Hi guys.

I'm Cody Walker.

Today (Saturday May 9th, starting at 2 PM EST) I'm leading a live gameathon in honor of my brother Paul Walker, called #Game4Paul. #Game4Paul will be streamed LIVE on through Twitch.tv/tiltify and will be featuring gameplay between members of the Furious7 family, as well as other celebrities and supporters of Paul's charity, Reach Out WorldWide (ROWW). ROWW is committed to providing critical help to those in crises and focuses on the medical, humanitarian aid, and recovery fields both domestically and internationally.

You can check out the livestream in just a few hours here: http://www.tiltify.com/events/game4paul

In the meantime, I'm hoping to answer as many of your questions today as possible. Victoria's helping me out since I'm driving to the event. AMA.

Proof from earlier today: http://imgur.com/8OJ8HUZ

Update: Well, thank you so much for jumping on and participating.

It really means a lot to me, and it really helps me do my job, and this is my job - to create awareness for ROWW.

By you being here - it means that Paul's legacy of giving back is continuing.

And please tune in - we're gonna be starting here shortly - and I look forward to having you guys participate in the stream, through the chat, and enjoying the entertainment! http://www.tiltify.com/events/game4paul

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Metafin15 karma

Hi Cody, thanks for doing this AMA.

Which scenes in Furious 7 did you stand in for your brother?

Cody_Walker31 karma

Well, first of all, I love getting that question because that means we all did our job in keeping it as seamless as possible. Because it wasn't me or Caleb, it was about Paul and helping complete the film for the fans.

And I really enjoy the fact that it wasn't that obvious all the time. Because this is a really unique situation, the circumstances were very odd. I don't really want to take much credit for anything, because it's like "Oh, THAT wasn't Paul."

But my favorite one I did - there's a portion of the second fight with Tony Jaa that's actually me, a good portion of it is actually me, and during the filming of it, Tony Jaa actually fractured my thumb. It was really cool!

So so far, I like that one.

MarjanTavallaie5 karma

Will you ever visit Sweden, Cody? :) I really hope to meet you one day.

Thank you for everything that you do with ROWW. It's amazing and I am proud to say that I am a supporter of ROWW!

Cody_Walker6 karma

Oh my gosh. You know, now I feel bad! Sweden and Norway are two places that I really want to go to. That would've been a good answer for that question earlier. I have a friend that currently lives in Norway, and I want to go visit him and check that place out. So I definitely foresee myself going there. And thank you SO much for your support. It's so comforting when I hear people say how much they love & support Reach Out WorldWide - scattered ALL around the world. It's such an incredible feeling.

Because I miss my brother.

We miss our family member. And it's comforting to know that so many people from SO far away that never even actually met him miss him so much as well.

It's really wonderful.

MarjanTavallaie1 karma

Wow, thank you for replying.

It's comforting having ROWW, to be able to do something good. Paul was an amazing human being and so are you Cody.

I wish to meet you one day when you come to Sweden!

We all miss him very much.

Lacey77walker1 karma

Cody, will you ever visit New York? I think your doing an amazing job with Reach Out Worldwide. I always make sure to purchase 1 thing on the website to support this great cause.

Cody_Walker2 karma

Thank you.

I do plan on going to New York. I need to make it out there soon. And I haven't been there since 2000. LONG overdue. So I will be there soon!

EsKiMo499 karma

Hey Cody! Just wanted to say fantastic job in the Fast 7 ending, it was very moving and powerful and a great way to say goodbye. What were some of your favourite video games growing up?

Cody_Walker15 karma

Well, thank you very much. I'm happy with the way the film was completed as well. I thought it was very tasteful. And a very nice tribute to Paul, and all of the years they've been filming this franchise, which has morphed into a silver screen family.

Growing up, I dabbled in PC gaming as well as console gaming.

