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timelymiscarriage131 karma

What are some of the worst student-made rules that have been implemented at your school?

tcr14174 karma

Chocolate milk being banned by the nutrition committee. AMA about that!

timelymiscarriage20 karma

Why would that occur? I think chocolate milk has slightly higher amounts of sugar in it, but I don't see too many big changes between the nutritional information in the chocolate and white milk my school has.

tcr1437 karma

Some students were very vocal about the lack of chocolatey goodness and made a protest. Some thought we needed to eat healthy and made a counter protest. It's all a natural part of having a democratic system.

akci21 karma

Chocolate milk encourages more overall milk consumption. If eliminated, students are more likely to turn to less healthy options (like soda or gatorade or juice) than plain milk.

Furthermore, chocolate milk in no way prevents plain milk from being sold.

tcr1410 karma

True, true. But we don't have soda. And yes, regular milk is being sold. But students for the most part are responsible about what they drink.

Thon23412 karma

Why did that happen?

tcr146 karma

Because some students drink a lot of it. They were consuming a lot of sugar.

Mr_Abe_Froman10 karma

Tell me about that! Was there a proper vote of no confidence? Or was it overruled or vetoed? Did you file a subsequent motion overturning the extreme misuse of power?

tcr147 karma

The nutrition committee overruled the advisory council to make a temporary pilot ban, which was fine as the health of students was a priority. Some didn't like it though.

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Do students ever try to take advantage of this set-up? i.e. Do they ever try to implement ridiculous rules, or challenge the necessary ones?

tcr1462 karma

Not really. They are generally better behaved than that.

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This really interests me, as I regularly think some things on my shool could be organised better if the students got to make the rules.

My questions:

  1. Were there ever joke rules passed and if they did, what's the funniest one/ the one with the biggest impact?

  2. What is the biggest day-to-day difference between your school and other schools?

tcr1476 karma

  1. I think one day we implemented a uniform policy. So many students were furious until the senior prank part was revealed.

  2. Oh, god. where to begin? We call our teachers by their first names, We don't have AP history or English/language/music so students have to walk to the normal high school for that. Most importantly, we have a "Democracy in Action" period built in so students can attend an All School Meeting and give announcements, give awards, discuss issues at the school! Best part is, because we are in the heart of downtown State College, students can go out to eat on their lunch periods at restaurants downtown!

FanaticBanana22 karma

Huh, calling your teachers by their first name? Is that such a special thing over in the US?

I have been doing so since elementary school, right through high school, and even now at university. Then again, this might be a Dutch thing, as foreign students are always very surprised. And I have always been close with my teachers, so that might also be why.

Also, as an actual question, how are the debates between students amongst themselves and students and staff? Do the relative strong emotions of the youths have a tendency of derailing them, or does this almost never happen?

tcr1427 karma

Everyone's pretty civil and respectful. When things get heated we go to consensus.

TRB178312 karma

AP history or English/language/music

What was the decision-making process behind not supporting these subjects?

tcr144 karma

Our building is old, old, old.

Aveman62512 karma

I don't think that answers the question... why don't you have AP classes? The age of your building isn't a response that remotely answers the question.

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Because we don't have enough classrooms or staff to do so, because we work out of a hundred year old historically important building. Also our classes function differently so AP classes, if needed should be taken there. Simple as that! We have classes that are as hard as AP sometimes, but it varies between semesters

lilblackcloudinadres37 karma

What elementary and middle school experience did you have, and how do you feel it prepared you for this?

(My ten-year-old son is in an independent school that has some similar principles. It's been wonderful to watch him stretch his wings there.)

tcr1436 karma

I attended a normal public elementary school, albeit one where the principal was good friends with the principal of the Delta Program. It was great and one of the best teachers in my education was there. Unfortunately middle school was bad, really bad. Hated hated hated it. Came to Delta ASAP.

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What's the standard disciplinary procedure?

