I am a Lasership delivery driver. My job requires on a daily basis, to go from door to door dropping off packages to stranger who I don't know.

I use my own car and my own gas

Ask me anything

Proof http://imgur.com/tlFTWbB

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nocahomadc71 karma

Why do you scan two day delivery packages as delivered and then deliver them six days later?

Nextfoot10 karma

We're not allowed to do that.

TheJimness23 karma

But LaserShip drivers do it anyway. I've had it happen to me more then once.

Nextfoot31 karma

If a package is not deliverd for the day our dispatchers call up on the driver who was supposed to deliver it and check up on it. If the driver was unable to deliver it he/she needs to return it back to the warehouse, so it can be delivered the nextday. Any of the drivers that hold off packages, are basically breaking the rules. Another reason why the company has a bad rep.

Listen up! If you guy experience any of this. You guys need to call Lasership and report the driver. Guys like this are what make the good apples rotten.

noNoParts70 karma

What sort of megajoules do the laserships you deliver have? Are they bristling with weapons, or do they fill a more exploratory role? Finally, how do I learn to pilot a lasership?

Nextfoot8 karma

Lol what??

GOTaSMALL147 karma

WTF is Lasership?

Nextfoot-1 karma

A Google search of it will frighten you.

GOTaSMALL137 karma

That's why I asked you.

Nextfoot15 karma

Delivering company

pint0738 karma

Ballpark, how much do you think you make per hour after gas and fees?

Nextfoot18 karma

I get paid per box 1.35

(I have to fill up the tank everyday which is around 40$)

My morning route I get around 72 boxes.

My afternoon route is optional I can choose to stay or just spend the rest of the day at home. If I do go I am given 22 boxes which is around 80$.

I worked my ass of this week. My paycheck came out to 988$ :)

Dr_Midnight4 karma

I imagine, considering vehicular wear-and-tear, expenses (which I'm sure come out of pocket - but can be written off on taxes), increased insurance cost (which, considering it is a personal vehicle, can likely not be written off), etc., that this actually does not work out well for the driver.

Nextfoot1 karma

My car went from 95 to 121k in just 1 year

TheOtherHalfofTron2 karma

Uh. Got any openings?

Nextfoot7 karma

They will pretty much hire anybody.

Zero qualifications.

MadMex96-3 karma

600$/hr!?!? Jesus Christ!

Nextfoot5 karma

Lol if that was the case the whole company would get run down. I get paid every week :)

Daboshofpop29 karma

A couple friends and I have used Lasership numerous times before, and I'd say the experience is random. Sometimes we'd have missing products or broken products, like some reviewed. Sometimes we'd have super quick and super easy shipping. What's up with that? Does it really just depend on the driver?

Nextfoot25 karma

Both ends. One of many reasons why Lasership has a bad reputation to the public is because the management/co workers don't care. Seriously I've seen drivers throw packages from a parking space distance. (I mean literally throw like a Frisbee) They will hire anybody (seriously) you don't even have to know a lick of english. Have a car and drivers license? Bam you're hired.
The majority of my co workers are foreign and don't speak really hardly English.

Another thing that sucks is that you buy your own gas which costs $100-$200/wk. You get provided no benifits, you get charged $50/wk to use their scanners. You work til about 9-10PM making it hard to see house numbers, if any. We don't get provided with apartment keys/codes to access buildings. Management is slow especially when they're printing us the maps and address lists. By the time they finish we only have 2 hours left to deliver x amount of packages (usually its 30-50)

To answer you question I would have to say its both. Especially when you don't know English and aren't provided the certain amount tools you cant get really anything done.

TypicalBender27 karma

How late do you deliver? I once had a driver scan my package as delivered at 11:50PM, presumably to mark it as delivered on that day, but then not deliver the package until 1:30AM. I like getting my packages on time as much as the next guy but that seemed excessive.

Nextfoot16 karma

We deliver until 12 o clock. The dispatchers have us mark everything as deliver at 9 o clock. And continue on delivering

monkeyhandler39 karma

that's just wrong. A fedex driver did that to my phone delivery. I saw an email saying it was deliver, when it wasn't. So I immediately called FexEx. They started a trace, 15 minutes later, a sheepish fedex driver showed up, first thing he said was, sorry, I scanned the wrong package a few streets over.

Nextfoot1 karma

Wow didnt really expect that rrom Fedex '_'

caadbury6 karma

at 9 o clock

Is this due to a contractual obligation with Amazon?

