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If a package is not deliverd for the day our dispatchers call up on the driver who was supposed to deliver it and check up on it. If the driver was unable to deliver it he/she needs to return it back to the warehouse, so it can be delivered the nextday. Any of the drivers that hold off packages, are basically breaking the rules. Another reason why the company has a bad rep.

Listen up! If you guy experience any of this. You guys need to call Lasership and report the driver. Guys like this are what make the good apples rotten.

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Both ends. One of many reasons why Lasership has a bad reputation to the public is because the management/co workers don't care. Seriously I've seen drivers throw packages from a parking space distance. (I mean literally throw like a Frisbee) They will hire anybody (seriously) you don't even have to know a lick of english. Have a car and drivers license? Bam you're hired.
The majority of my co workers are foreign and don't speak really hardly English.

Another thing that sucks is that you buy your own gas which costs $100-$200/wk. You get provided no benifits, you get charged $50/wk to use their scanners. You work til about 9-10PM making it hard to see house numbers, if any. We don't get provided with apartment keys/codes to access buildings. Management is slow especially when they're printing us the maps and address lists. By the time they finish we only have 2 hours left to deliver x amount of packages (usually its 30-50)

To answer you question I would have to say its both. Especially when you don't know English and aren't provided the certain amount tools you cant get really anything done.

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I did a couple of times in the car. Hell I think I even got some on the boxes. On a daily basis I would say 5. Yea 5 times a day sounds just about right.

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I get paid per box 1.35

(I have to fill up the tank everyday which is around 40$)

My morning route I get around 72 boxes.

My afternoon route is optional I can choose to stay or just spend the rest of the day at home. If I do go I am given 22 boxes which is around 80$.

I worked my ass of this week. My paycheck came out to 988$ :)

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Whats the difference between you and me?