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Well, first of all, I love getting that question because that means we all did our job in keeping it as seamless as possible. Because it wasn't me or Caleb, it was about Paul and helping complete the film for the fans.

And I really enjoy the fact that it wasn't that obvious all the time. Because this is a really unique situation, the circumstances were very odd. I don't really want to take much credit for anything, because it's like "Oh, THAT wasn't Paul."

But my favorite one I did - there's a portion of the second fight with Tony Jaa that's actually me, a good portion of it is actually me, and during the filming of it, Tony Jaa actually fractured my thumb. It was really cool!

So so far, I like that one.

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The passion for cars does run in the family.

My mom's dad actually raced for Ford! That would've been in the 1950's, 60's. He also worked on performance transmissions and stuff on Ford vehicles.

If I could have ANY one car... and why...could I get more cars in the future? Or is this just the one car that I get?

OH that's such a hard question.

There's a car for every day of the week. I like German performance cars. I'm not really into Ferraris or Lamborghinis. Porsche doesn't have a good taste in my mouth, as the vehicle Paul was last in, but he was a huge Porsche fan, and so am I, so I'd have to say a Porsche GT3 RS.

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Well, thank you very much. I'm happy with the way the film was completed as well. I thought it was very tasteful. And a very nice tribute to Paul, and all of the years they've been filming this franchise, which has morphed into a silver screen family.

Growing up, I dabbled in PC gaming as well as console gaming.

The Nintendo 64 holds a special place for me in the console gaming. 007 GOLDENEYE is one of my all-time faves. MarioKart is always fun when you have friends over and everything. When I venture into PC games, I'm going to have to say... my favorite game of all-time was STAR WARS GALAXIES. SWG we called it! It was an MMORPG and it existed before this monster World of Warcraft, and I friggin' logged SO many hours in that game - including Paul! We played that game for a couple of years. That's definitely - if I had to choose one PC game, it would be STAR WARS GALAXIES.

And I'm a huge STAR WARS fan. And Paul was too.


I am going to see the new movie like, 5 times. I'm so excited! And my fiance's never even seen the first 3. I feel like she's missed the boat - nowadays, if you haven't seen it before, you're going to look at it and say "That's so 70's!" It's really sad. But I'll drag her along for these. I told her already - we're going to sit down and watch all of them in chronological order before the new one is released in December. Whether she likes it or not.

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Um... I'll let you in on a little secret that's really funny.

So growing up, I played games. But our dad was REALLY against console games. He didn't really understand computers all that well, but he hated having a Nintendo or something plugged into the TV! He's just a different generation! So we would actually - I'm the youngest by quite a bit - so Caleb or Paul, they'd go to Blockbuster back in the day when you could actually RENT consoles? So that's where we got - we'd rent a Nintendo 64, or Sega Saturn (which flopped, I don't know if a lot of people remember it) - we played all kinds of games. More so - Paul and I were much bigger nerds than Caleb. Caleb liked primarily sports games, football games, basketball games. But ECCO THE DOLPHIN? We loved that one. Paul loved ocean creatures, I remember playing that one. I'd say more recently, within the last 8 years or so, the 3 of us would get on, no matter where - Paul would be off filming a movie, Caleb living in OC, me in LA - we'd hop on Xbox (we're Xbox guys, not Playstation guys), and we'd play TONS of Call of Duty.


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That trip to Nepal was... one of the most life-changing experiences that I've ever had. Hands down.

To see the amount of destruction and suffering that these people are going through right now is just - so, so sad.

But it was interesting to see - the fact of the matter is that life must go on. So people are doing what they can to get by. And actually I had the incredible opportunity to get to know several of the locals as we were there who aided as interpreters as well as with general knowledge of the land. One in particular whose own home was destroyed, him and his family had been living in a tent. And they foresee living in this tent for at least the next 2 years. And he spent the entire week with us traveling to rural areas of Nepal that had received little-to-no medical assistance since the quake, and helping his own people - even though he had lost everything, also.

He just considered himself lucky that no one in his family was killed or harmed.

But they lost EVERYTHING.

And he didn't want any compensation whatsoever.

I've been places in the world through my travels, where it's just kind of - you meet porters and all that, and everyone's trying to make a buck.

Well in Nepal, with this horrible disaster - everybody there was just doing stuff out of the goodness of their hearts. Nobody asked for compensation on anything. Even young students there were just trying to help.

This whole experience put my faith back in humanity to see that.

Because sometimes it feels like people don't really care? But it was an incredible experience.

I'm getting choked up even talking about it.

But... yeah, a very successful mission. You lose days in travel time, but in the 4 days that we were able to help medically, we actually treated and released over 400 patients.

And that's with - we left LAX with a 9-man team, when we got to Nepal that increased to a 12-man team, with 3 local interpreters. Without their help, it would've been VERY difficult.

I have to say that I had members on my team who have been on 4, even 5 rural missions, and this is one of the most - all of our missions have been successful, and we say this after every successful one - but for me, this being my 2nd deployment - this one really had a huge impact on me.