Nextfoot11 karma

No its to show Amazon that we deliver fast. (which is obviously a lie)

yeaiwentthere5 karma

You said up there ^ that you are not allowed to mark something as delivered and actually deliver it a few hours later.

Also, Amazon employees hate lasership with a passion.

timdub6 karma

As a former Amazon CSA, I can verify that. We call them "LoserShip" and, alternately, "LaserShit" when not on the clock.

Nextfoot0 karma

In the warehouse my manager calls Amazon "boxes"

itsme100820051 karma

So what happens if you can't deliver it? Early you talked about how the "bad apples" are scanning things before they're delivered and now you're saying you do the same thing?

Nextfoot1 karma

I only scan things as deliverd after 9 o clock. The dispatchers call us tell us too. I once forgot to and was cussed out by my manager.

Dimethyltrypta_miner19 karma

How many lasers do you ship per day?

Nextfoot10 karma

I'll never know thats unless I open one of the boxes I deliver

Scattered_Disk2 karma

So 4?

Nextfoot2 karma

I guess lol......

Linh_Tinh16 karma

As a driver, do you prefer Linux or Windows ?

Nextfoot4 karma

Windows : )

sndtech12 karma

Are you 1099 contractors or actual employees? like the old RPS and Fedex Ground?

Nextfoot4 karma

We're independent contractors. Not sure what RPS is. Basically here is how it works. We're given x amount of packages to deliver. Now as long as those boxes are delivered by 9 o clock pm your in good hands. So that means you can take a quick nap in your car, grab some lunch.

Bentumbo11 karma

do you make a mean pot roast?

Nextfoot14 karma

Hell I cant even boil an egg.

mist9111 karma

This sounds sketchy as fuck. Do you agree? As an employee, you are much better informed.

Nextfoot13 karma

All the drivers know Lasership is pretty bad. One of the drivers I work with (friend) called out our managers on how his paycheck was unfair. The manager brought him out back and gave him the (I dont care leave!) conversation. He was pretty much fired on sight.

They use you like a sponge. They hire you in the company, after 3-5 months of working (You start to realize how the scam works)

You call them out.

Your fired.

jpage8911 karma

I do the HVAC maintenance on the lazership office/transfer point in Beltsville, MD. Do all of them look so run down? If offices could cry, I'm sure that one would never stop.

MasterShredder-3 karma

lol you certainly don't care much about keeping that job, do you?

Nextfoot3 karma


ChimpWithACar8 karma

So we can actually figure out what you're netting, what are the exact metrics for your daily compensation?

What's the year/make/model of the car you drive?

How many miles do you put on your car per day?

What are all of your other expenses for this gig?

Nextfoot5 karma

You dont get paid by the hour. You're paid by the amount of boxes you're give. Each box I deliver is 1.35$ I usually get around 72 boxes in the morning, so thats around 97$ sounds right about it.

What years/make/model of the car you're driving? I can give to much information of the car I am driving because if this AMA gets leaked to management I could get fired for bad talking about them. I have a hunch one of the employees I work(who by the way hates me and yells at me) uses Reddit.

Il give you the cliff notes. I drive a 2003 Chrysler van

How many miles do you drive in a day?
36 miles in my morning route. 40miles in my afternoon router

About 76 sounds about right.


Oil changing

Insurance premium (I got into 4 accidents since I started. I am paying double than I was before I started)

Car brakes/parts.

ChimpWithACar1 karma


Nextfoot1 karma

I work 7 days a week. Each morning I am assigned 72 boxes, each box I deliver is 1.35$. After I am finished with the morning route I go back to the warehouse and I am assigned another 22-27 boxes. The pay is quite diffrent in the afternoon routes. Anything more than 20 boxes is an extra 5$.

(Afternoon route 20 boxes=80$ anymore than 20 is an extra 5$ (I am usually given 25 boxes)

My expenses are

Gas (40$ daily fill up)

Brakes every 1 month and a half

Oil change every 1 month and a half

Frion for the air conditor (Every month) I find myself using the AC alot sonce summer is kicking in

I've spent a total of aroud 700$ in car repairs (not including accidents)

Recently spent 250$ on my bumper (I hit someone few months back)

My paycheck rounds about to 800$

brandiniman8 karma

What steps do you take to take care of your vehicle to survive the torture of delivery duty?
What do you drive?
What would be a good way to reach LaserShip drivers?

Nextfoot9 karma

Well for starters drive carefully and cautious. One of the drivers I work with recently bought a 2010 Dodge Avenger. He got into a pretty bad accident after failing to give the right of way.

