I'm a rookie blocker for my Atlanta home team, the Toxic Shocks, and the Jukes of Hazzard. We have a home bout this weekend! Come check us out! http://www.etix.com/ticket/online/homePageSearch.do?method=showPackageDetail&package_id=9806173

Proof: here's my jersey and my cool leggings. http://imgur.com/UiT0dd4

More proof: here's the link to this AMA on the official Atlanta Rollergirls facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AtlRollergirls/posts/10153175768346335

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Laziness647 karma

Who is player #403 or are you forbidden to tell me?

paige_notfound404448 karma

No #403 on Atlanta (at least not yet)! At one point I was considering #410, Gone Girl.

an_adult_on_reddit556 karma

Is #420, Mary Wanna still available?

paige_notfound404360 karma

Apparently so! http://www.twoevils.org/rollergirls/similarity.cgi?name=marry+wanna There's a skater for Atlanta named AmsterDAM, and her number is, appropriately, #420.

eleanorigby215 karma

How's it going, Paige?

I'm Ramblin' Wrecker; I also skate for the Atlanta Rollergirls- on the Jukes with Paige. I'm glad to answer your questions as well.

Proof: Number Logo

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paige_notfound404162 karma


paige_notfound404113 karma

Hi Wrecker!

cqm189 karma

Legal name change? Or does the NotFound family dynasty have roots in Atlantis?

paige_notfound404252 karma

There's a rich tradition of punny derby names. Here's The Official Master List™™™: http://www.twoevils.org/rollergirls/

HansBlixJr294 karma

all roller derby names are awesome, but Paige Notfound (404) is one of the greatest names in all of human history. I'll advise you to copyright it and start writing your series of youth lit about a young girl who solves crimes when she's not busy at roller derby academy.

paige_notfound404107 karma

Ha! Thanks!

element6147 karma

How did you get into Roller Derby? How much does gear cost?

paige_notfound404222 karma

I was a spectator for a few years, since I knew one of the skaters. But it's only a matter of time before you get sucked in!

The gear varies a lot in price, depending on what you need. My skates probably cost around $600 when you include the boots, the plates, the wheels, the bearings, and the toe stops. Maybe another $200 for pads. You fall down all the time, so good pads are worth it! I bought my whole kit at Powerhouse Skates in Atlanta.

steakbitch90 karma

Oh, you are so right. My friend does derby in Lancaster, PA. Went to some of her bouts and was ABOUT to join...then I moved. Is there any position for a little tiny girl? I'm 5'3'' and about 120 but I can pack a few mean elbows

paige_notfound404160 karma

Absolutely! Some of our best skaters are the smallest. Derby is all about getting low, and nobody can get lower than the short girls!

alexdelarge113139 karma

Hi Paige, it's Nicki Minaj-a-trois (or Kirby), the NSO! I heard a rumor you played rugby? Did you really?! Cause I played 15s with GSU and Summer 7s with GT!

paige_notfound40498 karma

I did! I played 15s for a couple years. I only ever played 7s begrudgingly. So much running. I also played in high school. (There were three teams in the state-- our team took second place. We lost to MoshYa's team, apparently!)

pauloalto107 karma

What is the root cause of the 404? I figure someone would have tried to fix it by now.

paige_notfound404296 karma

Computer scientists have been searching for the root cause for decades, but unfortunately it remains not found.

firewally94 karma

Hey! Welcome to derby 404 club! (Fire Wally here of Minnesota Men's Roller Derby)

How do your co-workers react when they hear that you play derby? It seems like everyone at my job is in disbelief that I go hit dudes on skates, while everyone on my team can't believe that I put on slacks and go work in an office all day.

paige_notfound40485 karma

They love it! They come to my bouts. They started a chant of 404 at the last one. I'm enough of a weirdo that I don't think I can surprise them anymore.

BarfReali93 karma

You ever go to that new "Cookout" place next to Mcdonalds on Ponce? I like their cajun chicken

paige_notfound404108 karma

It's solid. Cheddar style 4ever

GhostOfWhatsIAName68 karma

Now that was quick thinking after the front page post of today. You should add that to the post, probably. Who hooked you up with an AMA so quick? Who's idea was it? And how did they even find you?

paige_notfound404270 karma

I hooked myself up! I can internet reasonably well.

