Hi all, Blake Anderson here in NYC with my Dope castmates....

proof: http://imgur.com/Uj9gAhb

You may know me from Workaholics…and I’m super excited about my new film called DOPE. You can catch it in theaters starting next Thursday, June 18th. Hope you all can check it out- it’s pretty badass if I do say so myself. Watch the restricted DOPE Movie trailer here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzm-SwQfYqo and this clip featuring yours truly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H51LteiwL4A&feature=youtu.be


(Victoria's helping me out on the phone too)

Alright. Thanks for all the weird questions. I'm gonna go drink a beer and watch the New York premiere of DOPE, make sure you watch it when it comes out June 19th. It's a good movie. I play Will, the cyber-hustler. And I'm trademarking "cyber-hustler." It doesn't say that in the script, I just made that up.

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cody_p24542 karma

Why is Anders wearing a boot in this scene? It's from the "Dragon Tattoo" episode http://i.imgur.com/43E8K.jpg

BlakeAndersonHere1515 karma


It's from a scene that got cutout where we're all in the cubicle, and we talk about how high we are, and Anders denies it, and then we say "Dude, you're wearing a cowboy boot and a Teva" and he's like "Oh shit."

Cunhabear466 karma

Do you call morning sex a "Wake and Blake?"

BlakeAndersonHere828 karma

Um... no. I only have sex at night.

Like a vampire.

Rapetar411 karma

What are the chances of that crossover with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia happening?

BlakeAndersonHere628 karma

I don't know what the chances are, but I know we're both down to do it. I just know it's a pain in the ass to link up schedules and writers' rooms, I guess.

sparticussword404 karma

How do you keep your hair looking so good and do you keep stuff in it?

BlakeAndersonHere2102 karma

I don't. I let it air dry. I don't got a top on my Jeep.

It's just beautiful American wind that's swept through my hair.

That's the only product I use. American Wind.

Staying_Anon385 karma

What's the whole story behind the breaking your back jumping off a roof thing? I didn't realize Workaholics was a documentary..

BlakeAndersonHere616 karma

Ummm....I can't remember. I was pretty drunk.

But trust me, I didn't expect for that to happen.

reddit_dude_71296 karma

When I first saw you I thought you were Dave the Lighting Guy. Do you forgive me?

BlakeAndersonHere486 karma

I don't know what that means. And no, I don't forgive you.

ImRichieDagger253 karma

Hi Blake! How was it being a part of Parks & Rec?

BlakeAndersonHere627 karma

Parks & Rec was cool. Pretty much like any other network set. Adam Scott was real cool, and it was great to watch Chris Pratt work. That dude's a star for a reason.

helgiloga242 karma

Hey Blake, thanks for doing this AMA, I am a huga fan of Workaholics.

How much of the show is written on the spot?

BlakeAndersonHere546 karma

Written on the spot, as in improvised?

It varies. But we like to say 37.8%.

AboveAverageBro235 karma

Did you keep the bear coat?

BlakeAndersonHere411 karma

No. I didn't. That's locked away in a Comedy Central vault.

CBARKLEY194 karma

Besides workaholics what are some of your favorite tv shows at the moment?

BlakeAndersonHere761 karma

Well, I like LAST MAN ON EARTH. I love LAST MAN STANDING, starring Tim Allen, that's my favorite show of all time. I recently just started watching season one of MAD MEN, and I'm liking that. GAME OF THRONES, that's got some cool shit. What else? RICK AND MORTY.

peoplemovement194 karma

I saw DOPE the other night and .... HOW WAS IT KISSING CHANEL IMAN?!? #DIED

BlakeAndersonHere341 karma

Let's just say... ohhhh my god.

DivideAndConker184 karma

I'm in NYC, too. Wanna grab a slice of pizza and a few beers? I'll pay!

Now for the question; Favorite video game and why? How's Bored Teenager doing?

Much love, homie.