The Nintendo 64 holds a special place for me in the console gaming. 007 GOLDENEYE is one of my all-time faves. MarioKart is always fun when you have friends over and everything. When I venture into PC games, I'm going to have to say... my favorite game of all-time was STAR WARS GALAXIES. SWG we called it! It was an MMORPG and it existed before this monster World of Warcraft, and I friggin' logged SO many hours in that game - including Paul! We played that game for a couple of years. That's definitely - if I had to choose one PC game, it would be STAR WARS GALAXIES.

And I'm a huge STAR WARS fan. And Paul was too.


I am going to see the new movie like, 5 times. I'm so excited! And my fiance's never even seen the first 3. I feel like she's missed the boat - nowadays, if you haven't seen it before, you're going to look at it and say "That's so 70's!" It's really sad. But I'll drag her along for these. I told her already - we're going to sit down and watch all of them in chronological order before the new one is released in December. Whether she likes it or not.

InfernoTurnip8 karma

Does a passion for cars run in your family? Perhaps cliché, but if you could have any car, what would it be and why?

Cody_Walker16 karma

The passion for cars does run in the family.

My mom's dad actually raced for Ford! That would've been in the 1950's, 60's. He also worked on performance transmissions and stuff on Ford vehicles.

If I could have ANY one car... and why...could I get more cars in the future? Or is this just the one car that I get?

OH that's such a hard question.

There's a car for every day of the week. I like German performance cars. I'm not really into Ferraris or Lamborghinis. Porsche doesn't have a good taste in my mouth, as the vehicle Paul was last in, but he was a huge Porsche fan, and so am I, so I'd have to say a Porsche GT3 RS.

surroundedbystupid8 karma

Hey Cody, you're awesome, and that's just based on what we do know about you. Do you ever feel overwhelmed since taking over the ROWW mantle from Paul?

Cody_Walker9 karma


Things are much more stable, and I'm happier since I took it over. I'd be lying if I said everything was great from the start. Paul was a huge, HUGE of ROWW. He was ROWW. He was our founder. He was our sole contributor. He paid for these missions himself.

And it was very rocky jumping in. It was a delicate time for us all, just figuring out how we were going to move forward.

But I'm happy to say that time does heal things. Things are good, very positive. The future is very bright.

I do feel the pressure. I just do the best I can.

TheDuskDragon7 karma

Hey Cody! Thanks for doing an AMA.

What was your favorite videogame that you, Paul, and Caleb played growing up?

Cody_Walker13 karma

Um... I'll let you in on a little secret that's really funny.

So growing up, I played games. But our dad was REALLY against console games. He didn't really understand computers all that well, but he hated having a Nintendo or something plugged into the TV! He's just a different generation! So we would actually - I'm the youngest by quite a bit - so Caleb or Paul, they'd go to Blockbuster back in the day when you could actually RENT consoles? So that's where we got - we'd rent a Nintendo 64, or Sega Saturn (which flopped, I don't know if a lot of people remember it) - we played all kinds of games. More so - Paul and I were much bigger nerds than Caleb. Caleb liked primarily sports games, football games, basketball games. But ECCO THE DOLPHIN? We loved that one. Paul loved ocean creatures, I remember playing that one. I'd say more recently, within the last 8 years or so, the 3 of us would get on, no matter where - Paul would be off filming a movie, Caleb living in OC, me in LA - we'd hop on Xbox (we're Xbox guys, not Playstation guys), and we'd play TONS of Call of Duty.


den3007 karma

Hey man, how's it going?

Cody_Walker9 karma

It's going really good! Make sure you check out our livestream today!

Bstr86 karma

Hi Cody,

Where do you see Reach Out Worldwide in 5 or even 10 years and how do you see the organization growing?

Cody_Walker10 karma

I see the organization growing to an extent while still staying small by design. Because staying small allows us to be more mobile, and able to get into areas - particularly in a lot of cases, rural areas - that larger teams can have great difficulty getting into in a short span of time. So I would love for us to be able to respond more in the future to even more disasters. But I do want to continue to keep the team small. More trips, same organizational team size, deployment size. By doing that also, we're able to have a smaller staff, and that helps keeps costs down, so that more money goes to the people in need.

clairebyrd6 karma

Hey Cody, I see you're getting married soon. Congratulations! What are you most nervous about when tying the knot?

