Our short bio: Hey, everybody: We are De La Soul: Posdnous, Dave, and Maseo. We’re best known for our albums 3 Feet High and Rising, De La Soul Is Dead, Stakes Is High and many others. Some of our hit singles include "Me Myself and I," "Saturdays" and "Feel Good Inc." a collaboration with Gorillaz.

We’ve collaborated with everyone from Chaka Khan to Common to even NASA: In 2004, our song "Potholes in My Lawn," became one of the first rap records to be beamed from another planet by the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity. We are currently crowdfunding our new album "And The Anonymous Nobody." https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1519102394/de-la-souls-new-album

EDIT: Thanks for joining us!! We loved all the questions, but we gotta get back to the studio. PEACE DLS

My Proof: https://twitter.com/wearedelasoul

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jactertor838 karma

I notice none of your albums are on Spotify. Are you guys opposed to streaming services (like T. Swift)?

WeAreDeLaSoul2253 karma

No we're not opposed to these services.. we're just one of those band dealing with old contract that never had internet or digital language in them... we're working hard with attorneys and publisher to make our catalogue available.

Draz-B339 karma

First off, thanks for doing this. I'm a big fan of the group so naturally I have a few questions lol. I hope you don't mind.

  1. What was it like working with J Dilla?
  2. Do any of you regret never putting out a solo album?
  3. What was life like growing up in New York in the 80's?
  4. Many legendary artists have only one album that gets deemed a true classic. How does it feel knowing people rate 3 (3 Feet.., De La Soul Is Dead, Stakes is High) of your albums as hip hop essentials that shaped the genre?

WeAreDeLaSoul449 karma

Dilla was a quiet genius... real humble, opened up when he was in his zone. We watched him make a beat in minute... crazy.

Dave and I always recorded solo stuff... just to amuse ourselves.

NY in the *0's was crack life.. really tuff watching you classmates and neighbors fall victim but it was the best era for Hip Hop

3 Ft High was very important to us, we are happiest knowing that our album wasn't only accept but made a difference and change Hip Hop.

JonathanBowen310 karma

What ever happened to Digable Planets?!

WeAreDeLaSoul259 karma

(Pos) I see Doodle Bug around, he has another group he tours with... Mecca is working with Prince Paul at the moment.

Unremoved237 karma

In your song "Me Myself and I" in the second verse you state, "Style is surely our own thing - Not the false disguise of showbiz" which I think spoke well to the growing discourse between what was considered public and popular music compared to underground or fairly unknown singers, rappers, and composes that often feel pigeon-holed to apease the masses. I believe you referred to those people in verse three as kizids with dookie eyes. Things turn a little more surreal in the third verse when you spoke of chestnuts being shoveled in your path, how you're keeping up with them, all to avoid an aftermath. This could be construed as anything from the literal to the figurative, the most obvious analogy pointing to your fight and willpower to go against the "nuts" in your path and to continue to be yourselfs. I think that it is a great message then as much as it is now. Now for my question, do you prefer fried rice or steamed, and why?

WeAreDeLaSoul253 karma

Fried Rice Rules!!! The salt and grease makes it dangerously yummy. Kudos on the breakdown of those verses... wow, spot on.

darkscot170 karma

I served you at Burger King 25 yrs ago in Ottawa, Canada - you did a show at the university campus bar. I ran to the back of BK to let the girls know you guys were here. Q: Was that the inspiration for "Bitties in the BK Lounge"? Love your music!

WeAreDeLaSoul223 karma

Hahaha... close but no Big Mac. Thanks for the love. The inspirational moment did happen at BK, but it was in Indiana.

DJEricDanger132 karma

What was it like working with DOOM on the rockokayne flow album? Also, what is the magic number?

WeAreDeLaSoul223 karma

Doom is an old friend... always fun being around the villain!! The magic number will always be 3.... the 3 of us.

God_Chiseled_Calves131 karma

You guys need a new member? I cant really rap, but I'm a very nice person.

WeAreDeLaSoul153 karma

"De La party ain't a party without you" kind of nice person?