BlakeAndersonHere279 karma

I would, but I'm kinda busy while I'm out here. But maybe we'll run into each other, who knows?

Favorite video game? There was this game on Super Nintendo called METAL WARRIORS that was frikkin' radical. It was amazing. You could like, eject out of your robot and fly into other ones. It was so sick.

DivideAndConker126 karma

Sounds good!

Thanks for responding, I have to go back to teaching 3rd grade now.

BlakeAndersonHere271 karma

Power to the People! Knowledge is Power!

3amjosh173 karma

What's your favorite part of a computer?

BlakeAndersonHere1049 karma

Whatever part I can stick my dick in.

stask683158 karma

How were you approached about doing the Major Lazer video with Terry Crews? Thanks

BlakeAndersonHere193 karma

My buddy Brandon, the guy who directed it, he just emailed me and asked me if I'd do it. And yeah. It sounded cool. A buncha cool people attached. I said why the heck not?

SweatyHamFat151 karma

Does your parents watch Workaholics and how do they feel about the content of it?

BlakeAndersonHere410 karma

They do. They love it. It made their son a lot of money, so why not?

jbluntt147 karma

Whats the worst thing you've done to Waymond?

BlakeAndersonHere476 karma

I don't fuck with Waymond. He'll beat your ass. He's like, ex-military.

fl0ppyfish127 karma

How much do you like pizza? And what is your favorite toppings. Does it change when sober or inebriated?

BlakeAndersonHere249 karma

I love pizza.

It's delicious.

I like jalapeño pineapple and probably ham, if I can get that on it.

And pretty much goes that way drunk or sober.

I also like BBQ chicken pizza too. I like all pizzas.

rocker2014125 karma

Hey Blake!

Big Workaholics fan.

What's one of your best memories while still living in the Workaholics house that most people don't know?

Also, when is Ders gonna show up on Community because you and Adam have, haha.

BlakeAndersonHere459 karma

The best memories are probably ones when chicks came over. But that was very rare. So there's not many that stick out.

Never. He's not good enough for Community.

IKingJeremy118 karma

Have you ever considered growing a beard to go along with the mustache?

BlakeAndersonHere454 karma

I consider it every single day.

And I cry myself to sleep about it, because unfortunately my genetics don't allow me to grow a damn beard.

I am considering getting implants though. I've heard that's a real thing.


ironmoses117 karma

Hi Blake! Big fan. Think you'll ever do a movie with Adam and Ders?


BlakeAndersonHere343 karma

Yeah. Absolutely. 100%. We are currently writing one. And hopefully that will just be one of many.

HiImCIA93 karma

Tell me about Bane. Why does he wear the mask?

BlakeAndersonHere199 karma

Actually, I don't know too much about the DC Universe.

So Bane? I don't know.

All I know is he broke Batman's back, and I feel for Batman, so screw Bane.

NorbitGorbit91 karma

what is the strangest acting tip you've gotten from a fellow actor, and what's the worst?

BlakeAndersonHere258 karma

One time at Comic-Con, Bill Paxton told all of us to "Be yourself, don't try to be funny."

I don't know if that was good or bad advice, but i hold it near and dear to my heart.

cody_p2475 karma

Any advice for people wanting to write comedy?

BlakeAndersonHere120 karma

I guess... it's all a matter of just keep doing it, I guess?

dimplejuice66 karma

When was the last time you ghost rode the whip? East Bay 4 life.

BlakeAndersonHere82 karma

On Workaholics, on the "We Be Clowning" episode, I think that was the most recent ghostriding.

beernerd64 karma

At what point did you first realize you were really famous?

BlakeAndersonHere202 karma

I don't think I have realized that yet. Am I really famous?

PizzaFace3352 karma

How do I find Happiness? Also who's your favorite wrassler?

BlakeAndersonHere162 karma

I think happiness is found...huh.

That's a really deep one.