Cody_Walker8 karma


Well, thank you very very much.

What am I most nervous about?

The fact that she doesn't like STAR WARS.

But I'm really not nervous - we've been together for 7 years. This is something I should've done a while ago.

nathytejada5 karma

Hey Cody, you're awesome for doing all of this. I'm so happy you're continuing ROWW's efforts. How was the trip to Nepal? How do you feel after having that wonderful experience of helping those in Nepal?

Cody_Walker11 karma

That trip to Nepal was... one of the most life-changing experiences that I've ever had. Hands down.

To see the amount of destruction and suffering that these people are going through right now is just - so, so sad.

But it was interesting to see - the fact of the matter is that life must go on. So people are doing what they can to get by. And actually I had the incredible opportunity to get to know several of the locals as we were there who aided as interpreters as well as with general knowledge of the land. One in particular whose own home was destroyed, him and his family had been living in a tent. And they foresee living in this tent for at least the next 2 years. And he spent the entire week with us traveling to rural areas of Nepal that had received little-to-no medical assistance since the quake, and helping his own people - even though he had lost everything, also.

He just considered himself lucky that no one in his family was killed or harmed.

But they lost EVERYTHING.

And he didn't want any compensation whatsoever.

I've been places in the world through my travels, where it's just kind of - you meet porters and all that, and everyone's trying to make a buck.

Well in Nepal, with this horrible disaster - everybody there was just doing stuff out of the goodness of their hearts. Nobody asked for compensation on anything. Even young students there were just trying to help.

This whole experience put my faith back in humanity to see that.

Because sometimes it feels like people don't really care? But it was an incredible experience.

I'm getting choked up even talking about it.

But... yeah, a very successful mission. You lose days in travel time, but in the 4 days that we were able to help medically, we actually treated and released over 400 patients.

And that's with - we left LAX with a 9-man team, when we got to Nepal that increased to a 12-man team, with 3 local interpreters. Without their help, it would've been VERY difficult.

I have to say that I had members on my team who have been on 4, even 5 rural missions, and this is one of the most - all of our missions have been successful, and we say this after every successful one - but for me, this being my 2nd deployment - this one really had a huge impact on me.

NopeSarah5 karma

When you played videogames growing up, who got first player?

Who's your favorite character for Mariokart64?

Cody_Walker8 karma

Oh man, Paul did! I was the little bro!


NopeSarah2 karma

Me too, well, sister. But - Did you get to actually play Yoshi? I always got stuck with Donkey Kong because my siblings always beat me to it.

Cody_Walker6 karma

Hehehe. I was pretty fast, with my little fingers! So I'd get Yoshi.

NopeSarah1 karma

That's the best! You lived the younger sibling's dream, right there!

Thanks for taking time out to do the ama, Cody! It means a lot to your fans and folks interested in relief work and the fast and furious fans. It made my day. :)

I hope you have a great time at your event today!

Cody_Walker1 karma

Thank you so much for tuning in to participate in this AMA! And I look forward, I hope you watch today! Starts at 11 AM PST! I hope you're watching.

jm19724 karma

Hi Cody, looking forward to Game4Paul, Love how your keeping his memory alive good job!!In that last scene in Fast 7 were you or Caleb in that car when he and Vin drove off together??

Cody_Walker4 karma

The answer is - it was a hybrid. That was actually a mixture of Caleb specifically, and Paul. And it was very important that the use of Paul's face was the real thing. I think a lot of people tend to think that films, these movies are filmed in chronological order?

And I think a lot of people assume that because Paul passed, the last 20% or 30% of the movie, none of it is actually him. It was a mixture. They were able to re-use some footage from a previous film that no one's ever seen before - it was from an outtake, or from the dailies - because that moment - CGI these days is getting better and better, but it's still not nearly as good as the real thing.

So that's a very, very important moment.

