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If you are done and want out, you can leave at anytime, buuut, you will not be able to go back to your site, and you will be leaving that area without a PCV until the next round of volunteers are deployed ( if they even get anymore), and that is usually after your original 2 years were up. You are also usually the only PCV around for hours, so whatever project you were doing is basically abandoned, so whatever they were wanting to accomplish with you most likely won't get done soon.

Now, PCV do get vacation time. With that vacation time you can go travel, you can visit home (on your own dime, of course), you can meet up with some of the other PCV you were deployed with (they are usually hours away), or you can do whatever.

Like someone else said, it's not a death sentence, but you should really think about the bigger impact your leaving is going to make. Many times when you go to info sessions or speak with RPCV before deciding, they recommend you start out doing things that are not two years long if you have any hesitations about the time commitment.

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I think one of the biggest issues for a lot of PCV, is that you are typically the only PCV for hours. Not having someone from "home" and having that language barrier with most of the locals can really make you feel alone. On top of it, in most cases, you don't have internet or phone access majority of the time. Op is very lucky he has an Internet cafe that he can frequent near by.

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You said up there ^ that you are not allowed to mark something as delivered and actually deliver it a few hours later.

Also, Amazon employees hate lasership with a passion.

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Most cases I've heard-if you are relatively close to a "large" city, you can get your own place. If you are pretty much secluded, you live with a host family and are supposed to give them money for "rent," but everyone I know that has lived with a host family for rent the entire two years, the host family never accepted the money.

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If Clay was not killed off, what do you think would happen to him this season?