I think that happiness is found through other people, you know? Friendships. Enjoying this time with the people who are on earth with you.

And my favorite wrassler? Probably Hollywood Hulk Hogan. With Buff Bagwell as a close second.

Ganthamus_prime50 karma

Id first like to thank you for your amazing show and say Workaholics is the best combination of office space and it's always sunny, where do you guys gets all your material from? Are any of you like your TV personalities?
Take it sleazy

BlakeAndersonHere70 karma

You know, we get our material from everywhere, whether from real life or our crazy brains. And yeah, I think all our characters have at least a little bit of our real selves that come through. I think we're pretty relatable to our dudes.

Orphan_Babies50 karma

If the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were forced to fight to the death, who would win?

BlakeAndersonHere156 karma

Oh damn.

I mean... part of me wants to say Raph, because he's just got SO much built-up anger. But I think when push comes to shove, Leonardo... I don't want to see the angry side of Leonardo. He's definitely the most well-trained.

meestawong49 karma

Who is the funniest cast member on Workaholics?

BlakeAndersonHere182 karma

I mean, everybody's so funny. I mean, I don't even count Adam and Ders, but when they go off and do other stuff, they're really funny... Kyle is super funny, he cracks me up. That's a tough one. Everybody's really funny on the show.

Waymond's not funny in real life.

Just kidding.

I'm changing my answer to Waymond Lee.

terribly_uncreative39 karma

Who is your favorite actor/actress to work with and why?

BlakeAndersonHere143 karma

Jack Black. But I think that's just because he was so cool. I had a pretty big expectation built up in my mind, and he met those expectations.

He's a cool dude.

ISUCyclones38 karma

What would your all time favorite meal be? Also, looking for a personal chef;)?

BlakeAndersonHere69 karma

Would probably just be some straight-up BBQ. I like ribs, I like sausage, I like tri-tip, I like hot dogs and cheeseburgers too. Anything coming off a BBQ is good by me. And as far as a personal chef goes - naw, I'm good with that.

Oldmangramps36 karma

what do you do on your phone that's work related?

BlakeAndersonHere85 karma

Emails, man!

I be all up in the work email!

mostunfortunateone35 karma

Did you gain the role of an extra in that FUN music video cause you're a famous comedic actor or did you have an in already?

BlakeAndersonHere92 karma

That isn't a true thing. I didn't do that. I was never in a fun. music video, or a One Direction music video. Those are Wikipedia lies.

radams500031 karma

What's your favorite Workaholics episode? Are there any episodes you thought were going to be great and just ended up okay or even disappointing?

BlakeAndersonHere138 karma

I think my favorite episode is probably the one where we do acid.

Ones that I thought were going to be great and ended up okay? I know there is... I mean, I thought our "Future Is GNAR" was gonna do well, but nobody really liked that one, but I still think it's awesome, so screw off.

yeah_sure_okay30 karma

Who do you like better, Adam or Ders?

BlakeAndersonHere89 karma

They're both my children! You don't pick a child that you like more!

They're equal best friends!

DivideAndConker29 karma

I fucked up, another question; I've recently started to rock a mustache, as partially inspired by you, advice on making it work?

BlakeAndersonHere107 karma

Yeah. You just gotta believe in it man.

Roll it.

No turning back.

Trust your mustache.

brixton191529 karma

Between you, Ders, and Adam, who would you say has the most chiseled jawline?

BlakeAndersonHere86 karma


I mean, we've all got pretty awesome jawlines.

I think I have the most massive one. I'm gonna go with me.

But not for long. I've been eating a lot of Reubens lately.

Ishoulddothat24 karma

Man, workaholics is so very funny. I didn't watch it for a while, but was told to check it out. Was amazingly funny to say the least. What would you say to a young guy, such as myself, that would love to work with you guys?

BlakeAndersonHere65 karma

Keep doing you. And hopefully one day we'll cross paths.

Frajer24 karma

How do you maintain your hair?