So I'm glad to say that's Paul's real face, with the use of Caleb's lower half in the vehicle.

jm19723 karma

Hi Cody what sort of games you playing at event??

Cody_Walker6 karma

We're going to be playing a LOT of Nintendo games. We're going to be playing some racing games - I believe we have the new Forza game on Xbox One. And then aside from the Nintendo classics - we'll also be playing the new MarioKart, Super Smash Bros (I'm not sure what version we'll have), Super Mario World... I apologize for not knowing his name, but we have a pro speed gamer that's going to be here today running through - I believe it's Super Mario World, and i believe he has the fastest time - and I think he's going to show some tips and tricks on how to do what he does. But lots of Nintendo titles, lots of old Nintendo faves for sure.

I hope you tune in! http://www.tiltify.com/events/game4paul

Eryx8972 karma

Are you a fan of speedruns? Also, going to be here until the livestream starts?

Cody_Walker4 karma

Pretty much yeah! It starts in less than an hour!

And speedruns? You know, I appreciate them, but I've never really gone on Twitch or anything and watched speedruns, no.

little_one_x3 karma

Cody you said how Paul once told you how lucky you were you could just go to the movies and chill but he couldn't just go and do that because of who he was..what's it like seeing it from the other side now and do you intend to stay just ROWW or follow in his footsteps and do movies too? And on a side note, we all tell you but I hope you listen you really are inspiring with how strong you are and the man you've grown into, never forget it, you and Paul have touched and changed SO many lives of people who have never even met you. x

Cody_Walker5 karma

You know, I actually continue to do both. I'm currently actively pursuing both.

And I feel that the acting side of things won't in any way detract from the work that ROWW will do. Like I said, I'm one of many, but I feel that continuing on this acting path, I can also help the cause.

HumanSpecimen2 karma

It wasn't until after his passing that I learned of Paul's charity work. Was there a particular event in his life that lead to this , or was it simply his nature to give back to the community (or both!)?

Also, thank you for honoring your brother's legacy by continuing this work, and for doing this AMA.

Cody_Walker10 karma

Thank you.

The answer is both.

Paul was very aware of how blessed he was, and how fortunate he was, and his successes, and he never forgot that, which is why you've only ever heard good things about my brother. Is because he was that guy. He was a very down to earth individual. He never got lost in the glamour, or the celebrity that he was. And he would oftentimes look back at himself and wonder "What the hell am I doing? There are so many people who are less fortunate, there's so much work that needs to be done out there."

And something really struck a chord with him after the earthquakes in Haiti.

He was tired of thinking about how he could make a bigger impact. And he just decided this is the time, I'm going to do it now. And so that's how it started.

He... was always just giving back. And he didn't want any recognition. He really didn't.

Which is why all this stuff came out after he passed.

His one request after he did these things - even after ROWW deployments he went out on - there's all these stories that have come out, about him doing all these wonderful things - is because his only ask was "Please don't tell anybody - I want to be where the cameras aren't."

He had this thing, too, where you see - when you look at PEOPLE Magazine, and those types of magazines, you usually see those same stars over and over again. And he never showed a lot of sympathy for 'em because he said "They love that. If they didn't love that, they wouldn't be neighbors with the paparazzi."

He was a very private guy.

But he was all about giving back. A very generous person.

Halahlala2 karma

Hey, Cody:) I just wanted to tell you how incredibly brave I think you are and how much it inspires me everyday. I tweet that to you everyday (@flawdhalah) and I hope you've seen it . I want to say thank you for everything you've done, you truly are an amazing human being. How has all the support felt like and what's it like working with such amazing people? God bless you :)

Cody_Walker7 karma

Oh, thank you very much for your support and following me and the organization that you and I BOTH love.

And it's comforting.

Very heartwarming.

It's - like I said in the previous question - it's very comforting to become aware of that support, because it makes the family and I really - Paul was very special to us, and it's very comforting to know that he was special to so many people he never even met.

That just shows the kind of person he was.

So it's very wonderful.

