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In your song "Me Myself and I" in the second verse you state, "Style is surely our own thing - Not the false disguise of showbiz" which I think spoke well to the growing discourse between what was considered public and popular music compared to underground or fairly unknown singers, rappers, and composes that often feel pigeon-holed to apease the masses. I believe you referred to those people in verse three as kizids with dookie eyes. Things turn a little more surreal in the third verse when you spoke of chestnuts being shoveled in your path, how you're keeping up with them, all to avoid an aftermath. This could be construed as anything from the literal to the figurative, the most obvious analogy pointing to your fight and willpower to go against the "nuts" in your path and to continue to be yourselfs. I think that it is a great message then as much as it is now. Now for my question, do you prefer fried rice or steamed, and why?

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What are your thoughts of what appears to be purchased favoritism whereby FCC chairpersons are brought in from companies that could be viewed as conflicting in impartiality?