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I'm glad someone asked a Detroit Rock City question. I love that movie so much and I'm not even a kiss fan.

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I'm unintentionally reading all your replies in GLaDOS voice

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I had severe erosion of the esophagus in 2009. I thought I was having a heart attack and was in the hospital for a long time as they couldn't find the cause of my chest spasms. I could feel them tightening. Even after the cause had been found I suffered insomnia, severe anxiety and a heavy HEAVY dose of hypochondria that still exists to this day. I have panic attacks daily and my life is very different than it was in 2009.

Thinking you're really going to die fucks with you. Truly understanding mortality is terrifying.

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I have yet to see a dollar bill. What's the correct etiquette for when I'm finally in its presence?


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Thanks for the reply man. Been a Fast fan since the first, and although it was due to tragic circumstances, glad to have you onboard.

Now time for them to write in Brian's brother who joins the crew.