What do you drive? I drive a Chrysler 2003. Poor thing went from 95 to 121 in just 12 months :( I won her at an auction. I once deliverd boxes with my Mercedes C280. (Yea they let you pretty much use any car after you worked there for 3-5 months.)

What would be a good way to reach Lasership drivers? To do an AMA? The chances of this AMA being leaked out to mamangement I would get fired :(

To reach drivers if they have your packagae. You would have to head the headquaters in your area. Here is a tip, now this goes for all residence who live in locked area eg, apartments buldings. Please Please Please :( Leave your apartment code on the box, so that way I can have entry to the building and deliver your box. That way we can all go home :)

jumpyg12587 karma

Why does Lasership wait until the late hours of the night to deliver packages? The last package I got from them was delivered at 9PM.

Nextfoot4 karma

Hahah just in time :) We're ordered to stop scanning our packages at 9 o clock and continue on delivering.

Alright I am going to lay this down on you on why this happens.

Dispatchers (the guys who print us maps and address lists) They take forever to do their job. They are slow, sloppy and inconsistent. By the time they finish its already near sundown (7 o clock)

When its 7 o clock we are only given 2 hours to deliver the packages. That is not enough time to get to point A to B since each package is 2 miles apart.

raddits2 karma

You have humans printing maps and routes instead of software? Wtf.

Nextfoot1 karma


StarvingAfricanBoy7 karma

How often do you jerk off?

Nextfoot19 karma

I did a couple of times in the car. Hell I think I even got some on the boxes. On a daily basis I would say 5. Yea 5 times a day sounds just about right.

scootscoot6 karma

What percentage of your packages are amazon.com?

Nextfoot7 karma

98%. One time Amazon blacklisted and stopped giving us boxes to deliver, after Lasership delivers refused to deliver the big boxes. Amazon got numerous complaints from customers on the boxes not being delivered. I got to admit that was one of the most terrifying moments I ever lived. My paycheck dropped like a bag of rocks. I was getting 400$ every week instead of 800$. It was the most scariest days I lived. I thought to myself ''wow I can believe this is over. Why I am even still here?"

CreasingUnicorn6 karma

Unfortunately, Lasership has a history of being unreliable, and I have to agree, with a vast majority of packages that I order, USPS is the most reliable and UPS will often just leave a note on my door no-matter what I do or say, but Lasership has lost about 25% of my orders shipped through them. Lost, as in the package gets to Lasership and then it is never heard from again and I have to ask for a replacement/refund. So a few questions:

  • What kinds of regulations are there for drivers?
  • Is there any oversight for packages actually getting delivered, or do drivers just say they did their job and get a paycheck no questions asked?
  • How can a delivery company stay in business when they have less than a 75% success rate, why do so many companies use them even with so many refunds and replacements needed?

Nextfoot5 karma

What kinds of regulations are there for drivers? Must stop scanning and finish after 9pm. Boxes must be delivered at the front door

Is there any oversight for packages actually getting delivered, or do drivers just say they did their job and get a paycheck no questions asked? Every week or so management does an audit every driver to check how many packages have he/she delivered and how many he/she attempted (meaning not delivered). If you come out short in not delivering all that many packages. They will pretty much tell you to pack up your bags and leave. This is why I try my very best to deliver every package.

How can a delivery company stay in business when they have less than a 75% success rate, why do so many companies use them even with so many refunds and replacements needed? We're like cheap Japeneese hookers this is why they use us.

CreasingUnicorn2 karma

We're like cheap Japanese hookers

Whelp I guess that answers most of my questions anyways, companies can afford a few losses if the job gets done at least MOST of the time for an extremely low price. Thanks for the reply and keep up the good work, hopefully a few bad apples don't stop you honest people from doing a good job!

Nextfoot1 karma

Yea sure man take care :)

mstrmatt5 karma

Why has EVERY package I've ever had delivered by Lasership been late 1-2 days and UPS has never once been late?

Nextfoot4 karma

You're package must of been from one of those afternoon routes.

Do you live in an apartment?

Terminal_Lance5 karma

Were you, like me, disappointed when you found out Lasership isn't what it sounds like?

Nextfoot12 karma

You know when I first got the email from company that they wanted to interview me. I was kind of excited and like ''wow finally a job that lets you get to experience on what its like working in outerspace''

TyrantLizardMonarch4 karma

The lasership driver who delivers to my apartment complex just drops off the boxes at my leasing office and calls me to let me know it's there so I can come pick it up. Do you guys still get paid the same rate per box to do this?

