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GMU_TheHulk140 karma

How can you live with yourself when you pull babies out of their homes for a living?

wesdavis884185 karma

babies are only temporary squatters in that home :)

dolphinesque44 karma

I have a question, something I always wondered about.

Why are there male gynecologists?

I am not asking to be disrespectful, my current gynecologist is male and he's awesome. But I can't shake the idea that men get into this like of work out of a desire to squeeze breasts and poke at vaginas all day, and it's a little disconcerting.

I don't have breasts or a vagina. You can't know what it's like to have a period or get a pap smear. Of course, you can care about health and the well-being of your patients and I'm sure you do. But why gynecology? Why not proctology, or podiatry, or opthamology?

wesdavis884163 karma

Four words: the miracle of birth. I delivered my first patient when I was a medical student, and never wanted to do anything else again after that.

britishwookie41 karma

Would you rather fight a horse sized vagina or 100 vagina sized horses?

wesdavis88464 karma

I'll give you credit for creativity. How about neither. I'm a lover, not a fighter.

demela37 karma

I lost an ovary as a baby and doctors have speculated about my period until I hit puberty (it's totally regular and every month) and now the big mystery is when I'll hit menopause. I'm 24.

What do you think? :)

wesdavis88439 karma

Most likely you will continue to have regular periods, and go into menopause at a normal age. (average is 50ish).

furbykiller133 karma

What are the best ways to induce labor? PS - you are my fiancé's dr. Thank you!

wesdavis88460 karma

it really depends on the individual patient and their circumstances. Also, induction is not right for everyone, or even for most people. Let's talk about it more next time in the office.

patriot_Hannibal32 karma

Have you ever been physically sick from what you've seen, and/or what is the worst vagina you've ever seen? What made it so bad?

wesdavis88470 karma

cancer of the cervix. Necrotic (rotten/dead) tissue. Get your pap smears!

Raymonda_smit31 karma

Is it true that IUD's can cause a miscarriage way after it has been removed? I don't like to take hormones as birth control so i had a copper IUD for about 9 years before it was removed, never had any troubles during. But i did have 3 miscarriages before giving birth. Or is it just a coincidence ? Thanks for your time!!!!

wesdavis88443 karma

Coincidence. And, I'm glad you did finally have a baby! I tell all my patients with recurrent pregnancy loss that most of the time, even when you have lost several, nature finds a way!

Zomg_A_Chicken30 karma

wesdavis88417 karma

Thank you for that.

wobblebase20 karma

Can you explain what Pap smear results mean in practical terms? When does an abnormal result call for going straight to colposcopy rather than retesting in a few months?

wesdavis88435 karma

Pap smears are a microscopic exam of cells from the cervix. Also, molecular DNA testing of the cells to look for presence of HPV (human papilloma virus) can be done from the fluid.

In either case, the purpose of the pap is to look for (usually) precancerous changes (dysplasia). There are guidelines for when to go straight to colposcopy vs repeating the pap. I'll post a link to them in a moment.

michshelly9117 karma

Is it true that after you give birth, the hospital won't let you leave until you poop?

wesdavis88434 karma

It is not true. Sometimes it could be several days until a bowel movement occurs. We do sometimes prescribe stool softeners to make the process "smoother." :)

Sincerely40115 karma

What's the biggest misunderstanding a patient has ever shared regarding reproductive health?

wesdavis88427 karma

The correct location for the "gift of life."

SweetPeaMigee11 karma

Can a woman truly know when she has actually ovulated by using a basal thermometer or ovulation predictor kits? Also, do you think the Shettles method for gender selection has any merit? Thanks.

wesdavis88420 karma

BBTs are useful in retrospect in combination with a menstrual history when trying to confirm if ovulation has occurred. They are not very helpful in terms of timing for fertility. Ovulation predictor kits, on the other hand, are fantastic and I recommend them highly.

I'm not aware of any data that supports the utility of the Shettles method for gender selection. Even using very high-tech methods such as flow cytometry and intrauterine insemination, selection rates at best might approach 85%.

wesdavis88411 karma

I'm signing off for now, but will check back later for more questions, so feel free to post

koffeekan6 karma

How many coat hanger abortions and STIs do you see due to "abstinence only" education in Utah?

wesdavis88414 karma

Fortunately, I've seen none. I have not looked at the data, however in my opinion, compared to the East Coast where I used to practice, the STI rate does not appear to be any different.

O565 karma

How was the marathon?

wesdavis8846 karma

It was great! and cold and soggy. But great. I can almost walk without pain!

cockapples5 karma

I don't have a strong family history of uterine/breast cancer - except a grandmother with breast cancer on my Dad's side. Should I still bring up BRCA testing to my doctor the next time I see him?

wesdavis88413 karma

Generally, I encourage patients to consider BRCA testing if they have one first degree relative (mom, sister, etc) or several second degree relatives (g-mom, aunt, etc).

rolandboard4 karma

What are your thoughts on the increased use of birthing centers and home births with the support of nurse midwives?

wesdavis88424 karma

For low-risk patients, it is probably fine for a lot of people. However, the transition from low risk to high risk can be instantaneous. I've seen it happen enough times that I am very happy to deliver in a hospital with a level III NICU.

misinformed663 karma

As a guy, does what you see day to day, does it ever make you not want to look at a vag for personal reasons?

wesdavis88412 karma

They haven't changed at all. Work is work, and personal life is personal life.

triplehelix_3 karma

what, if in any way, have your views on sex stuff changed after your education and career revolving around female genitals?

wesdavis88414 karma

They haven't changed at all. Work is work, and personal life is personal life.

thebza451XBO-5 karma

Can you please tell me in great detail everything you know about the blue waffle?

wesdavis88412 karma

thebza451XBO3 karma

How is it a myth when there are pictures of it?

ESOBlaze5 karma

There are pictures of spiderman and superman as well.. I also have a picture of myself flying over NY City.. Pictures can be faked.

wesdavis8849 karma

Agreed! If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me about something they saw on the internet...