to me!

RJB13375 karma

Okay, for you, I will keep being nice. The mask actually wasn't that uncomfortable, I only had to wear it for 10 minutes at a time, I am sure if I had to wear it longer, I am sure it would suck

manipulationcreation4 karma

Oh I always thought it would be like an hour or so. Either way, doesn't seem fun! But you obviously have a great attitude!

RJB13377 karma

I wish it was that long, my treatment was over an hour away, so I had to drive a hour everyday for a month for 10 minutes, it was kinda stupid, but it is over now

shelisbae5 karma

How many make a wish did they give you?

RJB13375 karma

Just one back in 97. I went to Disney World and got slimmer at Nickelodeon studies

Zatalin5 karma

What's the best way to support someone going through a difficult medical event? What did your friends and family do to help you through?

RJB13379 karma

Kind words always helps, a nice text or an email always brightened up my day

Lixten5 karma

First of all, congratulations on beating this awful disease and I hope it's gone for good this time!

What kind of brain cancer was it? Also, what was going through your mind when you were 25 and you were told you had a tumor?

RJB13373 karma

Thanks for the kind words dear friend, I don't know for sure what the medical term for my cancer is, it's a complicated, long, drawn out term

Oyemulata5 karma

Have u gone into points of anger with God ? When u do wat is it that draws u out ?

I ask b cuz I had almost died in a car accident n it took me almost 3 yrs to where the injuries prior were bearable

RJB133711 karma

I did when I was in ICU, here I was, hooked up to a bunch of machines, I couldn't walk, I had tube in my throat and he didn't take me home, why didn't he let me go? I snapped out of it by my pastor coming in and reminding me that everything happens for a reason


What was it like receiving the news each time? (both the news that you had got cancer and the news that you had recovered)

RJB13373 karma

When I was younger the magnitude of the news didn't really effect me, because I really didn't understand what I just did

YouCantEven5 karma

What were your thoughts after finding out about cancer for the fourth time? Thanks for this ama, your a huge inspiration!

RJB13376 karma

Thank you fellow redditor. After the 4th time, I was mostly just annoyed, I just did radiation a few months ago and now I have to do chemotherapy again

Filaipus4 karma

First I just want to wish you best of luck in the fight, I've had various members of my family die due to cancer so I can only admire people that fight it so vigorously.

How does the cancer affect your hability or willingness to build relationships with other people? Did you ever considered forming a family or something like that or is it something you would prefer to avoid due to all the problems?

Again, best of luck!

RJB13376 karma

Thank you fellow redditor. Actually for a while I felt unworthy of dating, but that feeling passed and I am ok now

theswerto4 karma

What's it like to tell death to fuck off 4 times? Do you think Death's afraid of you now? Are you looking forward to your now endless life?

RJB13374 karma

I think death is probably pissed off

SawRub4 karma

I've always feared that I would get brain tumors. What are the symptoms? When should I be worried/go in for a checkup?

RJB13377 karma

Massive headaches, I basically went completely numb on my left side, if you start to have those symptoms, I would go in

_Guinness3 karma

For anyone reading this though, don't necessarily panic. I have had massive headaches (migraines) my entire life with preceding numbness on one half of my entire body. No cancer here.

Odd symptoms such as the numb thing, or sleepwalking, or panic attacks right before a massive headache can just be a complex migraine. Sometimes I will wake up and items from my dream "come out" and I can still see them in my bedroom for up to 5 minutes afterwards. Which is just fucking PEACHY when you have a dream about a 12 foot spider.

RJB13374 karma

Exactly, that was not my intention, I don't want to scare people. I am sorry you have to go through that

_Guinness4 karma

Everyone tells me that. Its not the worst thing in the world. After 15 years of it, your idea of "normal" is reframed and you tend to forget what it was like before. I am pretty lucky. If I had the choice of curing myself or curing you, I would choose to cure you in a heartbeat. You got the shit end of the stick, not me.

RJB13374 karma

Well thank you my friend but you deserve to be well too. You have a fantastic outlook on life. Nothing can get you down

WalterMerrick4 karma

You make me feel like I can do more with my life. What is your normal day like? Has your illness made you live a fuller life? You take more risks?

