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I have only gotten into trouble with the law twice in my life. The first was a minor in consumption of alcohol charge when small town cops busted a group of 10 or so of us guys having a bonfire and drinking out in the desert. I requested a breathalyzer as i hadn't drank anything and was not in possession of alcohol myself. Cops refused, gave me and a few of us tickets and sent us on our way. Turns out the guys with the beer that got held back were released with nothing when the cops found out of the kids was a cop's son. But on my police report the officer wrote that I admitted to drinking, and every lawyer said I was fucked and told me to just plead no contest. I did.

The second time was last year in LA during a big wine walk downtown. LAPD swooped in because of Occupy people chalking the sidewalk, ordered the thousands of people to disperse, and when I walked up to the cops asking what happened because i'd been in a bar down the road and missed the whole thing, they beat the shit out me, charged me with felony resisting, lied about me trying to headbutt and elbow the officers in the face, and threw me in county jail. I spent a year and $12,000 fighting it, and when the DA saw the video of the incident during jury selection they dropped it to a disturbing the peace infraction.

So basically I'm batting 1000 for cops lying and being utter pieces of shit. I know leave wherever I am if they show up, and I see them as worse than any true criminals I've ever dealt with. OP, you're better off not being in that profession. So I guess my question would be what else do you want to do?

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You have made some of the most successful and best films of the last 30 years, or ever for that matter. Where do you want to see the feature film industry go? That could include, but is not limited to, the stories being told, digital vs film, 24 vs 48 fps, reboots, IMAX, you name it. Thanks for,the AMA!

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I am white.

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Roberto Duran, "No mas." Thoughts on this? Feelings at the time?