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Hi ma'am, I am a history major at a US university and I had some questions.

What was desegregation like? Was it something the majority of people supported? Or was it something that divided a lot of people, like abortion or same-sex marriage does today?

What was total war like? I was born in 1992, so the Iraq war has been going on most of my life without me noticing sometimes. But WW2 was different because everyone contributed. What was that like? Was life better, worse, or just different?

Who was your celebrity crush from when you were young?

Do you think the world as a whole is better or worse than it was 100 years ago?

And this might be more sensitive, but as someone who is only 20 years old I wonder this a lot: Do you ever get tired of living or being alive? Are you afraid of death?

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That's so awesome :) It's great that you can be cool and collected when an emergency is happening but then get attached after all of the crazy stuff is over.

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Yay!! (Also, I love your username!)

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even thought the zombie noises scare the shit out of me, it'll probably scare me even more if you change them

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This is amazing! What an incredible experience. What was one thing that you didn't like about Antarctica, if at all? (Since the question of what surprised you the most has already been answered :))

Also, congratulations on beating that bitch of a disease. It's taken too many people away too soon, and I'm glad you (and the doctors/researchers!) slapped it into remission :)