I live in the Middle East where police shoot dogs and leave them bleeding in the ditches. Civilians try to kill them for various reasons. I work with a charity called Omani Paws. We send dogs to other countries since almost no one sees dogs as pets. Its fun! It's sad! My heart gets ripped into shreds daily, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Ask Away!

My Proof: http://imgur.com/a/LD4f0 http://imgur.com/a/uxYN8 http://imgur.com/a/ik72f

Donation site http://www.petcaring.com/animal-rescue/omani-paws-/42593


(Thats my buzzfeed article)

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ThorTheNintendoGuy8 karma

Have you ever bonded a relationship to any dogs? Also, thank you for your amazing work.

inkazak6 karma

Yes! I actually just adopted one of my fosters. http://imgur.com/NnfjYhl and http://imgur.com/en2lInq

I also really liked the dog in the buzzfeed article that had all the ticks in his ear http://www.buzzfeed.com/inkazak99/5-adorable-rescue-dog-transformations-from-the-mid-18zqj

and the dog with the bullets in her body. Those two really stuck with me. http://imgur.com/a/ik72f

punktestern4 karma

I don't have a question, so I'll just thank you here for all the work you do!

And I really love the sheet of information on Leo's kennel for the flight, made me chuckle. X- P

inkazak3 karma

Thanks for the nice words brotha! Yeah the crates are cute sometimes!

Brad_Wesley7 karma

Since people in the middle east don't like dogs, what is the origin of the dogs in the first place? Do some people keep them as pets? Are they used as guard dogs?

inkazak11 karma

Good questions!

The most common type of dog (mixed and otherwise) that we see are called Salukis. I I recall correctly, the originated in Iran. At the time, they were used for hunting.

Yes! Some people keep them as pets! In fact, there is a woman that lives in town and has a dog that she keeps tied up to a 4 foot chain. In 120 degree weather I check on the dogs water almost daily. I found it to be empty one day and then when it was full it was stagnant and smelled like a pond. I knocked on her door (with a female friend) and asked her why she has the dog. She said it was for security because her husband is away alot. We gave her some advice and explained that she cant keep the dog like this. I was honestly tempted to give her a bottle full of the dogs, dirty, green slimy water and ask if she wanted to drink it. But that would have been unproductive.

Brad_Wesley8 karma

I've always liked the appearance of Salukis, how is their temperament?

inkazak9 karma

In my experience they are alert, cautious and incredibly intelligent dogs. They are also very playful and will OWN YOUR COUCH if you let them! You should adopt one from us!

Brad_Wesley6 karma

I am not in the position to at the moment. What do you charge though? What is the process like?

inkazak10 karma

Thanks for being honest! I always prefer it when people say "I dont have time" instead of adopting and then neglecting. We don't charge anything. So this means I'm always broke. We do ask for the new parents to consider donating, and we can get the dogs there quicker if they do.

What we do is ask our volunteers/members of our facebook group to let us know when they are traveling to America/England/ Germany and then we send the dogs as excess luggage. Its not a terribly complicated process but we are always tense until they land!

Brad_Wesley10 karma

So if i did adopt one day theoretically I pay nothing, and a volunteer takes the dog as excess luggage?

Anyway, I fly ~75,000 miles per year. I'll be in Europe in the fall. As a star alliance platinum I have 2 free bags. I'd be happy to take a dog somewhere.

inkazak5 karma

Right! We do not charge because our main concern is finding a good home. I wont lie, when someone does donate, it makes us feel comfortable because we know that if the dog had a health issue, they are able to come up with funds. If they cant, it tells us that they might not have the money for a vet visit or that they dont think the dog is worth it:(. And thank you so very much for your awesome offer. If you are ever in the Middle East, we may just take you up one that!

Blaculahunter5 karma

You're doing awesome work, and I love seeing the happiness on their faces. Do you have a donation site?

inkazak4 karma

Yah!! And yes the happiness on their faces makes this all worth it! http://www.petcaring.com/animal-rescue/omani-paws-/42593

unit_374 karma

What country has zero issues with their own unwanted dogs? Seems odd to ship dogs somewhere else that already has a surplus.