RJB13374 karma

You can do anything friend. My illness has kinda halted my life actually. I used to work full time. Now my days consist of going to the gym, my pool therapy class, and writing my novel. Still fulfilling but in a different way

AllisonRages4 karma

Goodness gracious, I'm so sorry for what has happened to you throughout your life. During the brain surgery, I heard you're awake and alert while your brain is out in the open for surgery. If that happened to you, how did you feel during the surgery?

RJB13372 karma

It's okay, you have nothing to be sorry for. Thats actually usually the case but I was thankfully asleep, I don't think I could have handled being awake

SomebodyButMe4 karma

1). Thanks for doing this AMA!!

2). Has this affected your life in a religious aspect at all?

RJB13377 karma

I was already religious but this experience has only increased my faith

dog_in_the_vent3 karma

Any idea why you develop brain cancer so much?

RJB13373 karma

The doctors have no idea, bad genes

dog_in_the_vent3 karma

Sorry you have to deal with that. Good luck!

RJB13373 karma

Thanks for the kind words

loveact3 karma

some people who suffer cancer in third-world countries are usually very poor and can't afford cancer treatment, not even once (i realized that you survived 4 times) and sometimes they will just give up, pray to the god and let go.

do you have any messages to those people? also, how do you handle those treatment financially?

anyway, keep strong man! i'm the same age as you and can't even imagine if i'm in your position...

RJB13373 karma

Thank you fellow redditor. I have been blessed with great medical insurance so I don't have much medical debt. My message would be no matter how hard it seems, things can always be worse

bellinzonaposta3 karma

What support you go through it?

RJB13375 karma

Faith, Family and Friends, with those things, I can get through anything

Thinkalil3 karma

I'm curious as to what job you have. Do you work from home?

RJB13374 karma

I currently don't work, I get Social Security Disability Insurance, I am currently on the hunt for a job

iambluebeard3 karma

Have you experienced any personality change?

RJB13373 karma

Not that I am aware of, and friends and family haven't mentioned anything

TristanWolf3 karma

Firstly, thank you for sharing your story. I hope you remain cancer free. You're an inspiration.

  1. Did you ever lose hope? If so, what brought it back? If not, what do you attribute that to?
  2. What advice do you have for someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer?
  3. What was the most beautiful / inspiring moment during the ordeal, if there is one?
  4. What's it like to be awesome?

Thanks again.

RJB13372 karma

Everyone has their own issues mine are no worse than anybody else. I never lost hope. Thank you so much for your kind words

TristanWolf3 karma

To be clear about question #3.

I truly believe that there are moments, no matter how simplistic or random, in the midst of a horrible situation, that are the most beautiful moments because of the contrast. An example, for me, was a nurse holding my hand while I was going under anesthesia (nothing as serious as what you've gone through), which brought me peace. I never saw her again, it was completely random, and yet it sticks with me as an example of just how important taking a few seconds to treat people with compassion can mean.

I wasn't sure if you had anything like that.

Thank you very much for your answers, time, and wisdom.

RJB13372 karma

Sorry this is so late, your question kinda got lost. I am so glad you had an experience like that, I unfortunately have never had a experience like the one that you had

macsenscam3 karma

Have you tried any alternative therapies?

RJB13374 karma

I have not, I have just tried the mainstream treatment

wulfgar_beornegar3 karma

How is it possible to eat brain cancer 4 times? Did you get stronger every time you did it?

RJB13374 karma

The fourth time it kinda kicked my ass, I now have to use a walker to get around and I live with my folks again but I continue to get stronger each and every day

wulfgar_beornegar3 karma

Sorry, I meant it as a joke with the "eating" just in case you didn't catch it, and if you didn't, then I'm glad you're still going strong.

RJB13373 karma

Don't be sorry friend, I knew that you were joking, also its rather difficult to offend me

epic4evr113 karma

I can't imagine going through chemotherapy once, much less four times. Do you consider yourself the luckiest person ever?

RJB13377 karma

Not really, just blessed, blessed that I am not in debt, blessed that I have pretty much can take care of myself

Giggyjig3 karma

My grandma died due to the chemo (if she had never been diagnosed she may have lived a couple years longer) do you hate the chemo?

RJB13374 karma

I am truly sorry for that my friend, I don't hate it,chemotherapy definitely is terrible and horrible but it has saved me multiple times

Souphu3 karma

Would you consider yourself lucky (for surviving cancer 4 times -like a veteran soldier now, sorry have to joke around a bit), or unlucky for having cancer at all?