94safi2 karma

hi Cody x what do you like more dc or marvel?(:

Cody_Walker3 karma


94safi1 karma

same Cody x and who is your favourite character?

Cody_Walker3 karma

Oh gosh...Iron Man.

94safi1 karma

i think we're just twins because same haha what is your favourite movie((not f&f))?(:

Cody_Walker3 karma

STAR WARS. The original 3.

Mischa221B2 karma

What type of music do you listen to?

Cody_Walker5 karma

Well, I hear this quite a lot - "Oh, I listen to everything."

I legitimately listen to everything. I DO!

And that includes country music. Okay - alright - you got me, I don't like heavy metal.

Dangit! Now I can't say everything, can I? Hahaha!

It all depends on the mood that I'm in, what kind of music I'm going to listen to.

But I do listen to everything, minus heavy metal screamo stuff. I'm a chill dude.

Mischa221B2 karma

What is your favorite word? Least favorite?

Cody_Walker7 karma

My most favorite word and least favorite word?

I think my least favorite word is "never."

And my most favorite word is "yes."

vasilikh1 karma

hey Cody .. can you please tell me your best moment with your brother??? and your fav moment on shet withh ff7 family?your best moments??? and VIN is always Near to you pleaaase answer mw :D

Cody_Walker5 karma

You know, over the years, I've been to some very incredible places around the world with Paul. And those were all very incredible experiences, and I'll hold onto those forever. But thinking about it, the thing that really - my favorite memories would have to be - with the age gap, Paul was 15 years older than me, so I was the little brother. And as soon as he was able to drive, he moved out of the house when he was 18, but growing up, throughout elementary school, middle school, and then until I could drive in high school, he'd show up to the house unannounced (because this was before cell phones) and he'd just steal me and take me to Huntington Beach or Santa barbara, just show up out of nowhere, and I just thought that was the most incredible thing. I just looked up to him so much, being my oldest brother. And sometimes when you're in your late teens, early 20's, it's kind of hard to hang out with kids that are that much younger than you? But to him, it was never the case. He included me in EVERYTHING. And it was the coolest thing when he'd show up to the house and just kidnap me! My mom would call him, saying "You gotta bring him back, he's got school tomorrow!" hahaha!

Over the years, I had met several of the cast very briefly - onset or at the premiere of whatever FAST it was - but I never got to know them know them. And when this decision was made, that Caleb and I were gonna help, we were of course really nervous, weren't quite sure how ANY of this was gonna shake out. And to Universal's credit, they weren't sure how it was going to shake out either.

But the moment that we stepped out on that set - all of our worries were gone.

We were accepted. It was so wonderful. Everybody loved Paul so much. They had their own stories about seeing me for the first time, when I was half my height that I am now. It wasn't just the big famous actors who were wonderful, either, it was the crew members, the grips, the sound guys, the camera men - everybody was so wonderful - wardrobe, makeup, EVERYONE. So many of these people have been involved in not just one, or two, but all seven of these movies.

It truly was a very special project. It wasn't just "some movie" Paul was filming. And that made all the difference in the world in how Caleb and I were received.

And I - it turned into a very positive experience, given the circumstances.

alec251 karma

Out of all of the countries currently in need of assistance, which are the most urgent cases?

Cody_Walker2 karma

Things are happening all around the world every day. And we at ROWW have to be responsible with the resources and the abilities we have, to be as successful as we can. So we have to take everything into consideration - are the abilities that we have useful for said disaster or crisis? Can we ensure that our volunteers are as safe as possible? Obviously there's always unknowns, but our volunteer safety is paramount. And we have to take everything in stride. We have to dissect everything and make sure we're doing the most good with the money our donors give us to help. And if we did it any other way, that would be irresponsible of us.

We don't want to become part of the problem.

Mischa221B1 karma

At what place in the world you most like to visit?

Cody_Walker5 karma

Well, I just recently was able to mark Australia off my list! Nepal - I was just there - was absolutely a special place, very inspirational to see the people there coming together after this tragic event. I'd say the place I want to go to next would be... somewhere in South America. Perhaps Brazil? I'd really like to go there.

