We are one part Alan Tudyk and one part PJ Haarsma. Together, we make up most of a team that launched the CON MAN Indiegogo campaign.

We've been on an insane ride with the campaign this past month and with less than four days left in the campaign, wanted to hop on to answer your most burning questions and to say thank you for helping make this dream project a reality. We still have some time left before the campaign closes, so if you want to get your hands on some super exclusive stuff and check out the campaign, check it out here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/con-man

In the meantime, Victoria's going to be helping us out over the phone today, so ask away!



As always, you guys have been amazing.

Thank you for showing up.

PJ SAYS: We just want to thank the fans. We couldn't have done this without you. You made this reality.

Follow us for additional updates, and we are off to make something amazing for you!

And not Nathan's seven-layer bean dip.

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5parky871 karma

Did you want to be killed in Serenity, or did you just want to make grown men cry?

AlanTudykHere1968 karma

Uh...yeah, that's it. Grown men cry. You found me out.

Did I want to be killed in Serenity? NO!

I wanted Adam Baldwin's character to die. And I still do.

GreatJakeUmber732 karma

How was working on A Knights Tale?

AlanTudykHere1884 karma

Five months in Prague.

In nineteen-ninety-nine. With a 21 year old Heath Ledger. Shooting a medieval movie in a medieval town. It was bloody brilliant.

Nagarath706 karma

Is there any change that John Barrowman will be in the Conman?

Like for example Captain in a rival show what run same time as Spectrum or something..

I admit that I have a dream about semi comedic stand-off between Nathan Fillion and John Barrowman as characters. But overall I just would really like to see Barrowman in the show.

AlanTudykHere816 karma

We're still casting.

We LOVE John Barrowman.

Thanks for the idea!

aristotle2600572 karma

I have this crazy idea, of Nathan Fillion as the new Indiana Jones, and you as the equivalent of Marcus Brody. Interested?

AlanTudykHere530 karma

SIGN ME UP! Absolutely.

mellowfish420 karma

How do you feel about the return of the mighty Brontosaurus to the halls of science?

AlanTudykHere834 karma

It's about goddamn time.

James116403 karma

Alan - I thought you were fantastic as Alpha in Dollhouse (not to mention Turbo/king Candy!), did you approach playing a villain any differently from a comedic role, and is it the sort of character you'd consider again in future?

AlanTudykHere373 karma

Absolutely would consider it again in the future.

The main difference between funny roles and serious roles, for me, is a concentration level.

It takes more concentration to be serious for me.

ultrachronic395 karma

Hi Alan

Will there be a sequel to Tucker & Dale? That movie is amazing

AlanTudykHere593 karma

As long as the second one is good enough to NOT ruin the first one.

That's a confusing way to answer that.

It HAS to be as good as the first one. To make the second one.

operation_hennessey389 karma

If your Firefly cast mates, which projects of theirs have you enjoyed the most?

AlanTudykHere1480 karma


Wow. So many things to pick from.

I'm a huge fan of Morena on GOTHAM right now. I think she's classing up the joint.

Also, Adam Baldwin on TO CATCH A PREDATOR was a surprising cameo!

slashclee354 karma

Does Wray Nerely have dinosaurs on the console in his spaceship?

AlanTudykHere521 karma


He keeps 'em in a drawer. Hahaha.

Mischa221B312 karma

Out of everything you have been in, which movie have you enjoyed being in the most and why?

AlanTudykHere856 karma

If I have to pick just one, I'd say DEATH AT A FUNERAL, because... of the people involved, the actors, and especially Frank Oz. Who made it such a fun experience.


If all of your characters from the past ~15 years were put in a room together, what would they end up having a conversation about?

AlanTudykHere1219 karma

The padded walls.

Warlizard208 karma

What has been your favorite role?

say Wat

AlanTudykHere521 karma

I usually go with ciabatta.

Just like a good whole-wheat roll.

milacra206 karma

Have either of you played the Firefly board game? It's very compelling and captures the tv-show's ambiance quite nicely!

AlanTudykHere439 karma


Although I love that the Wash card is used for running away.

That's its power. Wash's is "run away."

SaltySarcasm196 karma

Garrr Steve the Pirate. Did Peter uphold his end of the bargain and split the loot?

AlanTudykHere181 karma


AlanTudykHere168 karma

He was WAY behind on dues.

PiratedThoughts194 karma

Thank you all for Con Man! I'm sure you've answered this over at the campaign and I've missed it but any chance of a complete FireFly cast reunion on Con Man?

AlanTudykHere389 karma

Everybody has committed to being in CON MAN.

I don't want to waste their cameos. So I'm hoping for a second season to put them all in. Right now, it's just Sean and Gina in the first season. Possibly more. The others will be Where's Waldo? type cameos.