RJB13374 karma

Definitely lucky but I don't feel like I have done anything

Thedarkb3 karma

How do you believe all this pain fits into god's plan? i'm asking this honestly.

RJB13372 karma

Good question, I think people seeing my attitude and optimism towards the situation is an example of God's love and Glory

Blkdahlia2 karma

Do you look back at the person you were before all this change (and spiritual growth) happened and what would you tell yourself?

RJB13372 karma

I would tell myself, that you may seem like you are happy but you're not. I strayed away for a few years

sadeyegirl2 karma

Can you describe what it felt like to hear that you had cancer the first time? What thoughts were running through your head?

RJB13372 karma

I really didn't understand when I first heard, I was to young when I first heard, I knew I was sick, I just didn't know how sick

BeefHarbor2 karma

What keeps you positive in the face of so many recurrences?

RJB13376 karma

My faith in God and the idea that it can always be worse

SillyBlueberry2 karma

Have you ever experienced any psychological changes directly as a result of having a tumor? Have you heard of the strange cases where people act entirely differently because of brain cancer? One example of this is the man who became a pedophile when he had a tumor. After the removal, he was no longer sexually attracted to children. Are you afraid that something like that could happen?

RJB13374 karma

No thankfully not, I am blessed to be pretty much the same I have always been

Cfox942 karma

Did any of your senses change like taste or smell?

RJB13372 karma

Nope, thankfully, I still have all my senses still and they haven't changed, at least not yet

ionised2 karma

As you've grown up, has it become easier to restructure your life around your treatments, or harder?

Keep kicking butt, mate!

RJB13373 karma

Thanks friend, I really never had to restructure my life until this last time. It was difficult at first but now it's not so bad

Cogman1172 karma

Do you expect any more problems with cancer later in life?

RJB13373 karma

The doctors don't know, they don't expect any but there is always a chance. I have to worry about passing the genes on to my future kids though

maran9992 karma

How has this affected your view on life?

RJB13376 karma

It has made me appreciate life, and to realize it can always be worse, everyone has their own issues mine are no worse than anybody else

odhu2 karma

Did you have any interesting experiences when you were brain dead? Going into-and out of it, what was it like?

Stay strong and keep kicking ass.

RJB13374 karma

Thank you friend. I unfortunately have no stories, I don't remember anything

III_Cloud_III2 karma

How did the surgeons and your family react after and meanwhile you were "braindead"?

RJB13373 karma

My parents honestly thought I was gonna die,the doctor kept coming in and updating them and they thought was going to tell them that I had passed

MG872 karma

How is your eyesight now?

RJB13375 karma

Well I am actually blind in my left eye, but that was something I was born with. My right eye has almost perfect vision

LolaBischet2 karma

What's your personal experiences with doctors and nurses been? Have there been any times when you thought that your care could have been better? Did you get close with any caring staff whilst you were sick?

RJB13374 karma

I have had amazing interactions with almost all of my doctors and nurses,especially when I was in rehab for over 3 weeks

Cpt_Obvious12 karma

Is there anything cancer has taught you that you wished more people knew?

RJB13374 karma

It can always be worse, everyone has their own issues in life

adraj112 karma

Have you ever considered being a motivational speaker? Seems like you'd be an inspiration for many.

RJB13372 karma

I have actually but due to the brain damage I suffered, my speech isn't the best, so I am a little self concious about it

adraj111 karma

I completely understand. Perhaps consider investing in a language or speech therapist. IIRC there are options for cancer patients to recuperate their voice from the brain damage they've sustained. Again though, your story is so great and can be a huge encouragement to those in similar situations.

RJB13371 karma

Thank you for the information. My speech definitely has improved and continues to improve but it's definitely not what it used to be

Mathistoohard2 karma

Do you have a preference towards any type of hospital food after spending so much time there? I swear my mom might have given herself panic attacks so they'd call 911 and she could get hospital sandwiches.

RJB13372 karma

Breakfast food, when I was in rehab for over 3 weeks, I always looked forward to my French Toast and Bacon lol

Jade_Lance2 karma

As others have said, thank you for being here today. This question is entirely serious:

When you were brain-dead (or at any time), did you ever have an out-of-body experience? (What some people would call a near-death experience?)

