My short bio: My name is Justin Egan. I am a social studies teacher at the HS of Fashion Industries in NYC. I got my BA in History from Binghamton University in 2007 and a MA in the Teaching of Social Studies from Columbia University in 2008. I've been teaching at HSFI ever since.

I figure this would be an interesting way to help my students review for the AP Government and Politics exam tomorrow.

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I hope I have been a little helpful. Goodnight Reddit and remember to eat a good breakfast tomorrow!

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First, you the real mvp. Second, can you briefly explain iron triangles and how they would influence government decision making?

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Iron triangles describe the beneficial relationship that develops between Congressional committees, interest groups, and the bureaucracy.

Interest groups give electorate support of members of Congress that support their policies. Those members of Congress can in turn give the bureaucracy their political support and funding. They can also implement the public policy goals of the interest group and exercise their oversight powers in a beneficial manner. In a similar manner, the bureaucracy can exercise their regulatory powers in ways that are friendly towards the interest group.

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Can you summarize the important differences between PACs, SuperPACs, and 527s, and go over the important court cases that led to the formation of SuperPACs?

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PACs: a group that raises money for an election. PACs donate directly to campaigns with limits on the contribution.

SuperPAC: makes no contributions directly to the campaign but make spends their money raises independently without coordinating directly with any candidate. They may engage in unlimited spending. Can raise money from individuals and interest groups without legal limits.

527: Can raise unlimited soft money which they can use for issue ads but cannot advocate for the election or defeat of a candidate

The big case here is Citizens United which ruled that political spending was protected as free speech under the First Amendment. Allows corporations and unions to contribute unlimited amounts of money to SuperPACs.

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What's the answer to #4?

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Always guess C ;)

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Do you have a rough estimate on how many kids will fail, based on their homework?

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I gave five practice exams throughout the year so I do have a rough estimate.

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Don't leave us hanging.

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Technically, he answered the question exactly as it was asked.

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Technically correct - the best kind of correct.

Link to futurama video goes here if I wasn't so lazy.

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What are some of the best things to know for the FRQs, considering we don't know exactly what will come up?

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Three branches are a pretty safe bet if you are choosing something. There is almost always a FRQ on Congress, the President, and/or the Judicial branch.

Certain topics I think show up frequently include: the incumbency advantage, federalism, selection of supreme court/federal judges/presidential appointees, divided government, federalist papers, 14th amendment and incorporation, seems to show up frequently as well.

Keep in mind that studying for the multiple choice is studying for the FRQs as well. Most of the topics overlap.

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What are some reasons as to why policy implementation may be unsuccessful?

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1) In order for to secure votes, laws often become water down or modified to appease certain members of Congress that could potentially hamper the effectiveness of a law

2) If the law is written with vague language that does not give clear directions to the bureaucracy about their authority and specifics on how to implement.

3) The policy could be defunded by Congress.

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Hello and thank you for this AMA! I'm currently a sophomore taking APUSH and I'm considering on taking APGP next year. In your opinion, what's harder APUSH or APGP?

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The APUSH test was redesigned this year to be more Common Core and its like 4 hours. I am sure the PoGo is on the same path but a couple years away. PoGo is also only suppose to be a semester long course so there is less content. PoGo > APUSH imho.

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1: Favorite pizza place in NYC? (Mine is Koronet - i'm sure you two are familiar)

2: Any really good documentary you'd suggest? World history, U.S. History, I love a good history doc.

3: Howard Zinn. Great American Historian, or the GREATEST American Historian?

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Artichoke pizza for me, if only for their artichoke slice.

Where is koronet?

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Love artichoke.

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Does the HS of fashion industries have a lot of classes to prepare students for a career in fashion? Does NY have a lot of specialty high schools? I've never heard of anything like that, being from georgia.

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Yes, our student fashion show is actually coming up soon. The whole school is not fashion but has other student "majors" as well.