Cedsi97 karma

Hey, that was my post! I really hope you don't mind me posting that, I just thought it was super creative and wanted to share. I was at the bout last night and thought it was pretty cool. I live in Columbus, but I've only been to three MRG bouts so far. I gotta say, y'all were absolutely the best team I've seen them play. Like, I enjoyed going to the other two, but watching them win by like 80 points isn't as fun. ARG was BY FAR the most physical, intense, and fun to watch team I've seen them play. I really don't have a question so.... Go ARG?

paige_notfound40462 karma

Thanks! We're gonna have a rematch in Atlanta on June 6! Should be another good one. http://www.etix.com/ticket/online/homePageSearch.do?method=showPackageDetail&package_id=9758296

an_adult_on_reddit64 karma

What, in your opinion, is the best roller girl name you've ever heard?

paige_notfound404234 karma

Oh man, this is a really tough question. It's hard to choose. I think Jean-Juke Picard is pretty good (team nerd!!!).

SpaceTimeConundrum53 karma

It was an awesome surprise to see ARG on the frontpage. Glad to see nerdy derby names still have strong representation in the league.

Are those the leggings you always bout in, or like me, do you find yourself amassing a collection of ridiculous/awesome leg-wear and mixing it up when you can?

Hi to everyone back in Atlanta! - Dee Lorean #121

paige_notfound40442 karma

This is my first pair of Fancy Bout Leggings, but I'm sure it's not my last. (So expensive! Gotta pace myself!)

SpaceTimeConundrum18 karma

There are cheap leggings out there! I think I paid $10 for one of my coolest pairs. Don't be afraid to go into random stores in the mall and poke around on e-bay!

paige_notfound40423 karma

Nice! Thanks for the tip.

mariesoleil7 karma

Where are they from?! They are so cool.

TuckRaker53 karma

What did you think of Whip It?

paige_notfound404102 karma

Real talk? I haven't seen it. I know they're on a banked track, but most leagues (including Atlanta's) skate on a flat track. I also understand that there's a lot of elbowing and clotheslining stuff in that movie, but in real derby that will get you sent to the penalty box and your teammates will be upset. I do know that a lot of people were inspired to start skating when that movie came out!

18249m42 karma

How hard do nerds have to hit to be taken seriously?

paige_notfound40496 karma

There are a ton of nerds on our league! Anyone who shows up gets taken seriously. Hard to get called a poser if you're willing to take hits on skates.

smock70739 karma

Whats the most brutal injury you've seen happen?

Edit: Also thanks for the AMA!

paige_notfound40473 karma

Luckily, I haven't actually witnessed that many injuries first-hand. All the skaters for Atlanta are pretty strong and have good form, which makes injuries much less likely. But as far as brutality goes, one of my fellow skaters has a metal plate in her leg, and a while ago at practice she took a hit to the leg, and she could feel it vibrating. shudders

smock70723 karma

Thats fortunate! I know nothing about roller derby but I hope your team wins the thing!

I know how that feels, I just got a plate on my collar bone last spring from a long boarding accident. Whenever it gets hit or I move it in the wrong way it makes me very aware that I have a metal plate haha.

paige_notfound40430 karma

Thanks! We have a bout this weekend. (HINT HINT http://www.etix.com/ticket/online/homePageSearch.do?method=showPackageDetail&package_id=9806173 ) We're gonna win the thing!

showmm22 karma

Did your team go to the Blood & Thunder World Cup in Dallas?

paige_notfound40434 karma

My team didn't-- that's pretty much just for national teams. But there are two Atlanta skaters who skate for Team USA: Wild Cherri #6 and my Toxic Shocks teammate Baller Shot Caller #143.

showmm14 karma

A friend of mine went with Team Netherlands, so was just curious how it was for someone else. I'd imagine the competition for a spot on Team USA is pretty heavy.

paige_notfound40424 karma

It is! They're super talented! I'm glad to have one of them on my home team!

Talks_in_meme22 karma

I'm always curious how people prepare for their chosen sport so besides team practice do you have any sort of workout regiment / diet that you do?

paige_notfound40440 karma

Personally, I just try to eat clean, and I drink a protein shake after practice. I don't do nearly as much offskates as I need to... All the best skaters on our league work out a ton!

Not_Wearing_Briefs20 karma

I remember in last year's playoffs, me and couple of my teammates were on track crew, and were sitting right next the Atlanta bench during the Atlanta/Philly bout, which was really intense.

At one point, in a really heated moment, Atlanta's coach just looked over at us and said "this is a hell of game, isn't it?" Ha! We busted out laughing. He's a cool dude, that guy. Much respect for Atlanta.