Aren't you just asking people to help these dogs and ignore other dogs?

inkazak6 karma

Hey. Great (and really common) question. So to answer your rhetorical question, there are very few places with no strays, however, you should check pit Germanys system for strays. There is a common joke that they have to import dogs because they dealt so efficiently with their strays. In most places in Germany it is illegal to euthanize a dog. I think it may even be all of Germany. to address your second question, we know there is a surplus of dogs in most countries. And it is so very sad. We could indeed euthanize all the dogs we rescue (because rehoming is really not an option ) but we are pledged to do everything we can. Another reason is that we do not necessarily view it as causing someone to ignore dogs state side. For many dog owners, it just clicks with a certain dog and that's that. So a person who is casually browsing dogs may just melt over one of our babies when they wouldn't have over any other dog. We think it would be ideal if we could trap neuter and release, but with the police shooting them and civilians smashing their heads in with cement blocks, we have to explore alternatives. We also try Tom simply see each as they are and focus on doing our best every dog we encounter.

inkazak3 karma

Please excuse the typos. Im not sure how to edit from my phone.

whoamulewhoa1 karma

Here in the U.S., we still kill a lot of dogs for homelessness, though according to the No-Kill community that's more an issue of shelter mismanagement than numerical overpopulation. Since you see the choice to take one of your dogs as not conflicting with the choice to home a needy local dog, do you feel the same about the choice to purchase from a reputable breeder?

Many people in the dog world are uncomfortable what you do; the CDC estimates around 300,000 dogs imported annually from overseas. Import laws were recently changed for stricter quarantine because we have seen rabies, distemper, and parasites coming in with some of them. I am guessing you avoid some of the USDA stuff by taking donations only?

With the high return rate in U.S. shelters, I'm concerned a lot of newbie dog owners bite off more than they can chew, and lack adequate support after purchase. But I'm pro-choice in terms of pet ownership, I agree with you that people choose different pets for different reasons, and I'm fond of indigenous sighthounds, so... can you tell us what your pre-shipping medical protocols are, and your stateside quarantine policy? What's your follow-up care like? Do you actively participate in the rehab and training of these dogs, once they're here? In what ways do you monitor long-term success? Do you offer lifetime rehoming support?

inkazak1 karma

Hi there. Great questions. Yes. You are correct, there are sometimes questions and conflicts from shelter owners. This is very rare though. I think most rescuers don't see borders when it comes to saving lives. We take what we can when we can.

As for the question about breeders. If it was simply a question of ownership then I dont think anyone would have problems with breeders. However, it is far more complicated than simply "breeders take homes from shelter dogs". Buy paying someone exorbitant prices for dogs the consumer turns the lives of the dogs into a commodity which results in a profit focused transaction. So to sum up, no. I do not support breeding or purchasing from breeders for various reasons.

We do not avoid any USDA regulations. All of our dogs are over 3 months and they are all vaccinated against rabies / distemper as well as being dewormed and deticked before shipment. Your statistic that 300,000 dogs are imported per year may not be as accurate as you think. This is based upon estimation because there are no organizations of systems that keep track of the number of imported dogs. Also, I would venture to guess (admittedly, a guess) that a dog imported under the age of 3 months is more likely to be "omg cute puppy x from country y that is soo fascinating and exotic"

Sure. Our preshipping protocols involve an initial checkup immediately upon the animals rescue - most often around a year before they are sent overseas. Over the next year , they are sterilized, receive vaccinations and regular checkups. Unless a dog is ill there is no need for quarantine. As far as follow up care, we usually establish relationships with rescue groups in the country where we ship. These rescue groups (because they are located in the same country as the new owner) are most actively involved in aftercare. However, we also stay in touch with the new owners and to date, we have not had to deal with rehoming (the exception is when we rehome dogs here because people are quicker to return and generally do not understand how to care for a dog). As far as rehab and training, that takes place here in our foster homes.

Thanks for some great questions and sharing what is a somewhat common viewpoint on rehoming animals overseas.

unit_37-7 karma

It sounds like you are just going to rehome a few dogs and never really put a dent into the problem of strays.

Meanwhile you are doing nothing to help fix the culture problem.

I just think people who donate to a charity can find charities that do a lot more than just ship a few dogs to other countries.

inkazak3 karma

Thank you for being concerned and understanding the true nature of the problem. We do indeed spend alot of time and resources working with the local population. We Especially work with children. If you would like to check out our work with the locals feel free to spend some time on our facebook page. We do much more than just "ship a few dogs to other countries ". We still trap neuter and release despite many of them being shot afterwards. We also have an application in the ministry of agriculture so that we can get permission to hold a protest. Thank you for showing how information can so easily be overlooked on the internet.

nose252 karma

How are you so polite? I need to know, because I would have just opened up the rage on this guy.

inkazak2 karma

Ha. Well you might be one of the few people who think im polite. Unit 37 can say what he wants as long as he doesnt hurt an animal. But i guess the real answer is that when i am in the context of animal rights, i always try to react in a way that will result in the most amount of good for the cause. Maybe it sounds cheesy but when people really care about something, i think there are two options. Be overrun by passion (which still happens to me alot.. especially on my private fb page) or let every choice be dictated by the question "how will this affect my goals"

nose251 karma

I can't imagine doing what you do. I would probably die inside after a few days. How do you manage?

