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Wait. are you literally just copying the 2018 NIAID goals?


What the entire fuck.

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That's not a professional bio, that's a PR blurb.

For yourself and the rest of the science-focused team what is your research background? What are you publications? And if you are not the scienctific clout (which you shouldn't be based on that page's info), what researchers have actually signed on to collaborate on projects? There are a couple major research centers for large scale vaccinology research and vaccine development. So which of those are you collaborating with? Or if you're not collaborating, who have you head-hunted away from academia or other industry positions?

Where are your actual researchers? Because the ONLY person with a PhD on that page is working in "vaccine acceptance" (undoubtedly an important and real issue, but NOT someone doing research on what vaccine would be effective).

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What is the most ancient species or genus of plant that I can raise in my living room? (Without wrecking my heating bill preferably.)

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So what are you bringing that isn't part of the 2018 NIAID initiative:


Or work being done at existing vaccinology centers:



Or the Gates' challenge to develop a universal flu vaccine:


What are you bringing that is novel? Or that you are well-positioned to provide? Because you appear to be trying to ride other's coat-tails on a hot issue. Some of the biggest funders and best vaccinologuy centers in the world are already focusing on influenze. Can you articulate where your orgnaization fits and why a funder should go to you, rather than a more established orgnaization?

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Hi Corina!

My questions might seems a bit impersonal, sorry if they do. I'm a graduate student stundying immunology, so the disease you're dealing with is interesting to me from a science perspective.

Did they genotype you at any point to figure out if a known mutation was causing your case of IgA nephropathy? Do you know if you have a family history of kidney disease or lung or intestinal problems? Do you still have your tonsils? Have you tried any of the dietary changes that might slow progression?

Hope you find a donor and get back to boxing in the near future.