Hey guys! I'm looking forward to answer any questions you may have about my career as a boxer, what I'm currently doing, etc! Ask away!

For those of you who don't know, I am an Olympic Gold Medalist -boxer in the 1976 Olympics and won world titles in five weight divisions.

I'm currently an analyst for Premier Boxing Champions on NBC and doing an amazing campaign with SKECHERS brand.

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EDIT: Thank you guys for joining me on this AMA today! I had fun and it was great to answer your questions. That's all the time I have for today, but we'll do it again soon. Be sure to follow me on my Social Media Channels and I can always engage with you there! Thanks! https://twitter.com/SugarRayLeonard/status/610915746147794944

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JBSLB930 karma

Hey Sugar Ray, if you could fight (box) one person dead or alive who would it be and why?

sugarrayleonard763470 karma


Because I could beat you ;)

Petrol_in_my_eyes690 karma

hey champ!

What did you think of the Pac/Mayweather fight?

sugarrayleonard762002 karma

I was expecting more. But in regards to Mayweather, he fought his fight. But there was no memorable moments in the fight.


Thanks for taking the time to do this ama!

Who hit you the hardest?

Would you have beaten hagler earlier on in his career?

sugarrayleonard761716 karma

Internal Revenue.....LOL

But really, Tommy Hearns hit me the hardest.

As for Hagler, of course! I would have been younger as well! I didn't fight for at least 3 years before I fought him.


Thanks so much for the reply, you're a legend!

sugarrayleonard76479 karma

Of course!

justin_MC420 karma

How does it feel to be referenced in an episode of Seinfeld??

sugarrayleonard76446 karma

It was funny!

ToTheDark413 karma

Is there a single match you look back on and think, "This was my greatest"? If so, which one was it?

sugarrayleonard76761 karma

They all had significance to me; Hearns in 1981, Duran 'No Mas' in 1980, Hagler in 1987, etc. Yet, if I had to choose one, it would be Hearns in 1981 because it was for all the marbles; being the Undisputed Welterweight Champ!

4to6340 karma

Do you ever feel bad about psyching out Roberto Duran to such a degree that he shamed himself in front of the entire world?

sugarrayleonard76618 karma

No, because he gave me my first loss. But we truly are friends now.

radams5000284 karma

Everything I know about boxing comes from movies, which probably aren't the most accurate portrayals of the sport. What are some movies that get it right? And, what boxing movies are just plain wrong?

sugarrayleonard76556 karma

The movies that gets it right is 'Raging Bull', 'Million Dollar Baby', 'Rocky', 'Real Steel', 'Hurricane', and I heard great things about the upcoming movie, 'Southpaw' with Jake Gyllenhaal.

HyperShot12255 karma

Who are your greatest influences and idols?

sugarrayleonard76542 karma

Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, Bruce Lee, and Elvis Presley.

lmi6234 karma

Hello, Mr. Leonard! How's your day going? Also, what were the Olympic Village and winning the Olympics like, and what do you consider to be your career-defining moment(s)? Thank you!

sugarrayleonard76394 karma

I'm doing fine, I hope you're doing well also!

The Olympic experience was priceless. The Olympic Village was a castle of the world's best athletes..in all sports! It was an amazing experience to be with them. Winning the Olympics was a dream come true for me. It took me 8 years to get there, because I also tried in the 1972 Olympics.

As for my career-defining moment, it would have to be beating Tommy Hearns in 1981 to be the Undisputed Welterweight Champ!

lmi696 karma

I'm great, thanks! :) Also, thanks for responding!

sugarrayleonard76187 karma

Not a problem!

MasterExploder6173 karma

Hey Sugar Ray I have a few questions. I once heard an interview where you said before each one of your losses you looked at yourself in the mirror and knew you were not going to win that night. Can you explain that mindset a little bit more? Also when did you first get into Bruce Lee and have you studied martial arts outside of boxing?

sugarrayleonard76330 karma

I always looked in the mirror before a fight. It's an image and an attitude. And you have to have the right attitude to beat anybody. I always looked myself in the eyes, and if I saw Sugar Ray Leonard...I can beat anybody.

I've always watched Bruce Lee back in the 70's, and I started Tae Kwon Do before.