inkazak2 karma

There is alot of self talk involved. When horrible things happen, i cant dwell on them. I have to remind myself that I am doing everything I can and that dwelling would just distract me from the next "mission". I also snuggle the fuck out of my dogs on the really rough days.

kagrrakid4 karma

Are there any restrictions around sending dogs to other countries? Do the dogs have to be quarantined or anything? I guess, what's the process?

inkazak4 karma

Hi - Good question. There are some restrictions and this depends on the country. America is pretty easy, especially compared to say South Africa. Germany for example requires a blood test before the dog can enter the country. The blood test confirms that the dog is vaccinated (specifically against rabies). If a dog is visibly sick, then it must be quarantined. We have never had that happen, but if someone tried to bring a dog with no paperwork, then it would be quarantined at the owners expense.

lumenenth3 karma

Why do they have such a lack of respect for life in the middle east?

inkazak8 karma

This is tough and good! question and I am not a very PC person. I will say that animal cruelty happens everywhere, however, even the people I work with admit that there is a problem here. Many people who live here believe that dogs are unclean and site religious reasons for their fear and disrespect. That being said, we have plenty of folks who are fighting hard to make things better.

ChanceVance3 karma

How do you keep your emotions in check working a job like this? I imagine it must be both sad to see what kind of cruelty the Dogs go for but also rewarding to see them given another chance at life
In any event keep up the good work

inkazak12 karma

It is tough sometimes. I had a very tragic encounter with a kitten that left me traumatized. I heard a kitten meowing and I went around an alley to just make sure it was okay. I found a kitten hanging onto the edge of an open sewer so I backed off. Just as I did, the cat dropped into the sewer - it was about 50 feet deep until it hit the sewage which was 10 feet deep. There was a ladder, so I scrambled down as quickly as I could as the people stared and laughed. As I made my way down, the last 10 feet of the ladder broke off under me and I was dangling with just my arms holding on. I had to make a decision and that was to go back up the ladder. I desperately tried to shove a long plastic pipe down the sewer. I could here it paddling and paddling and trying to stay alive. I kept trying to get the pipe down there but it was dark and i couldnt see anything. I ran to my car to get a flashlight saying to myself "Please hang on, please hang, please hang on" When I came back he was floating on the top of the sewage. I still tried to get him out so I could resuccitate him. I failed. It was miserable. I cried in my car for about a week after that. So yes, there are so many hard times. So many. But I cant just ignore the problem. And yes it can be rewarding especially when we are successful.

Thecna23 karma

I see you havent been neutered yet, thats a bit irresponsible isn't it? I work for a rescue service here in Australia, did 800kms today picking up dogs and cats from country pounds for rehoming in a big city, probably another 700 tomorrow. So I appreciate the work you do. Its a lot easier here where a significant majority of people appreciate animals and respect them. You wont get many of your animals down here to Australia in a hurry though. quarantines pretty tough unless you can get them fostered in the USA first for 6 months. Good luck with everything, I've liked your FB page.

inkazak2 karma

hahahah. Yes. irresponsible indeed. Thank you for the work YOU are doing. If you have contacts we are always searching for people who would like to foster or adopt our dogs or cats. Do you have a page we could check out?

Thecna22 karma

Its mainly an Australian group, and like I said our quarantine rules are ferocious. My sister got a Soi Dog from Thailand and that was only allowed in after 6months of being fostered in the US first,then a month of quarantine here. But its Pet's Haven Animal Shelter on Facebook (spelled exactly that way).

inkazak2 karma

Cool! Thanks. Even if we cant send dogs, its always nice to be involved with other groups!

unit_37-7 karma


punktestern4 karma

I see you havent been neutered yet

Look at the photos. ;- ) Especially the last one here: http://imgur.com/a/uxYN8

unit_37-3 karma


kagrrakid3 karma

If you look at the last photo, all the dogs are labeled neutered and the OP is facetiously labeled as not neutered. The exchange was in reference to himself, not the dogs.

unit_37-4 karma

You are not the OP, I will believe the OP over you citing a single photo.

inkazak4 karma

Ah, unit 37, I think you need to slow your roll and read a little more carefully. Through quite a few of my posts, I have mentioned that we spay and neuter dogs and cats. My response "Irresponsible indeed" Was after the poster said "I see YOU havent been neutered yet". Reading skills are paramount, brother.