Mischa221B1 karma

Can I ask you, have you ever been in the Czech Republic?

Cody_Walker2 karma

I have. And I absolutely love Prague. I've been to Prague 3 different times, and it still remains one of my favorite places. It's a beautiful city and the people there are gorgeous.

SandstoneD1 karma

How was it fighting with Tony Jaa? Does this make you an honorary badass?

Cody_Walker4 karma


The fight with Tony Jaa was absolutely incredible. He is the most kind person ever. He just learned how to speak english at the beginning of filming for FURIOUS 7 - he is just incredible. It was an absolute honor to be able to do the fight scene with him, and learn the choreography from him.

Those were filmed in LA. And you got the sense onset - Cody, this is so cool! You get to fight with Tony Jaa! You're telling me!

And he did fracture my thumb. But I took it as a trophy.

Tony Jaa fractured my thumb!

That's pretty cool in my book.

And I was blocking in his kick when it happened.

MariWeath091 karma

Hi Cody, What's your favorite thing about being a Paramedic and being a part or ROWW?

Cody_Walker2 karma

Favorite thing about being a paramedic is actually being able to do and see things that your average person will never get to see in their life. And I have a sense of adventure. And I also have that - I like helping people. It's something that runs in the family. My mom's a nurse, my sister's a nurse - and I just, dunno, it was never a question for me. I knew I wanted to be a paramedic. The thought was to pursue a career with a fire department - I'm not doing that anymore, but I'm staying a paramedic. But definitely. It's the sense of adventure. You NEVER know what today's shift is going to bring.

And that's what was exciting. I never saw myself sitting in an office. My office was the world, the city that I was in. I might be on the beach, in the middle of the freeway, in somebody's home - the job takes you to very bizarre places.

And I really enjoyed that.

And with ROWW, I'm able to do a very similar thing, while also getting to see incredible parts of the world, and getting to experience different cultures and ideals, and expand my own knowledge of what's out there. And as much as I love being a paramedic - anyone who has any experience with EMS, there's a lot of stuff that is not life-threatening. There's a lot of things that don't really require a 911 call for instance, whereas with ROWW, I have the opportunity to go to places where people legitimately need help. And they're not just abusing the emergency medical system that we have in place.

So I love ROWW. I enjoy it very much. Because i actually get to make a difference. And it's not just me it's the whole team. I'm just one of the many members of that team.

Maricaarmeenn1 karma

Hey Cody!

So first I want to say it warms my heart seeing you keep Paul's legacy going, and I am extremely proud of you and Caleb for everything you guys are doing. Anywho my question for you is what is it like now that you have all these new responsibilities on your shoulders? For example ROWW and FF7? Also what was it like having to pack up and move to do ROWW?

Cody_Walker2 karma

It's a huge responsibility. I...Paul and I were close. So I feel like if anyone could do it, it had to be me. And of course, I feel the pressure on my shoulders for ROWW. I'm a key player in it now. And I just tell myself - just do the best job you can do? And people will either enjoy it, or they won't.

And that's the attitude that I've taken. This is me, this is who I am, this is what I do, and I'm going to do the best I can. And I have the love and respect from people in ROWW who have been involved since its inception, and I think that speaks for itself.

But there's tons of pressure. I just take it one day at a time. And I do the best that I can.

Maricaarmeenn2 karma

That's a good way to look at it. Don't worry, you're doing a great job and the fact that people want to be more involved alone shows how good you're doing. Paul would be extremely proud of you. Don't worry Cody, you're not alone! We support you! Thank you for answering my question.

Cody_Walker2 karma

That means a lot to me.

Thank you very much.

That's why I do this. I need that support. So I appreciate that.

Tiffsutter1 karma

Hey Cody! First off thanks for doing this AMA! Secondly, thank you for stepping in for your brother Paul; He was special to us all and you and Caleb are really making sure his legacy will continue for us. Thank you. And finally, my question: Can you perhaps clear up or comment on a possible role created for you in the Fast and Furious franchise for later movies (I'd personally love it)?

