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Legalize marijuana: for or against?

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Ok, so how about tobacco? Alcohol? Caffeine? I'm sure you've heard every argument under the sun for legalization, I'm just curious as to why your position is anti.

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How many coat hanger abortions and STIs do you see due to "abstinence only" education in Utah?

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Whats it like walking around with balls of fucking steel? Also on a more serious note, are they adapting new SIGINT and IMINT packages (like Gorgon Stare) for use with the U2S platform? Or are they only doing those for drones?

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So sorry for your loss. Your father was a true thespian, not to mention a great artist. I always felt like you could see the commitment he put into his performances, like he truly became the characters he was portraying. Also I always appreciated his photography, and discovering it inspired me to move away from the commercial side of photos and make art for myself. He will surely live on in our hearts and minds.

Question: Did he ever talk about his role in the Fringe TV show and portraying an "evil" or at the least an amoral character?