RJB13372 karma

Thank you dear friend. I have been asked this question before, I wish I had a good story but alas I do not. I don't remember anything about the incident

lovetoujours2 karma

(I may be too late for this but) Congratulations on beating cancer so many times and I'll keep you in my thoughts! Did you ever have any therapy animals visit you in the hospital?

When I was younger, I had to have several operations and one of my best memories about the whole thing was having a St. Bernard visit me in the hospital. That and watching Indiana Jones for the millionth time when I couldn't sleep.

RJB13373 karma

Thanks for the kind words dear friend, I am so glad you got to have a wonderful memory like that. I actually only have had one therapy animal cone to visit. Where I was at the cancer center of America in Illinois, a dog came to visit my room and she was the sweetest dog ever, I was confined to my room for 3 weeks and Bailey was the first non nurse, non mom interaction I had, it really cheered me up

lovetoujours3 karma

I'm glad you had that! :) Therapy pets are the best, I think every hospital should be able to have them.

RJB13373 karma

I completely agree with you dear redditor

AnonymousXD22 karma

First off, congrats on beating cancer (brain cancer, no less) that many times, it takes a lot of strength (and luck, probably) to live through what you just did.

I'm very curious about your own perspective when it comes to what you've experienced. Are you mad/sad that you had to do this not once, but multiple times? Or are you glad that you've managed to come all this way despite your condition?

RJB13372 karma

I am definitely glad to have made it through this, I am so thankful that I am not more of a burden on my family, I am thankful for them and the strides I have made in life

users-are-important2 karma

In your opinion, what's the most important thing to keep in mind while dealing with something as horrible as you have during your experiences?

RJB13372 karma

I feel the most important thing to keep in mind is, it can always be worse, no matter how hard it may seem, it could always be worse, be thankful for what you do have

-dudeman2 karma

Have you ever heard of a cannabis-based remedy claimed to have strong anti-cancer properties called "Rick Simpson's oil"? Would you ever consider using it as part of a treatment plan or a preventative medicine regime?

RJB13374 karma

I have actually, I don't believe canabus can heal cancer, I do use it as a way to ease pain and such

WeAlreadyReddit2 karma

Do you think your mental/emotional reaction would have been different if your cancer(s) occurred later in life? For example, do you think it was easier to handle at a younger age because maybe you didn't fully understand the risks? Or would it be easier if you were first diagnosed in old age, because having done/seen/accomplished more in life would make those risks easier to accept? On a related note, did your original diagnosis make the subsequent ones easier or harder to handle ("Pfft, I beat this already" or "Fuck, not again!")?

RJB13372 karma

I think so, because I experienced it at such a young age I think I got desensitized to the C word

HornDogBrah2 karma

Do you eat ass?

RJB13372 karma

Maybe a cows? I am not really sure what the cut I like is

double--a2 karma

What is the advice that you would like to share to the whole world ever since you beaten all the 4 cancers?

RJB13372 karma

That no matter how hard it seems, it can always be worse

soylent_me2 karma

So after the second bout what made you decide to have tu mor?

Sorry, couldn't help it. But seriously, glad you're doing ok. It's hard to imagine how challenging that would've been.

RJB13372 karma

Well after the second bout, I waited 15 years but people stopped giving me sympathy, so I got it again, for the ladies

DonPromillo902 karma

I hope the question wasn't already asked:

How did you find out about your tumors (the one with 25 for example)? Headache? Dysfunctional movement, vision etc.? I'm just curious because to be honest I'm very afraid going to the doctor because of a headache and then he says something like "Yeah well... I need you to go to the radiology department immediately I think you might have a tumor"

RJB13372 karma

It was but I don't mind answering again, I was having massive headaches, everyday for about 2 weeks

tortillaandcheese2 karma

Have you ever had people call you a hero/praise you for having beaten the disease multiple times? How does it make you feel when someone talks that way?

RJB13372 karma

Yes I have been called a hero, I feel weird, I didn't do anything, the doctor did, the medicine did, I did nothing but sit there

deleteseverything2 karma

Sounds like you haven't really beaten it. Do you expect to need further treatment for additional cancer in future?

RJB13372 karma

No, as of right now, no other treatment is planned


How much of a part has your age been in fighting cancer so many times?

RJB13372 karma

Probably in total 6 years, so not too much

rudito22-4 karma

Are you staying on reddit even with the recent events?

RJB13375 karma

Yeah, I think I will still stay on here