Dalekette185 karma

Did you at all expect the fan response for conman? How did it make you feel when you realized how much attention it was getting? Also the hang w/ app is such a great idea to connect to fans. We all appreciate it!

AlanTudykHere194 karma

Thank you!

Hang With has been a lot of fun. I look forward to continually using it with the people who supported CON MAN. 'Cuz after the thing, it's just the people who supported it who have access to it.

So I'm hopeful that there will be just as many people on that. So if you like us, sign up cuz I hope to see you there!

jonemillard185 karma

Have you ever had any odd fan encounters?

AlanTudykHere934 karma

Only one with an oscillating fan. When I was 13.

Had 3 successful surgeries since. And everything works as it should.

RedTerabyte157 karma

How's Weselton like? Is it a good place? Good vacation spot? I need to know.

AlanTudykHere232 karma

It's a dump. Smells of onions, their main export.

Fox248150 karma

What's your favorite dinosaur?

AlanTudykHere412 karma


For the little arms. They make me laugh.

shiny631147 karma

Hey guys, just wondering if Alan's character is going to be killed at the end on Con Man?

AlanTudykHere342 karma


Not when I'm in charge!

cereallyobsessed146 karma

If you had an unlimited source of money, would you prefer to continue Firefly, or would you still go with ConMan? (Assuming these are your only choices!)

AlanTudykHere517 karma

With unlimited money, I could do both.

eadon_rayne139 karma

Hi Alan!

A couple of things. First: Wash (love Wash forever!), Alpha (oh, so creepy and crazy!), Sonny, Tucker and King Candy are some of my very favorite characters of all time! You do wonderful work. Thank you for it! (fingers crossed for Tucker and Dale 2)

Second: much love for the Hang W/ sessions! Even though I have technical difficulties more often than not, I understand that they're a new company and growing pains are expected. I'm going to keep trying to catch as many of the sessions for as long as you want to continue making them! (Growing pains don't discourage me at all)

Third: I'm way proud of my ConMan cupcake! I hope you like it too! My husband and I made all sort of dirty jokes about cleaning the frosting out of my little Lego Wray after I took the picture.

And my actual question for the AMA is: is there an official running total for the fan art/fan fic/convention story/baked goods/cosplay achievements? There's an unofficial list, but I couldn't find any indications as to how accurate it may be.

Oh! And be sure you don't give yourself carpal tunnel signing all of those perks!

PJ_Haarsma146 karma

We've actually been using that unofficial list ourselves, yes. And comparing it to Facebook and Twitter.

And yes we saw the cupcake.

AlanTudykHere141 karma

It was delicious.

ianhealy132 karma

Are you surprised by the crazy amount of money you've raised?

AlanTudykHere476 karma






Turned on.

And slightly moist.

dobie1kenobi130 karma

Better 'Con'-inspired movie, Paul or Galaxy Quest?

AlanTudykHere369 karma


Chipzor126 karma

What is your dream goal with the series? Is there anything you would really like to achieve with it?

AlanTudykHere353 karma

To work with all the people that I am fans of.

And to give them roles that they wouldn't normally get a chance to play.

Except Tatiana Maslany, who plays every role already on her show, ORPHAN BLACK.

Not to say that she's in CON MAN. But wouldn't that be cool?

wangulator110 karma

Hey Mr. Tudyk!

When (not if) you and Mr. Fillion have a child, what would he/she be named?

AlanTudykHere335 karma

"Miracle of Science."

humfuzz102 karma

Alan, how's Nathan's seven layer bean dip?

(If you haven't tried it, ask him to make some for you and come back :D)

AlanTudykHere174 karma

It's the best.

It's very good.

It's addictive.

I recommend making it.

PJ_Haarsma109 karma

But there wasn't any at this latest party!

AlanTudykHere145 karma

It's cuz he's gotten fancy...

the_walton100 karma

Would you say you're a leaf on the wind?

AlanTudykHere165 karma


AlanTudykHere167 karma


AlanTudykHere484 karma

Although it's important to note: leaves that are flying in the wind are dead.

It's true! I just realized it this past year.

adityasachdev94 karma

This question is for Alan.

Can you tell us how you changed as a person while shooting Firefly? If

AlanTudykHere194 karma

My whooooole everything changed.

I moved to LA, from New York. I didn't know anybody here.

So over that period, I met all the people that became my closest friends.

Like PJ! And Nathan.

koichee92 karma

Even though Season 1 isn't even out yet-- what's likelihood of a Season 2 ConMan??

AlanTudykHere185 karma

We're focused on season 1. There's no shortage of stories and script ideas. If you've been to a Con... you know it. So if season 1 goes well, I have LOTS of ideas for season 2.

