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  1. A lot of people with association to Putin have been showing up dead lately. What are your thoughts on that?

  2. What are your thoughts on Trump/Russia ties.

  3. The Russian Orthodox church wields extreme power. How will that turn out?

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What do you think will happen to the WBC once Fred Phelps leaves earth?

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I'm curious as to the telemetry involved. How many sensors were deployed and how was the data recorded. Was all telemetry sent wireless to the chase planes or to a ground station? Or was it black-box recorded in the plane itself?

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What is your opinion of the Food Network slowly changing into the Game Network? It seems that more recent shows are no longer geared to learning cooking techniques, but rather game-style competition.

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I feel compelled to reach out to you with an apology of sorts...

A few years ago, I was flying out of ITO (Hilo International Airport, on the Big Island).

It was the first flight of the morning and as luck would have it, I was the first person in line. I was wearing long jeans, a shirt, rubbah slippahs, and that was it (eg., commando).

I was told to remove my belt and step into the scanner. After I left the scanner, a TSA official came up to me and asked "may I pat you down?".

"Fine" I said.

He carefully patted my upper body, then crouched down in front of me (he had me extend my arms).

As he brushed my jeans, he pulled them slightly down.

Having no belt, my jeans were loose - and off they came.

And, as a reminder, I was commando.

So... his face is... well... right there - staring at it.

He rears backward and sputters "please put them back on".

The rest of the TSA agents are rolling on the floor laughing.

My SO was behind me in the scanner, so nobody else in line knew what happened.

I tried to apologize... but he just sputtered - "please leave".

So... to all the TSA agents everywhere - my sincere apologies.

I have no idea how much counseling that poor guy had to go through after that incident.