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I've got a third degree burn on my left hand, specifically the thumb/palm. I definitely have to be careful with it in sunlight, like I either keep it in my pocket or slather on the sunblock. I also wear a cotton glove at night after I lotion it up to help keep it moisturized. There's the hand exercises I do to keep it as flexible as possible and maintain most of the mobility.

I can't imagine the PT that OP is going to have to go through. Burns are no joke, especially if hey get infected like mine did (fuckin' MRSA).

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Nah, don't be. My ass is fantastic, it makes up for having to sit when I pee.

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It's actually ridiculously easy. My first suppliers were friends who lived in the downstairs apartment. I'd had a panic attack at work and my husband had to come pick me up. She happened to be in the lobby when we entered and she saw me shaking, with gross puffy "obviously just cried" eyes. She told my husband "I don't care if your against it, she needs this. You can come pick her up in half an hour or so," and dragged me into her apartment and had me smoke with her. My husband, who really didn't like weed cause it was illegal , came to get me and saw how relaxed I was. It completely blew his mind and he felt bad for being judgemental of something that actually helped me.

So now he always makes sure I have a supply. It's useful for migraines, helping with sleep/anxiety, and I honestly believe I've gained weight from it. It helps get rid of that nausea you can get when you're overstressed.

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I just texted my fiance to ask him what he'd do if I ever start having a period again, and switch to a Moon Cup and it "spilled warm period chunks" on his dick.

"Would it be like the time I queefed on you during sex and you kept going, barely even noticed...or would this be more of a sex-ender?"

I'm curious as to what he'll say.