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Did you see a job advertised for Palau and decide "why not?" or were you looking for something different already?

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If we are going to do it on a money per life basis, then how does it make any sense to save any lives on anything other than the area where the biggest number of lives can be saved for the fewest dollars? So too bad for the women with obstetric fistulas, we should first save 100 people from contracting malaria by buying them all mosquito nets.

I don't think you should be justifying one life (or two lives) over another. The person asked how to find a charity worthy to donate to for a certain cause. Actual advice on how to find it is what would be beneficial.

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I'm guessing you needed computer and Internet access for this kind of trip. Did you have a computer with you or did you depend on local Internet cafes? What did you do when you were somewhere remote without access?

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Tell me about the photo behind you in your Twitter proof?

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Does it matter if I use the same easy password on sites I don't care about (like a recipe website) and then different more secure passwords on things like my personal email and PayPal? I don't see a point in having a bunch of different passwords (or even a password key thingy) for things where the most info someone could find out about me is that I've saved 4 different pancake recipes.