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Not a question but a simple "thank you" for all the movies you helped become great with your outstanding ability.

I hope to see you continue for years to come.

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I have nothing to say, just want to thank you for all the laughs.

Great work

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Id first like to thank you for your amazing show and say Workaholics is the best combination of office space and it's always sunny, where do you guys gets all your material from? Are any of you like your TV personalities?
Take it sleazy

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Sorry this isn't a question but my brother in law did this line of work for quite a while and he told me plenty of stories so you have my respect for being able and willing to deal with the type of people / home that you do. They signed the contract knowing that they have to pay xxx dollars, hopefully the people you repo from will at least learn to live within their budget.

Now the question, what's the worst house you have ever had to repo from in terms of disgusting living conditions (hoarder home or just a trash house)

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As a follow up question, do you report them? Or let it slide