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Cody you said how Paul once told you how lucky you were you could just go to the movies and chill but he couldn't just go and do that because of who he was..what's it like seeing it from the other side now and do you intend to stay just ROWW or follow in his footsteps and do movies too? And on a side note, we all tell you but I hope you listen you really are inspiring with how strong you are and the man you've grown into, never forget it, you and Paul have touched and changed SO many lives of people who have never even met you. x

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=) Like we all say to and about you, you are an amazing guy, just like your brother. Blows my mind how strong you are and goals you have achieved and continue to achieve at your age. One day mannny years from now when we're both old and gray (well you can be, imma dye my hair -cough-) I'll link this back and say remember that and look how far you and ROWW have come. The world needs far more people like you x