AHarmlessFly153 karma

Any advice on beating the hell out of a childhood bully?

sugarrayleonard76747 karma

You've got to be better than that. Walk away with your head high and be the bigger person. If it really effects you, speak with a family member or friends about it.

oedimoose144 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA. I'm afraid I know very little about you, other than you are a world famous boxer. Could you tell us a fact about yourself that we probably do not know?

sugarrayleonard76455 karma

I'm a father of four kids; 14, 18, 31, 41. Also have 6 grandkids! I have a foundation to raise funds and awareness for the cure of Diabetes. We aim to help kids live a healthier life through diet and exercise. And I wear Skechers ;)

Here's a link to the Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation: http://www.sugarrayleonardfdn.org/

lcdodger139 karma

Thank you for doing to IAMA, who had the harder punch-Hagler, DurĂ¡n or Hearts?

sugarrayleonard76216 karma

They all hurt, but Tommy had the power!

lcdodger73 karma

Thank you, sorry for misspelling Hearns, damn autocorrect lol

sugarrayleonard76171 karma

Hahah, no worries!

FrenchQuaker132 karma

What are your feelings on Sugar K Leonard?

sugarrayleonard76150 karma

He's an great player, and such a great defensive player. He's young with a lot of talent and he has a lot of potential!

RealGreat25129 karma

Hello! Who do you think is the best boxer right now (besides Mayweather and Pacquiao)?

sugarrayleonard76500 karma

I think the best boxer right now would have to be GGG.

Keith_Creeper128 karma

Sugar! How did you become such a bad dude?

sugarrayleonard76312 karma

Determination, my man.

GoldenIvan106 karma

You're one of the all time bests Sugar Ray! All-time greatness.

How much of your hand speed was inherent natural ability versus practicing to be fast?

How much work did you put in to make your hand speed deliver more power?

I bet you can still move like slippery snake!!

Great to see you on reddit Champ! Fantastic.

sugarrayleonard76179 karma


You can't make speed, speed is a gift in my opinion. Speed is power, but it is also leverage. Knowing how to properly execute the punches and that's why an extensive amateur career is so valuable.

iBleeedorange102 karma

Who would you rather fight, Mayweather or Pacquiao?

sugarrayleonard76714 karma

Both of them together.......totaling $600 million for me. ;)

shouldbeworking2396 karma

DO you think Mayweather is the greatest fighter of all time?

sugarrayleonard76384 karma

Floyd Mayweather is definitely up there, in my opinion. But, Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson are on the top of the list!

donotbelieveit2 karma

If not Mayweather, who?

Knight-in-Gale2 karma


N8theGr82 karma

Genuflect, show some respect, down on one knee

sugarrayleonard767 karma

The top two in my book are Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson!

78aweshucks90 karma

Do you suffer from memory loss?

sugarrayleonard76470 karma

Wait..what did you say? ;)

billberge73 karma

One of the best punches I saw you throw was at Al Bundy. What was it like knocking him out?

sugarrayleonard76132 karma

You're right, it was my best televised knockout! ;)

bozobozo68 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur?

sugarrayleonard76142 karma


vcr9964 karma

What life lessons have box given you?

sugarrayleonard76259 karma

There are no shortcuts to success.

DarkHuman2263 karma

So Leonard, Ali or Tyson?

sugarrayleonard76198 karma

Ask Mike.

akdigitalism59 karma

What was the hardest hit you've ever taken in your life and can you describe what you felt at that time?

sugarrayleonard76164 karma

Tommy Hearns in 1981. You don't feel the punch, in my opinion. It's like being in a car crash. You don't feel the immediate effects, but you'll definitely feel it a few days later!

SanAntonioBarracuda47 karma

Do you think Sugar Shane Mosely has any more of a claim to the Sugar nickname because "Sugar Shane" rhymes with "Sugar Cane" while Sugar Ray doesnt rhyme with anything that I can think of that directly relates to sugar? Not to say that you and Ray Robinson havent earned the right to be called whatever you wish (of course you have) but do you think Sugar Shane has any stronger of claim because of the rhyme?

sugarrayleonard76104 karma

Sugar Shane represents 'Sugar' well, but there's no stronger claim because of the rhyme.

