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I worked in a small/medium market radio newsroom for close to 9 years. You aren't kidding. I was amazed when I first entered the industry at how much radio wasn't live.

Anyway, where do you feel FM/AM radio is going? Since I left, I notice less and less emphasis on local content, which is all FM/AM radio has to offer that other sources don't. If they aren't offering the only thing that sets them apart, how do these station remain open? I can get music anywhere and I set the playlist, which I can't do with traditional radio.

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Are there safer, less addictive alternatives out there or will effective pain medication always carry that risk?

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First off, I just want to say how sorry I am for your conditions. These sound horrible and I think any person, regardless of strength and courage, would struggle with these illnesses.

As for my question, if you could rid yourself of anyone of these conditions with the snap of a finger, which one would it be and why?

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Do applicants who don't deserve to get in get in anyway? If so, why?

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How can organizations like yours address the onslaught of what are essentially editorial blogs or extremely biased websites being considered news? How do you go about convincing people to think critically about what they're reading/consuming rather than accepting everything at face value? I, personally, feel it has devalued journalism and news as a whole.