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To be fair, this entire election is pretty depressing for Sanders supporters.

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Hey, you guys shot "The Civil War on Drugs" at a museum I worked for. I don't know if they ever told you this, but by doing so, you probably saved the place. It was expected to close about 2 weeks after we stopped getting school groups, but you guys provided a huge infusion of cash and kept the place going long enough to sort out some of its problems. Thanks!

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Thanks for stopping in, Andrew (Mr. W.K.?)!

Your Gundam Rock album is made with a tangible love of the series Mobile Suit Gundam. A man has not truly lived until he has sped around corners blasting Char the Great. What can you tell us about the making of album? And, if you have the time, what’s your favorite Gundam series? Favorite mobile suit?

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And has a great soundtrack!

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I am reading this comment in his voice in my head, and it is awesome.