PJ_Haarsma106 karma

The success of season 1 will lead to season 2. But if I can do seasons 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 - I'll be happy! We want this to go on as long as possible. We have a lot of stories we want to tell. We want to be able to do it all. We want to hit our stretch goal so we can actually make the GAME. It's about building out this world and sharing this world.

AlanTudykHere107 karma

Yeah, I have no end of stories to tell in this world.

And season 1 is kind of a cliffhanger! So it suggests another season.

operation_hennessey86 karma

Can you tell us something about yourself that we may find surprising??

AlanTudykHere155 karma

PJ's outnumbered in his house, men to women, 3 to 1.

PJ_Haarsma159 karma

You know what I found out about myself, working with Alan? Is that I really don't know what to say anymore.

AlanTudykHere237 karma

I collect yard sticks.

There you go!

I collect antique yard sticks. Pretty exciting stuff.

ZiggyNJ79 karma

When is Alan going to read everyone's name and if we donated more than once do we get our name read more than once?

AlanTudykHere131 karma


No, dear god. I'm only going to read it once.

I'm open to ideas on how to make this interesting. I will do it, alphabetically, after the campaign is over.

And how? Open to ideas.

If I can tell you donated twice, I'll say your name twice.

AccioTardis1175 karma

What's the best prank you've pulled, or someone has pulled on you?

AlanTudykHere238 karma


I had a good one in high school.

I pulled it on my English teacher.

I used to keep lancets in my pocket to use to get out of class when I wanted to. I'd prick my finger, stick it up my nose, and make it look like I had a bloody nose.

And then I'd excuse myself to go to the nurse, and then just wander the halls...

But the trick was, I pricked all 5 fingers, and got a LOT of blood going, and fake tripped, and hit my head on the teacher's desk, and I had blood all over my hand and head, and then fake passed out.

She FREAKED out. It was so funny. But she was great.

She was mad, but she appreciated the good joke.

glassestophat70 karma

Alan! do you have a weird party trick? If so what is it?

AlanTudykHere236 karma

A weird party trick?

Falling asleep at 9 pm...and still being the last one to leave.

AlanTudykHere123 karma

That's a trick!

Tytanious62 karma

Why are the episodes only 10 minutes?

AlanTudykHere138 karma

That's a good, digestible amount.

It's about the length of an act in a 3-act half-hour.

RegenCoE57 karma

Alan - literally - how many souls did you have to devour to harness all that power of awesome into your body?

AlanTudykHere85 karma

How many souls did I have to devour?

PJ_Haarsma81 karma

There was a number you had to reach right?

AlanTudykHere113 karma

Hmmm. Six? Four of them were hoboes... one was the alien PJ found...

Mischa221B54 karma

What book is your favorite? And what book inspires you in your life?

AlanTudykHere58 karma


PJ_Haarsma154 karma

One book that set me on this path was ENDER'S GAME.

It really got me into science fiction. That was the book.

AlanTudykHere172 karma


There's a lot in that book.

It's worth a second read.

22Aimless53 karma

I've just begun the Softwire series. What inspired you to write it, PJ?

PJ_Haarsma96 karma

When I was a kid, I found a dead alien near a railroad track.

AlanTudykHere115 karma


He's crazy...

bansty_baby51 karma

Just a quick one, how are things?

AlanTudykHere154 karma

They're nouns!

HarbingerShiny50 karma

What has suprised you most about this experience?

AlanTudykHere109 karma

How much support there is. And how supportive the fans are. And how immediately supportive they are.

Nacho_Dived48 karma

Very excited for Con Man. Was happy to donate. My question is...will Alan be doing any voices either as voiceover or just for laughs?

AlanTudykHere72 karma


Velorium_Camper45 karma

Hey Alan, I'm a huge fan. What's it like working with Joss? What's the coolest thing you got to keep from the set of Firefly/Serenity?

AlanTudykHere117 karma

Joss is fun. And really funny. The best thing I took from the set was that button from "Out of Gas."

AccioTardis1143 karma

Has there been a time when you've got overly excited about meeting your favourite actor, band etc (the male version of fangirling!).

If so, did you make a fool of yourself or play it cool?

AlanTudykHere152 karma

I met Mel Brooks. And I sang with him.

YEAH. I sang "Puttin' on the Ritz" and he sang the "Monster Part" from YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN.

It was with piano accompaniment. It was so badass. Highlight of my life.

REALLY CRAZY! sings Puttin' on the Ritz...

halocure42 karma

Hi Alan and PJ! My question is, how much of this did you have mapped out, how pie-in-the-sky did you take your goal setting? Did you think you'd get close to $3 million? $5 million?