Cody_Walker2 karma

Well, thank you very much for your support in that regard.

Right now... there is a lot of ideas floating around.

And I don't have any comment one way or another. The studio's trying to figure out which path they would like to take. And that's where it's at.

Tiffsutter1 karma

Awesome! Thanks for replying! But hey here's the real question: American muscle or Import? Haha

Cody_Walker3 karma

Aww, come on! I hate these black & white questions!

I can't answer that question. Gee whiz! I love 'em all! I like them both.

Paul had a collection that was pretty evenly distributed. He couldn't make a decision either.

PsstImADinosaur1 karma

Hi Cody! Thanks for taking the time to do this.

What was your favorite pastime with your brothers?

Cody_Walker3 karma

We had so many little hobbies that we did. I mean, we geeked out on video games. We were into RC cars - the ones that you could build - the hardcore ones, you would build them piece-by-piece, you'd select the tires, the motors, the speed control, the transmitter / receiver - team associated brand stuff, we were REALLY into that.

But really though... Paul and I were so alike, because we were so spontaneous. When we'd get into something, we'd get into it, and then we'd lose interest, and then it'd come back around 360! So lots of incredible surf trips - Indonesia, Costa Rica.

I just miss the stupid little hobbies we'd get into. We'd research stuff - calling each other at all times of the day or night - just like, totally OBSESSED with whatever the current flavor of the month was. And I really miss that. I miss having that person who just had that similar attitude as me. Me and him drove everyone crazy with all our hobbies. You should've seen our closets, our garages!

Caleb's the same way. He gets into stuff too. But it's funny, it definitely runs between the 3 of us.

NikkiSmith3311 karma

Hi Cody, With Paul being one who kept his private life seperate, were you & your family always close with the Fast family or was it more with y'all helping complete Fast 7? Also did you get to meet Ronda Rousey? She's such a badass! Good luck on the fundraising today, may ROWW & its work be blessed!

Cody_Walker2 karma

I'd visit the set, or be at the premiere. So I didn't know any of them very well, i would say. But when I did become involved, it was as if I always had known them. It took no time. There was no "warming up." It was very much like we had always been as close was are now. I had some very private, special moments with the majority of the cast, and I really got to bond and hear their stories - because Paul was private a lot, too. So just to hear their side of things, and what it was that Paul shared with them. And a lot of that there was overlap. And it was pretty incredible to hear how open Paul was to some key members of the Fast family.

They were close.

They really were. You hear it all the time, but they'd been working together for 14 years.

Halahlala1 karma

Hi cody! What is your go-to feel-good movie?

Cody_Walker2 karma

HOOK. Yup!

JJFillgrum1 karma

What was your favorite car to drive in the new movie?

Cody_Walker4 karma

The GTR.

theunit091 karma

Hi Cody, Just wanted to say I think it's amazing everything you've done in memory of your brother, especially how you've continued to help run and grow ROWW and of course your and Caleb's acting in FF7. So many of us grew up watching Paul and the rest of the family race, and it was really something to get to see a send-off like that.

As far as a qeustion, I was wondering if there are any personal stories you've heard of your brother going out of his way to do something to help somene else? I know he had his Charity, and was all about the community, but maybe something else that normal fans don't know?

Cody_Walker3 karma

I've seen him do wonderful things for people.

But like I said - if you weren't there firsthand to see it - he would NEVER bring it up. He'd never talk about it. He wasn't looking for a pat on the back or an "Oh man, that's cool what you did back there."

He wasn't seeking commendation. Never.

So I've seen him pick up tabs for people at restaurants, celebrating a birthday with all their friends, Paul secretly paying the tab on the way out. He was also a HUGE animal lover, all different types of animals. And I was actually - for all the animal lovers out there - we were actually driving around, and we were in Zuma Beach, and we see this redtail hawk fall from the sky, and land on the pavement. We're like "What in the heck?!"