BlakeAndersonHere71 karma

I shower every other day. And I use shampoo. And sometimes, if I'm feeling lucky, conditioner.

CrippledSlimShady19 karma

Biolage? You seem like a Biolage kind of guy. My girlfriend worships that shit like it's gold

BlakeAndersonHere140 karma

You got me all wrong.

Herbal Essences all the way.

GrownAssMatt22 karma

Hey dude, huge fan here since the YouTube days, great to see all of the success you all have had because you totally deserve it. Two questions though - who is your guy in the new mortal kombat, and what were your plans for your life before you made it on TV besides being super fucking gnar as fuck?

BlakeAndersonHere53 karma

I use Cassie Cage - yes, she's a girl, and yes I will beat your ass with her.

And the second answer is: I'd probably just be delivering pizzas and still trying to get into the comedy world. Whether it was for YouTube or Vine or I dunno. But I don't think I was going to not try to accomplish my dream.

Inapropriatecontext18 karma

Hey Blake, which celebrity were you most excited to see be apart of workaholics?

BlakeAndersonHere60 karma

I thought it was pretty cool we got Dolph Lundgren. That's like, an action hero. He was a cool dude.

Parrot_dude18 karma

What is a typical day like for you?

BlakeAndersonHere124 karma

Well, it depends if I'm working or not.

If I'm working, I pretty much work all day.

But on a chill day, I'll wake up, get some breakfast with the fam, probably, you know, drive somewhere, maybe go to Amoeba, work out, and at night, watch TV or play some video games. You know. Probably consume some beer or drugs along the way.

AGallagher41018 karma

What's your favorite ride in Disney?

BlakeAndersonHere50 karma

Not a huge Disneyland fan. But Mr. Toad's Wild Ride would have to be my number one. And I haven't tried the new Star Wars ride yet. I'm very excited for that one.

theacidbull16 karma

How was your experience working in House M.D.?

BlakeAndersonHere59 karma

It was fast, but it was cool. Hugh Laurie is a pro. I wish I had more scenes, but ya know. I'm just a young buck.

SinewaveZB16 karma

What ever happened to Scott and Zander's Crazy night? I know Barats and Bereta advertised that and had you and Adam in the promo but I have not heard anything of it since.

BlakeAndersonHere18 karma

I'm not sure. I don't know what happened to those dudes.

As far as that goes, it's just something that we did, you hope for the best for those dudes, but not sure what happened with that project.

peoplemovement15 karma

How great was it working with the other rising stars in DOPE?!

BlakeAndersonHere28 karma

Fantastic. Everybody on the cast has a real good attitude. It's been a pleasure to have been a part of.

dimplejuice15 karma

What are you favorite books of all time? Yeah, it's a softball question, so hit it hard.

BlakeAndersonHere56 karma


My favorite books of all time?

Well, the one actual book that I've read that I've enjoyed was called THINGS FALL APART by Chinua Achebe. And I read it in high school, and I very much enjoyed it.

mehritocracy14 karma

What is the funniest thing that you have ever seen happen on set?

BlakeAndersonHere27 karma

Uhm....I know there's something that made me laugh. I dunno. Too many funny things. This one's too hard.

mr_producer13 karma

Hey Blake! How is it working on a professional show vs. working on your own Youtube channel? Anything surprising about the TV / Movie industry that you didn't expect? Also what video games (if any) do you play?

BlakeAndersonHere31 karma

The main difference is how many people are involved. That's usually really surprising. Like, when my parents visit onset, they're like "Holy shit, you guys employ a lot of people!" It takes a lot of people to make a TV show. It's a team effort. And we've got a great crew, best in the business.

BlakeAndersonHere47 karma

And MORTAL KOMBAT and ROGUE DESTINY currently. I also play the Marvel puzzle-fighter app? MARVEL PUZZLEQUEST. I play that on my phone all the time.