DistinguishedTrout119 karma

I liked y'alls idea of crowdfunding your next album and the response was massive. You guys hit your goal so quickly! Do you think other artists will try to follow suit in the future? Fans and artists are more connected now than ever and you guys are proof that you don't need anything else if you have support. Will record labels ever be a thing of the past?

WeAreDeLaSoul150 karma

We do hope artist will follow in our footsteps! The fans have shown us that they believe and support our art and vision.. we just want to get you guys good music without the middle man/woman getting in the way. Kickstarter has proven to be an excellent vehicle/ community!!

NutSixteen106 karma

Do you guys feel good?

WeAreDeLaSoul249 karma

Feeling Grape!!!

theblackfool86 karma

Hey guys! Huge fan!

Few questions cause i'm greedy like that. I, like many people I'm sure, discovered you when you first showed up on the Gorillaz album. Since then I've got some of your own albums and enjoy them immensely. Later on you also did Superfast Jellyfish with them. Now that they have confirmed a new album, any chance you'll make a new appearance with them? What was it like working with Damon Albarn? I've heard a lot of people can have trouble working with him. Who was the most memorable musician you've ever worked with? Anyway, thanks for being an important part of my life, it's always great to hear you pop up on my headphones.

Keep doing what you do guys!

WeAreDeLaSoul154 karma

Hey, there... greedy is good lol! Damon is the coolest dude. We've heard he's a trouble maker :-) but he's always been a charm with us. Recording for the Gorillaz albums was beyond cool.. no pressure, just building on ideas till we got something good. I've spoken to Damon (this is Dave) about the new Gorillaz album. I'm excited, we'd love to collab once again if Damon's up for it.

oscarveli81 karma

What are some of your favorite hip-hop albums?

WeAreDeLaSoul238 karma

Fav Hip Hop albums...hmmm

Classics like BDP Criminal Minded, Paid In Full Eric B & Rakim PE's It takes A Nation... and then Tribe's Low End Theory, NWA's Niggaz $ Life...

wil68 karma

What was your experience like distributing with the BitTorrent bundle?

Would you talk a little bit about your expectations and the actual results?

WeAreDeLaSoul105 karma

Great experience!! The results exceeded our expectation insanely.. over 2 million downloads and we didn't crash like we did on dropbox.

These_defaults_suck67 karma

Hey guys! How many feathers on a Perdue Chicken?

WeAreDeLaSoul67 karma

Haaaaahaaa... you don't know the answer to that one??? Oh, C'mon!!! lol

myheadphonesareLOUD59 karma

You guys have a lot of stand-out songs that are really powerful. There's no way to pick a favorite but 'Trying People' seems to have struck me the hardest. Is there any one song that all of you are particularly proud of?

WeAreDeLaSoul83 karma

Trying People makes us cry every time... it's hard getting through that one on stage even. Definitely our pic.

FaZe_Clon57 karma

Hey you guys, I just wanted to say thanks for giving out almost all your music a while back around Valentines day. Why did you guys do that?

WeAreDeLaSoul113 karma

Did it cause sometime you gotta say "F the rules".. we knew the people wanted the music.

MJC9357 karma

You guys like to infuse comedy with you music ( like the gameshow stuff on the 3 feet stuff) Is this side of you guys important to you and your act?

WeAreDeLaSoul130 karma

We are naturally clowns when hanging out.. since the early day of snapping "you Momma" jokes in high school. Studio is just like a classroom, learning, working and joking...it's important bcuz it's part of who we are. Hope we make you laugh.

Frajer52 karma

How did you feel when Beyoncé released a song called Me Myself and I ?

WeAreDeLaSoul183 karma

She could've hollered for the remix...but it's all love:-)

RevanFlash44 karma

Hey De La, love everything you do. Any chance of a tour with a reunited ATCQ?

WeAreDeLaSoul127 karma


NickDerpkins43 karma

Also you guys showed a lot of respect to the Wu on Get Away. What's your relationship with the clan like currently? Thoughts on their recent projects? Favorite MC from the group? (These can be answered individually)

WeAreDeLaSoul67 karma

The Wu is family.. we're big fan and the love and respect is mutual.