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Everyone upon going to Delta signs a contract to follow the student drafted rules. If they break these rules they are asked to "Seek alternative learning opportunities" meaning they go back to the normal, regimented high school.

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What kinds of things are students NOT involved with? I can imagine that decisions on funding, classes offered, etc aren't up for debate by students, but is there a definitive list? (Or vice versa, is there a list of things you expressly CAN do?)

Also, how mature are students about making decisions? Do you all generally agree on everything, or are there a couple assholes that try and push bad ideas through, and how would something like that be addressed?

And finally, do you have political parties or committees of any sort?

tcr1427 karma

  1. Security rules and district rules are overwritten. Funding, hiring staff and classes are decided by our advisory council, which is composed of students, staff and parents! All of whom are stakeholders in our community.

  2. Students, unless they are really greenhorns, are mature. The ones who aren't, as a rule, don't go to advisory council.

  3. We have committees that meet during "Democracy in Action"! Some plan Yearbook or All School Meeting, some play dodgeball and speedrun Ocarina of Time for Charity. No political "parties" though.

trai_dep22 karma

Is a Conch Shell involved? Please tell me there's a Conch Shell involved.

And, who's more of a hurdle in trying to get student-centered initiatives going, the teachers or the administrators/principals?

tcr148 karma

The Students get student centered programs going with teacher support

SovietRaptor11 karma

How much money do your parent's make/What's your lifestyle like in terms of wealth?

How diverse is your school?

tcr1414 karma

Very diverse in terms of opinions, sexuality, learning style, teaching style, opinon etc.

It's also not a private school, if that's what you ask. Anybody can join so long as they are willing to take responsibility for their learning.

Kozymodo10 karma

How do you decide who gets the conch?

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How well do your students fair compared to those at more traditional schools in terms of SAT/ACT scores, drop-out rates, and college acceptance?

tcr1410 karma

We have excellent college acceptance rates! We have a reputation in the distrustful parts of the town community for being druggies and dropouts. It's our long term Pr plan to change that!

HelgaTheAlleyWitch9 karma

Does any adult administration have "veto power" over rules made in case something is passed that is too ridiculous?

tcr1411 karma

Yes, in fact. But we typically only use it if the issue is serious or school threatening.

SporkMuffin6 karma

So students can choose what they learn? To what extent?

tcr145 karma

To the full extent! We have full control over what we learn so long as we get the right number of graduation requirements.

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Is there a president?

Are there interns?

Do the president and interns have relations?

Is there a Congress? Do they do anything legislative?

tcr144 karma

No no no and no

We have an advisory council, which is simply a senate-esque thing made of Students, staff and parents.

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Hey, fellow high schooler here.

The first thing that came to my mind was being able to use my phone in school. Do you guys have a rule allowing phone use at all time? Has this ever been voted on? Thanks

tcr146 karma

It's not allowed during lectures or activities, but between classes or on free periods it's okay.

Ortlas2 karma

Now that you have seen how truer democracy than what USA has in work, what is your opinion about the government structure in USA?

Would you think it needs change and if so how?

tcr142 karma

I think it needs to be more open and accepting. Our democracy flows quickly because of that.

cowcommander2 karma

What level goku uniform do you wear, and how does the disciplinary committee deal with the trouble makers?

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I_Eat_Face2 karma

What effects do you think this kind of student-run school has on the students learning?

tcr144 karma

It teaches them responsibility.

Christofray2 karma

Do you think this style of learning and governing pushed to mature students at a younger age?

tcr147 karma

Yes! It's a better way of preparing kids for college than to constantly test them.

wardoctr2 karma

How committed is the students in your school when it comes to passing rules? Or when it comes to voting, what's the turnout looks like on average?

tcr143 karma

Everyone is asked to either vote or abstain at ASM, but it's really the elected representatives who vote.

purefabulousity2 karma

Who has the final say on a subject?

tcr143 karma

Our Principal.