How often do you guys travel out of state to play? How far away do you go usually?

paige_notfound40420 karma

My interleague team tends to just play local teams (Georgia, Alabama, etc.), but our A-team travels quite a bit. They flew all the way out to Oregon for the 2013 playoffs in Salem!

hackalama18 karma

Do you know Scout Snipeher? She used to be a friend of mine... Love your name, BTW.

paige_notfound40417 karma

She's my coach! :)

marcelineofooo18 karma

I JUST got my first set of skates to start training for roller derby. What can I do (on and off skates) to get better? If you had to guess how many hours a week do you put into practice? Do you have any other advice regarding roller derby?

paige_notfound40429 karma

YEAH, DERBY!!! Do lots of squats. Eat right. Watch as much derby as you can (hint hint, the wftda champs are archived on youtube). If there's a rec league in your area, check that out. Don't be afraid of looking like you don't know what you're doing: everyone wants to help.

I probably skate 4-6 hours a week (which is on the low side for my league), but the more practice you get, the better.

thephw11 karma

Plus there is the Atlanta Rollergirl's 31 day leg challenge!


paige_notfound40412 karma

Yes! Lots of good, painful stuff.

GoodIdea32114 karma

What's the best thing about roller derbys?

paige_notfound40430 karma

It's fun as heck!

iontt13 karma

What types of protective gear is necessary to wear? And is there a difference between the male and female gear?

paige_notfound40422 karma

To skate, you need to have all of the following:

  • helmet
  • mouthguard
  • wrist guards
  • elbow pads
  • knee pads

The men have to wear the same set of gear. I guess some of them probably wear cups, but you'd have to ask them!

barrymc6710 karma

oh no please don't tell me you've ever seen a dude get kicked in the balls with a roller skate...

paige_notfound40419 karma

Well, kicking is an egregious penalty that'd get you thrown out of the game, but it is a full-contact sport, so I'm sure it's happened.

not_the110 karma

This looks even faster and more painful than hockey. What is it like for you?

paige_notfound40420 karma

I've never played hockey, but I did play rugby for a while in college, and derby is much faster and more intense than rugby. Since I started skating, my reflexes have improved dramatically! It only takes a jammer seven seconds to get around the track, so you have to be constantly aware. As for the pain, adrenaline is a great pain reliever :)

goatcoat10 karma

Is it true that #503 is always calling in sick?

paige_notfound40436 karma

She transferred to another league and now her number is 301. (JOKES)

Aerron9 karma

What is your favorite food to eat after a win?

After a defeat?

(Beer qualifies as food in some cultures)

paige_notfound40427 karma

My favorite food is a lot of food. Seriously. What's the slogan for Steak n Shake? "In sight, it must be right"? That's how I feel about food after a bout.

CaptainMexicano8 karma

Is there a limit on what number you can pick? I'm not really up to speed on roller derby but I can't imagine 404 players per team.

paige_notfound40422 karma

It's true, 404 players would be ridiculous. You need to have a number that's unique for your league. When you get a penalty, the ref says your team and your number, not your derby name, so it's important for your number to uniquely identify you. You can pick up to four digits. (In previous rulesets, you could also include letters, as long as there was at least one digit in the "number".)

Foggen7 karma

I'm trying to find somebody with a good working knowledge of Ric Flair appearances in the 1980s. Do you know anybody like that?

paige_notfound4046 karma

I might know somebody.

KHWKHW7 karma

How can you do that for a long time?

paige_notfound40420 karma

In the short term, we do a lot of endurance drills. In the long term, it's harder, but some people have been skating for ten years. Frankly, it's hard to not skate.

Yeezus__7 karma

Will you go out with me?

paige_notfound40429 karma

I think my boyfriend would object!

RealPleh6 karma

Are there different skate setups for different venues to help you turn or is it more about technique?

paige_notfound40417 karma

The biggest difference between venues is the floor. We practice on polished concrete (which is slippery), but our home bouts are on sport court (which is sticky), and the bout last night was on painted concrete (which is even stickier). So a lot of skaters have a few different sets of wheels: soft, grippy wheels for slick floors, and hard, fast wheels for sticky floors. You want a balance. If your wheels are too hard for the floor, you'll slide out of the turns, but if they're too soft, it's much harder to stop when you need to.

Kent89995 karma

Who would win in a fight between a big badass girl skater and a smaller female skater?

paige_notfound40420 karma

No fighting in derby. We settle things on the track. Anybody has the capacity to be a really excellent (and badass) skater, regardless of size.

Human_Sandwich1 karma

Do you have any really creepy roller derby fan/stalker stories?

paige_notfound40410 karma

Nope, our fans are pretty cool.