15Tango2044 karma

What do you think about the similarities between Mayweather/Pacquiao fight and your fight with Hagler?

Pacquiao being the ineffective aggressor (Hagler) and Mayweather being defensive, do you agree with the judges scoring?

sugarrayleonard76118 karma

The hype was very similar, but the Mayweather/Pacquiao definitely had more hype because of the social media and all the digital media channels. It was able to reach a lot more people.

I believe the judging was fine. There wasn't any controversy in that fight.

A_solitary_sock44 karma

Why did you start boxing, enjoyment? Defence? Money? Etc.

sugarrayleonard76116 karma

I started boxing for enjoyment. I was trying to please my big brother, Roger.

NicolasCageHairClub41 karma

Roberto Duran, "No mas." Thoughts on this? Feelings at the time?

sugarrayleonard7694 karma

It was a bizarre moment, and very shocking to the world.

DarkHuman2241 karma

Hey Ray, was it hard back then to start your pro career and is it different nowadays?

sugarrayleonard7678 karma

It was easier because of my TV exposure in the Olympics. Unless you've had some TV exposure nowadays, it's a little harder to become pro and get paid.

ILoveBeerSoMuch38 karma

How did it feel announcing your retirement due to your detached retina after such an illustrious career? Was it hearns that knocked your retina out?

sugarrayleonard7684 karma

Being so young, in my 20s and at the peak of my career, it was heartbreaking and scary. But it all worked out in the end!

I believe the injury started with Marcos Geraldo in 1979 in Baton Rouge, LA.

notorious_kjk37 karma

More proud of your accomplishments as a boxer or dancer?

sugarrayleonard76114 karma

I prefer boxing.

kevalopolis34 karma

Who would have won in a fight between you and Sugar Ray Robinson? Also, why is Sugar such a popular nickname for boxers?

sugarrayleonard7692 karma

'Sugar' would have won? I've never really thought about that, but it definitely is a popular nickname.

Rebe1Scum28 karma

Have you made many trips back into Canada since the '76 Olympics? How did you like the Montreal area?

sugarrayleonard7659 karma

I've been to Toronto a couple of times, but it's been a while. I loved Montreal; people, food, city.

TurnMeOnline42028 karma

Thanks for the AMA... How do you feel about the current boxers now a days? And does Danny Garcia have any chance at fighting Mayweather?

sugarrayleonard7639 karma

There's definitely talent out there. They just need the TV exposure and they need more activity.

I like Danny, but who knows. We'll have to see!

Vettelaw28 karma

Mr. Leonard,

Big fan of your work. my questions: 1) Have you watched footage of your fight with Tommy Hearns? 2) Do you believe that the stoppage was warranted?

Thanks! p.s. your battles with Duran were epic.

sugarrayleonard7650 karma

Whenever I'm feeling bad....yes I do!

As for the stoppage...ask Tommy ;)

ThatRandomSportsFan26 karma

What's your stance on stairs?

sugarrayleonard7656 karma

I like doing them, it's a great cardio workout!

oedimoose24 karma

If you could start you career over, with the knowledge you have now, is there anything you'd have done differently?

sugarrayleonard7665 karma

No, nothing at all. I feel that where I am today is a blessing.

rkip520 karma

Who did you want to win? Manny or Floyd?

sugarrayleonard76114 karma

The best fighter.

sugeknight10 karma

What do you think of the quality of fights the PBC has been airing as of late? I like that the fighters are all pretty well know, but I can't say these fights have been real nail biters, usually they seem to be pretty lop-sided.

sugarrayleonard7625 karma

They have all been exciting fights and been evenly contested. These fighters are all on a bigger platform than they could have ever imagined, being on NBC - free television. Sometimes the nerves get in the way of their talents!

oedimoose4 karma

When the nickname 'Sugar' was first mentioned, were you worried it was a little effeminate?

sugarrayleonard7626 karma

No, not at all. Being 'Sweet as Sugar' is good stuff.

SuaveMF3 karma

As long as they're in the same weight class, shouldn't males and females be able to box each other professionally?

sugarrayleonard7635 karma

No, the reason being...it's the physicality.

sugarrayleonard766 karma

I don't need to, I've got a wife :). But I love the video!