PJ_Haarsma60 karma

We had a goal. We reached it. Everything above that was gravy.

We set out to get 3 episodes done, but knew we wanted to create 12.

AlanTudykHere61 karma

So that was the ultimate goal.

We just wanted to fund the 12. Now we have money to do the production we want to do.

effinboy41 karma

Hi Alan! What's your favorite kind of pizza?

AlanTudykHere107 karma



PJ_Haarsma84 karma

OMG! Mine too!

AlanTudykHere113 karma

Mine too! Let's go get some! RIGHT NOW!

Browncoatedalchemist41 karma

Hey Alan! Love the Con Man! Can't wait to see you in Dallas at the end of May. If you could be a Marvel superhero which one would you be?

AlanTudykHere102 karma

I've often said Aqua-Man, even though that's Jason Momoa now.

But my Aqua-Man drowns his enemies, and smells like fish.

Mischa221B39 karma

What is your favorite word? Least favorite?

AlanTudykHere124 karma


My favorite word... I know my LEAST favorite word is "fundamentalist."

FUNDAMENTALIST ANYTHING. If you're a fundamentalist anything...

My favorite word is "gratitude."

bub_a35 karma

Hey guys, huge fan.

What was the point that you decided to go out on your own and do this project? Was there any particular motivation behind it?

PJ_Haarsma65 karma

We wanted to be able to do this our way.

AlanTudykHere104 karma

We hadn't found the right partner who could bring something fresh to this world. Most experience I found was someone saying "I've been to Comic-con once. WOW! Crazy!"

It definitely didn't make us want to partner with those people, because they didn't get it.

They wanted to make THEIR version of the world that they didn't understand. Our fear was that they would. That they'd make THEIR version of your idea. And if they don't know the world... that's gonna suck.

ZiggyNJ29 karma

Is it weird that my husband named our dog Wash? He kind of looks like Aunt Clara. https://twitter.com/ZiggyNJ/status/577495182549057536

AlanTudykHere114 karma

Uh... no. That's great.

Unless it's a way of saying Wash is a bitch.

HowdyDoodlyDoo24 karma

On top of Con Man, I'm very excited about the Spectrum novel that was a stretch goal. Can you give us more information on what this will be about?

PJ_Haarsma50 karma

The Spectrum novel is the origin story for James Rakker, and Cash Wayne, and the Spectrum spaceship.

It's got spaceships, and aliens, and explosions, and robots...

AlanTudykHere93 karma

And Amy Acker.

Ariadne1123 karma

Alan - would you and Nathan ever make that buddy-cop repo-man series someday in the future of ConMan goes well?

AlanTudykHere36 karma


Huongnum22 karma

Super excited and glad you guys are making con man, a dream for firefly fans! What are some strategies that helped you when you got stuck in the writing process?

AlanTudykHere39 karma


TheCheshireCody18 karma

Hi Alan, thanks for your time.

I was watching some old Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons the other day and it clicked that Captain Peter Peachfuzz sounds an awful lot like King Candy. So similar that if new R&B cartoons were to be made I'd want you to play the character in them. Was your (awesome) vocal delivery an active homage to that character?

AlanTudykHere43 karma

It was an active homage to Ed Wynn.

adelaide12918 karma

Alan Tudyk, would you go to my ten year high school reunion with me?

AlanTudykHere55 karma

I have a "no reunions" policy that started with my own.

I like to live in the future!

Screw the present, AND the past!

Bohnanza15 karma

Alan, are you related to Tad Kubler?


AlanTudykHere18 karma

Not that I know of.

AlanTudykHere53 karma

Most ginger-y types look alike.

We came together on the same spaceship.

JohnnyFromOmaha11 karma

I'm always nervous when I meet famous people - what advice can you give for people like me when it comes to interacting with celebrities?

AlanTudykHere50 karma

Imagine them pooping.

No, wait.

Everybody poops. And it's a leveler.

Celebrities are just as sad, lonely, and broken as anybody else in the world. Focus on that.

MediaSavant3 karma

Any further developments on your plans for SDCC or Nerd HQ?

AlanTudykHere7 karma

There are developments.

We'll tell you when they're solid.

PJ_Haarsma6 karma

We're working on it.

We REALLY want to be there.

AlanTudykHere7 karma

I've been there every year! Nathan has too. It's for a good cause.

operation_hennessey3 karma

What are your top five favourite movies of all time?

AlanTudykHere4 karma



PJ_Haarsma7 karma

My top 5 movies of all time?

GROUNDHOG DAY is number one.

And that's my only favorite movie.

AlanTudykHere9 karma

He watches it 5 times in a row, every year.