So we pull the truck over, and see these little boys take off, and one of them has a pellet rifle. And they're running. Paul wasn't about to hurt these kids, or be mean to them, but he gives them a "You know, I know what it's like being a kid, shooting birds, but you shouldn't have shot that one." And the little boys were embarrassed, they got their heads down low, they go walking home. Meanwhile, we get a towel out of the bed of the truth, and the thing's tough - that bird jumped up, ran into a bush. And we were able to corner it - Paul chased it into my arms - so I've got this redtail hawk, wrapped in a towel, he's driving, I'm on my cell phone trying to find an exotic veterinarian that can take this hawk - we're calling around, "No, no no," we finally find one, and Paul pays the entire vet bill.

And long story short, it went to this rehabilitation center for raptors. So it had a happy ending.

ellajoey1 karma

Hi, I'm from Portugal and I love what you doing on ROWW. May I be a volunteer?

Cody_Walker2 karma

Currently the best thing is to go to the ROWW website. We build our volunteer force on a case-by-case basis. We're small, Southern California based. In the countries we have been to for various disasters, we have ROWW members abroad who help with logistics and communications and things like that. The best way to support ROWW currently is to spread the word about us, and you don't just have to donate money - you can educate others about ROWW, and create your own campaign on our website using your own social media & contacts. It's a full-blown platform we have. You can have a meetup, invite all your friends, whatever!


weare_united1 karma

Hey Cody, you guys really did a fantastic job in furious 7, really liked it. We all miss Paul. I wanted to ask what is your favorite quote?

Cody_Walker4 karma

"How do you like them apples?"


tru89pet1 karma

Hey Cody! Thanks for doing this AMA and for continuing with ROWW for Paul.

Did you ever expect how big Furious 7 would be? Since you've been involved with the Fast&Furious franchise family, how has it changed your life?

Cody_Walker2 karma

It's changed my life considerably.

Obviously, my life will never be the same again.

I knew that the film was going to be huge. These movies, as far as an action-packed pure entertainment and laughs, they can't be beat. It hits every single chord. It delivers what people wanna see. And with each one, they just do bigger, and they do better, every single time. When you look back - it is a phenomenon. Nobody knew when they made THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS, the original, it was actually originally called REDLINE, and they changed the name, just before they started advertising for the first one. And after Paul passed... Paul didn't realize, Paul didn't realize how huge his own fanbase was. And how much he was loved.

He was really just a low-key guy. He just didn't realize it. And I didn't even become aware of it until after he passed, and people started reaching out because I jumped on to help with ROWW. So I became the person that people knew how to contact, based on where the office was. And I became educated on just how loved he was by his fans, and by the car community and everything.

And that's when I knew - this whole year - I was like This movie- and the people and the wonderful letters they're sending - this movie is just going to be...an insane success.

Because his fans wanted to go. And they wanted to see this movie. And they wanted to see it more than once. And the thought that this is Paul's farewell movie is just - just - it made this movie that much more special.

And I knew it was going to be very successful.

hypercube1230 karma

hello cody, can we place bets on the games as part of a donation ?

Cody_Walker3 karma

No, we don't have any way of receiving bets, and I'm not sure what the legalities of it are. But we'll have fun little contests and things in the stream! But there won't be any betting going on. We might do fun bets like "If so-and-so beats so-and-so at MarioKart, then the loser will chug this jar of pickle juice." Or whatever. But there will be fun little things thrown in there - but no betting with money. Just donating to charity.

But there will be prizes that donors have a chance at winning, based on how much they donate and things. We have some cool RC cars and other memorabilia and things like that.

So it creates an incentive and a fun thing. You're not just donating money, you have a chance to win something cool!

Beth_leppard830 karma

Hi Cody! Thanks for being part of an organization that helps restore my faith in humanity.

Now I'm going to ask a serious question. Ferrari or Lamborghini?

Cody_Walker2 karma

If those are my only two choices - Ferrari.