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Did you hear that Dan Aykroyd named you as one of his favorite SNL cast members when he was on Stern this week? Who are some of yours?

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Who would have won in a fight between you and Sugar Ray Robinson? Also, why is Sugar such a popular nickname for boxers?

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Hypothetical situation: You go out for drinks with your NFL Network crew. Which of the crew: 1) Declines to attend? 2) Is the life of the party? 3) Is still out long after you've decided to call it a night?

Also, can you have The Worm and Mooch on your show again to talk/argue about the NYG/SF Wild Card game in 2003? As a Giants fan, that was cathartic.

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Any specific reason why you quit Bang Bang?

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Can we expect new material on the KITH tour? What's it like whenever you guys get back together?