It's basically just BEJEWELED but it has superheroes so I don't sound like a sissy.

yung_nitj8 karma

So stoked to watch this movie you have no idea. Thank you for doing this.

Okay question. How would you describe ASAP Rocky's work ethic through working with him on screen and did he give you sneak peaks of ALLA before it came out?

BlakeAndersonHere11 karma

I wasn't in any scenes with ASAP. And no, I didn't get to hear his new album before it dropped, but when I met him at Sundance, he was a real cool dude.

kellykell7 karma

Not a question. Just a fact. You're my hair twin. Can we be frands? http://www.imgur.com/bb9kShg.jpeg

BlakeAndersonHere30 karma

I don't see why not.

Knickerbocker017 karma

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

BlakeAndersonHere29 karma

I like Gold Medal Ribbon from Baskin Robbins.

I also really like the - I think it's Chocolate Malted Crunch from Rite-Aid.

jbluntt6 karma

Whos your favorite rapper?

BlakeAndersonHere65 karma

My favorite rapper... Whew!

Of all time? I'd say E-40.

But currently, I'm not just saying this 'cuz he's my friend, but I think Earl Sweatshirt made the best album of the year.

roscodrysuit5 karma

Thanks for doing this Ama!

What has been your favorite cameo you've done and why?

BlakeAndersonHere16 karma


That's a good question.

I'd say maybe LOITER SQUAD, just cuz it's rare I get to hang out with all the dudes at once. It's cool to be with them as a group. They're fun guys to be around.

vousaimezmike5 karma

I was you for Halloween 3 years ago. Can you print out a picture of me, dressed as you, and sign it in your writing using my name? Thanks man.

BlakeAndersonHere35 karma

No, I don't have a printer.

bstane3 karma

Out of the shows you been in that I have seen (workaholics and Parks) which actor/actress is most like their character, also which is least like their character?

BlakeAndersonHere10 karma

Waymond. No, that's not true, because he's actually the complete opposite.


LDM952 karma

When was your last haircut? Also, when did you first take an interest in acting?

BlakeAndersonHere10 karma

Probably 2 years ago. I don't know if it was a cut so much as it was a trim.

I thinK I really got into thinking about doing it in junior high. We did like, improv in a class, and I fell in love with it. I liked not having to memorize lines and just trying to make people laugh.

DoppleFlopper1 karma

Hey dude! I'm trying to figure out how to live this chill ass life, you look like you're living some chill ass, how can I live chilling ass like you? What sorta stuff makes you feel successful? There's that scene in Workaholics when you're all in college, and you're talking about acting and in Shrek's voice you're like "It's a long ways away donkey" and I feel like that's where I'm at.

BlakeAndersonHere3 karma

I guess I would just say you gotta live in the moment, day to day, not try to think too far in the future cuz that'll start to get you insane in the membrane.

Inapropriatecontext1 karma

Hey Blake, I saw that you posted on Instagram that you were listening to the recent Earl sweatshirt album and it has me wondering, what other albums are you looking forward to for this year, and what's a random artist that people may not know that you really enjoy?

BlakeAndersonHere4 karma

There's this dude from the bay called Kool John who had a really great mixtape last year. And I heard him and T-Lo are dropping an album soon that I am anxiously awaiting.

jbluntt1 karma


BlakeAndersonHere12 karma

Key & Peele.

Those guys are great.

DLG14161 karma


Omfg thanks for being awesome at life!!!!!

What's your favorite type of pizza? Favorite sushi roll? Favorite strain?

BlakeAndersonHere4 karma

I like - it's not really a roll - but spicy tuna and crispy thing? It's on a Rice Krispie thing. That thing's the shit.

And favorite strain? Whatever you're giving me for free.

sewa971 karma

Who was your idol growing up, if it was a celebrity, have you met them yet?

BlakeAndersonHere2 karma

Well yeah. Probably Hulk Hogan, and yeah, I did. Nice guy!