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Hi Justin, I'm a recent college grad in Georgia looking to become a high school history teacher. I have two degrees in History and in Spanish. Is there any advice you can give me to get into the field or about teaching in general? Thank you!

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Make sure you really know why you want to be a teacher and remind yourself constantly.

Get yourself in a school that has good leadership. If teachers stay a long time at your school, that is a very good sign.

Find yourself a niche. After a while teaching the same classes and using the same jokes get very boring. Teach something new. Coach a sport. Help advise a club. Don't be that teacher that is in the classroom 5 minutes before first period and leaves 5 minutes after the last period. Bill Gates wants to replace you with a robot but creating personal connections with students is your most important job.

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Oh wow most of the things on here I happened to learn from watching house of cards. (I'm not originally from America). Would you recommend your students watch house of cards or something similar that can help then relate to the things they learn in class?

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WEST WING. WEST WING. WEST WING. WEST WING. There is a reason why Josiah Bartlet polls better than most presidents. My students are sick of me talking about it.

I also just started the Good Wife so thats TBD but pretty good so far.

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Which is the best high school in NYC?

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Do you think that getting your MA from Columbia instead of another local or state school helped you to get your job? Or are there other factors that play into hiring?

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Principal played DIII basketball at Binghamton. I now coach the Boy's Basketball team at HSFI.

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In my opinion the AP exam is almost a waste of time and effort for a high school student. When I took the exam I got a 4 out of 5 which was passing and gave me credit for college (yipee!), anyways I ended up taking the course in college regardless (I had a girlfriend who wanted to take it at the same time). What I noticed was that US history was by far the easiest class I had taken in college, to the point of it was a joke and I didn't study for a single test and simply just showed up for class. Do you still think that the AP exam is really that advantageous to high school students?

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I graduated high school with 24 credits. Something like 75-80% of my students get free or reduced price lunch. Economically for them not having to spend a couple of hundred/thousand dollars on a course is a real gamechanger.

mrjegan1 karma

I hope everyone did well on the test today.

Anything I can do next year to make this better? Alot more questions came in after I had ended the AMA. I think I made it too short (8pm-10pm) Start it the morning before the test and answer afterschool?

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Why is it called "The High School of Fashion Industries"? Is there really that specific of a high school? I've heard of trade schools, but not for fashion.

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Just from our school website: "Central Needle Trades High School had its origins in a garment loft on West 26th Street in 1926. Its original purpose was to provide a trained work force for the many trades in fashion related industries. Most of its students were immigrants or the children of immigrants who were trying to make new lives for themselves in a new country. As part of a Works Projects Administration (WPA) project, construction of a new school was begun in 1938. Its design called for it to be the ultimate vocational school. It’s Visitor’s Guide referred to the new school as “The Fulfillment of an Ideal in the Field of Vocational Education.” Principal Mortimer Ritter wrote:

"It is only fourteen years since the school was founded – a few classes held in a third floor loft. Today a skyscraper school proudly demonstrates the achievement of an important phase in modern vocational education, planned and fulfilled by people of vision . . . ."

The school that opened its doors in 1940 was also a fine example of the Art Deco movement, as best illustrated in the landmark status murals in the auditorium and exquisite mosaic over the main entrance to the building.

The original curriculum was almost entirely vocational, stressing sewing, machine work, garment cutting, garment grading, draping, tailoring, costume sketching, etc. The school changed as the fashion industry of New York City changed. It adopted its present name in 1956 to reflect the new variety of vocational majors offered. The majors of the school have changed since then, as the school’s curriculum has become increasingly more academic and its occupational and technical majors moved more into the areas of design, art and marketing. Today’s student may major in Fashion Design, Merchandising, Visual Display, or Graphics and Illustration. Today’s program also successfully prepares students for entry into college. The High School of Fashion Industries is recognized as one of the highest performing schools in New York City having received an ‘A’ rating for four straight years from the NYC Department of Education. The last two years the High School of Fashion Industries has finished in the 96th percentile of all New York City high schools. The school has also been recognized by US News and World Reports as one of America’s best high schools."