NoblesseOblige33 karma

Has there been any moment in your job that makes you wish that you had a different occupation?

inkazak4 karma

Yes. When I see people going into the fancy ass first class section and I realize I will never go there because I spend my time and money elsewhere. hehe. But yeah, sometimes I wish I didnt care. That would be like suicide though. My pain would end, but the people (and by people I mean animals) around me would suffer.

VixusSnowpaw2 karma

Hello inkazak, First of all thank you for the amazing work that you do. I used to be a volunteer for the Dutch 'Dierenambulance' (Similar to the RSPCA).

How did you bring this plan to fruition and how long have you been doing this work? Where do I sign up? :)

inkazak3 karma

Hey! Thanks for the great compliment and good for you for working with animals! To bring it to fruition has honestly been lots of pushing pushing pushing. We just never give up. People tell me all the time I cant save them all, but If I try to save them all, at least some will make it.

If you want to help, feel free to join our page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Omani-Paws/453369938095862?fref=ts) - Im not sure if I can share the donation link on reddit but its listed there, and that really helps. We are actually in the middle of sending a saluki mix named kom to America. Here is a short video of him. He has a huge scar on his head where we someone reportedly smashed a cement block.


VixusSnowpaw3 karma

Hi, thank you for your quick reply. I was more interested in the whole story rather than a summary of 'we pushed and pushed and never gave up.. ;) -- Anyway, thank you again and keep doing what you're doing!

inkazak2 karma

Ohhh! Ill type the whole story now!!

inkazak14 karma

So. I moved to the Middle East about 5 years ago. When I first got here, I will admit I thought it was bizarre that I never saw anyone walking their dogs. I knew very little about the Middle East or its culture. i looked it up online and read that many people in the Middle East disliked dogs. I had a dog back home and arranged to have him sent to me (heres a picture Imgur I know- he's awesome. I rescued him in South Korea) So when he got here, I naturally took him for walks and I was flabbergasted by the response. Peoples first reaction (especially children) was to pick up rocks or sticks or anything from the ground and throw things at him! I was so angry. This happened day and day out. People tried to kick him, teenagers barked (yes actually barked) at him. When I talked to people about dogs, they would just tell in broken English. "not good, not clean, very dangerous" No one ever tried to pet him.

I found two stray dogs that lived in wadi (desert area) near my house. I let them sleep in my yard at night and then they would jump the gate during the day. I fed them, neutered them and kept them safe (so i thought) One day, a dog that I was feeding came back with a bullet wound in his neck. I was outraged. The police laughed at me and the people in my neighborhood said "who cares, its just a dog" Again, I was livid and angry and outraged. But I knew that I could either choose hate or love (my hatred for this behaviour could win and I could just be angry, or my love for animals could win and I could get my ass to work) I got my ass to work. I started a facebook group, I collected money from my coworkers to spay cats and dogs, and then I combined my group with another group. We worked to rehome as many dogs as possible, but because people do not see dogs as pets, we started looking into other options.

We realized that it wasnt so hard (but it was a bit pricey) to send dogs abroad. We started checking for people who were flying and asking around, when we found someone that was flying, we would ask them to let us send dogs as excess luggage. Most people agree because its a good cause. Now our biggest challenge is spreading the word. We are also trying to get the police to stop shooting - unfortunately most of the locals think this is a good thing. You can check my post history and see two examples of that from my post to /r/Oman. This happens all day long. Instead of spay and neuter, the police just shoot them. We have to change the attitudes first though, so I try to stay positive. Try!

XaeroR351 karma

What is the best way to fly a dog? I am moving and having trouble because some airlines will not fly them during hot summer months.

inkazak1 karma

Are you traveling nationally within the states? Also which breed of dog do you have? Some airlines have restrictions on the types of dogs that can fly.

XaeroR351 karma

I am travelling from Texas to Arizona with my Golden Retriever.

inkazak1 karma

Hey - I did some research and looks like American Airlines is your best bet. http://www.aa.com/i18n/travelInformation/specialAssistance/pets.jsp

They do have temperature restrictions but not date restrictions. Here is some info I found. If that fails, you can try these guys :) http://www.petrelocation.com/

[deleted]1 karma


inkazak4 karma

Hi! Yes. We only send the dog (and cats too actually!) If there is a guaranteed placement or foster home. We only book their ticket after that happens!

doh_ers2 karma

Awesome! Is there as much of an issue with mistreatment of cats as there is with dogs?

inkazak4 karma

Not as much. People usually just neglect, hit or throw rocks at stray cats. They do not seem to go out of their way to hunt them down like they do with dogs.