Nextfoot3 karma

Yes we do.

RPGillespie64 karma

One time LaserShip marked a pretty expensive shipment as "delivered", but I never got it. Like, ever. I called and reported it to LaserShip and they said they would "look into it", but I never heard back. What are the chances the driver who stole my package was punished?

Also, are there any consequences for loading up your car with packages, marking them as "delivered" and then just driving home and stealing them?

Nextfoot3 karma

You will pretty much be fired on sight. Lasership will find out one way or another. Every package you're assigned is your responsibility.

Maddog00573 karma

Is common practice to leave everyone's packages under their car? Or is that one just for me....

Nextfoot3 karma

Unless the house address is posted on the car instead of the house, I guess not. In all sarcasm if that is what you're experiencing. please please report the driver to headquarters. A driver whom I used to work with was recently fired because he was throwing boxes at door steps and was seen by the customer.

PETApitaS3 karma

What car do you use to deliver the packages?

Also, how much do you spend on gas (to and from) per trip?

Nextfoot3 karma

Chrysler 2003 van

40$ daily on gas

GreySoulx2 karma

Do you have to have a CDL (Commercial Drivers Lisence) ?
If not, are you worried (or think about) the possibility that local regulators will interfere with the business model ala Lyft/Uber?

Nextfoot1 karma

I only have a regular drivers license.
If Uber and Lyft decide to dominate the shipping bussines. I guess the only thing left to me would be to join them. I am pretty sure they would compensate their drivers with an equal pay and treat their drivers with fairness.

P.S I hate my job :(

GreySoulx1 karma

No, I'm suggesting that you'd run into the same thing Lyft and Uber have recently... operating a business, without the normal regulatory restraints and oversight of traditionally operated businesses.
UPS/FedEx have to hire commercial drivers with extra training, provide insurance, and register their vehicles with the DOT beyond just regular vehicle registration.

Nextfoot1 karma

Oh I am sorry I miss read the comment. No I really never taken some through to worry about that. I guess I am kind of neutral.

Nextfoot1 karma

Anyone else have any questions to ask?

connormalloy111 karma

Did you ever deliver a potato?

Nextfoot5 karma

Nope (well I am not sure, like I said I never opend any of the boxes)

I once delivered some Red bull it was in a box. The damn thing exploded in my car and ruined my leather seats.

ajsparx2 karma

So they don't provide cleaning/repair services like Uber does?

Nextfoot3 karma


WilsonTheWombat1 karma

Is there any sort of contract that causes you to stay with the company for an amount of time, or can you quit whenever you want?

Nextfoot1 karma

There is not contract with the company, you can quit whenever you want. I remember a few weeks ago our company manager made an announcement saying "if you dont before 10 clock you will be fired" It was pretty scary that day I worked like I was on speed. That was the fastest time I ever drove on the highway.

MpegEVIL1 karma

Why is Lasership so bad?

Nextfoot1 karma

Because managment gave up a long time ago.

8bitmage1 karma

Why are you not supposed to leave a package without a signature?

Nextfoot1 karma

Leaving a signature is optional, but we usually drop boxes just to save time.

fatshake0 karma

Why do all of my packages from lasership get delivered at 10pm at the wrong door? And why do you ring the bell that late, pissing off my dog, and waking up my toddler? And why have my last few lasership packages been delivered by the driver's chain smoking lunchlady-esque wife/girlfriend/escort while he sits in the car with no shirt on?

Nextfoot3 karma

Management sends us out pretty late to deliver packages. Which can result to us finishing at 12 o clock. Also I would like to add some drivers make mistakes especially when you're working at night It is hard to see the house numbers. Also some of the drivers don't know a whole lot of English and can get confused easily.

When you're delivering packages, you can have anyone with you in the car (hell you can bring whole family). You're driver wont be changing route anytime soon unless she decides she is tired of that routes and wants a new one. Can I give you a tip? Please keep the porch light on and have your address visible, so she can see it and deliver it.

fatshake0 karma

Thanks for the reply!

I have two front doors. One is well lit, at the end of a brink walkway, with the address overhead. The other is on the side of a darkened porch and isn't at all obvious. They always choose the second one.

And I'm talking about someone bringing packages to the door who is not the driver.

Nextfoot1 karma

Yea I would go ahead and report the driver right now. We're are not allowed to have extra hand helpers to deliver packages. Only Lasership employees with custom uniforms are supposed to deliver packages.