KantoBorn41 karma

Wow De La Soul! I first discovered y'all when I heard your remix of Matt & Kim's Daylight. I wanted to ask did you guys worked with Matt & Kim with the Troublemaker remix? If so, how was the experience? The remix came out great! I also wanted to ask how it was working with the Gorillaz. The rap in Feel Good Inc. is amazing. I always find myself trying to rap it. Keep up the good work!

WeAreDeLaSoul53 karma

It's always collaborating with band you're not typically aware of... it's the best creative challenge ever. We love those bands and other after the collars... good folks, good vibes, good music!

firebathero39 karma

Have your views on Pac changed at all over the years?

WeAreDeLaSoul97 karma

Our views of Pac have remained the same... He is one of the most fearless artist ever. Pac wasn't afraid to bare his soul.. Dear Momma, Brenda having a baby, etc etc.. he was the true definition of "keeping it real"

playdohplaydate33 karma

Who were the Japanese rappers you featured on Stakes Is High and how did you guys meet to collaborate?

WeAreDeLaSoul55 karma

That was a group named SDP and a solo artist Takagi Khan... good friends of our we met while touring Japan.

egus22 karma

I just want you guys to know I still call people 'Hamster Penis' and I still crack up every single time.

Is 3 still the magic number?

WeAreDeLaSoul43 karma

3 will always be the magic #, hamster penis!

kozmund21 karma

I'm very excited for the new album, and I really love the concept of getting a bunch of musicians together to burn studio time towards making a base to take samples from. Have you thought about what you're going to do in the future with all those hours of recordings? Have any producers hit you up for copies after your album is done or anything like that?

WeAreDeLaSoul30 karma

We'll be making more tunes and album with the sessions we've accumalated.. possibly bring in outside producers to sample and get different perspectives.

mateye618 karma

Which of you is De, which is La, and which is Soul?

WeAreDeLaSoul60 karma

Mase is Huey, I'm Douie. Dave is Louie :-)

packetOFfries18 karma

Hey Dave, Posdnuos and Maseo

I have been a super big fan of De La Soul, ever since I heard ‘Simply’ probably sometime in 2001…

Considering what you guys do is so unique, which artists have been formative influences on your work?

How do you feel about being considered as one of the ‘greats'?

Thank you very much for this AMA!

WeAreDeLaSoul45 karma

Thanks for the support since early 2000.. We've been influence by the greats from Parliament Funkadelic, James Brown and Marvin Gaye to Africa Bam and KRS One and Ultramagnetic MC's... life is a big influence as well.. Being great is constantly learning... we try to remain student daily.

prezbotyrion17 karma

Goodfellas or Scarface?

WeAreDeLaSoul33 karma

Scarface of course!!

Nocontactorder15 karma

Could you challenge micheal eric dyson to a rap battle so he can stop pretending he is the worlds greatest mc?

WeAreDeLaSoul26 karma

Michael Eric Dyson is the rap don dadda!!

MrTwoBoots13 karma

How did you come up with the intro to "The Bizness"?

WeAreDeLaSoul24 karma

Pos cleverly heard that Craig Mac piece.

Eddiefiola12 karma

Was there any backlash when Trugoy started going by "Dave"?? I know I was really taken aback.....just sorta kidding...thanks for all the tunes, guys.

WeAreDeLaSoul28 karma

No back lash at all.. everyone embrace me lol.. my mom was happiest.

briankash9311 karma

kind of late to the game and don't know if y'all have answered this, but is there a tour on simmer? saw you at summerfest a couple years ago. before that, with tribe and souls of mischief in '93. tour?

WeAreDeLaSoul29 karma

We are looking to do a tour with the release of the new album.. with the band!!!

R3ckl3ss9 karma

I just want to say THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH for putting all your albums up for free before. That was so awesome. I got everything I didn't have and digital copies of stuff I've never ripped.

Who's idea was it to do that?

WeAreDeLaSoul12 karma

Idea actually came from one of our creative guys Brandon Hixon... It was genius. We all are frustrated with our situation.. so we just said fuck it. If they can't get the music up ...let's give it all away.