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My inner immature teenager wants to put you guys in to a two person human centipede with Anna being behind you. Does this happen often?

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Yes, very true! But it was nice actually having a class I could breeze through and raise my gpa

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Oh I completely understand that aspect to it. I also went to my local university and applied for tons of scholarships as well as worked more than full time in college to graduate with zero student debt. I see why the AP exam still holds so much weight. Thanks for the info

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In my opinion the AP exam is almost a waste of time and effort for a high school student. When I took the exam I got a 4 out of 5 which was passing and gave me credit for college (yipee!), anyways I ended up taking the course in college regardless (I had a girlfriend who wanted to take it at the same time). What I noticed was that US history was by far the easiest class I had taken in college, to the point of it was a joke and I didn't study for a single test and simply just showed up for class. Do you still think that the AP exam is really that advantageous to high school students?