Here are Nabwana IGG, founder and director of Wakaliwood, Ramon Film Productions; Bruce U, Uganda's Bruce Lee aka Bukenya Charles, self-taught Kung Fu Master and star of Captain Alex; Bisaso Dauda, Guns and Gear Mechanic and Supa Commando Rocky from Captain Alex; The Waka Starz, Uganda's child action movie heroes (Isaac Newton, Kirabo, Rachael, Giti, and Fausta - Bruce U is their sifu); and supa cannibalz and commandos Kagolo, Apollo, Hawaah, Henry the Barbarian (who is also our poster painter), General Placdo, Wepps, Apollo, and Razor. They all die many many times and come from different tribes and parts of Uganda. And also Alan Ssali, muzungu mulalu who left home in NYC to help bring our movies to the world - and also to be Jesus and die.

Our Kickstarter, ends in just a few days (March 2-31, 2015) so please support if u can. Captain Alex is FREE around the world. And we just released Uganda's Official Tourist Video.

Here is article to know more about us. We are cover story of Vice Magazine for March.

Supa Photo 4 Proof

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Ask us Anything, in English or Luganda!

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Wakaliwood36 karma

Ello, Ello!

ExtraAndroid20 karma

What's the funniest thing that's happened while filming?

Wakaliwood23 karma

Apollo Supa Commando - sometime when we fight in acting for a movie, we get annoyed serious and start to fight for real. you can see that in Alex at end when one is hit in face for real.

Wakaliwood23 karma

we are friends, but when hit in face it becomes real. IGG loves that.

Wakaliwood17 karma

IGG - i laugh at the cannibalz. always. they all have very different characters. i cannot shoot them without laughing.

Mechrius17 karma

What motivates you to make movies?

Wakaliwood24 karma

Just taken, from pig sty turned rehearsal room:

Apollo - because i wanted to kill people without hurting them. and to laugh. Commando Bosco - for me i just like the fame :) Cannibal Katogo - for me it is in my blood. my ancestors were artists, actors for Mutooro Tribe

Wakaliwood16 karma

IGG. Art is natural. Being an artist is not forced. you do not need motivation to be an artist, if you feel it.

Wakaliwood15 karma

Taken just now: Imgur

Avednegoz0613 karma

Hello Wakaliwood! I'm really happy to see Ramon Film Productions making headlines so their work can be recognized as well as much more widely distributed. It has been very few months since I first heard of Who Killed Captain Alex but since my first viewing both Wakaliwood and Nabwana have become the object of my fascination.

Having said this since the beginning I've found myself very curious as to what kind of films YOU guys like watching from other countries/industries? Are there any directors dead, alive or unknown to mainstream cinema audiences that you find fascinating or try to emulate?

Wakaliwood10 karma

We are shooting right now, so I have to chase commandos!

Wakaliwood8 karma

1st question! we are shooting so I am running after people! Here is Dauda Bisaso - Fast and Furious! Wild Geese. Any action movie. Just love. And 24 with Bruce Wilis and Die Hard! Apollo - BLACK SHEEP AFFair is my fave movie. Nam Angels!

Wakaliwood4 karma

we have someone from British Airways to promote Wakaliwood as tourist destination right now. banange

yyzable12 karma

Ello! Will we ever see Tebaatusasula?

Wakaliwood18 karma

ohhh that is sad. Tebaat is lost. the gard drive destroyed by power surge. but that is why we do Kickstarter, to bring back from the dead. Tebaatusasula: EBOLA. and now anyone can be part. Indonesia has started

thehappymallard9 karma

What advice do you have for young aspiring filmmakers all over the world who want to make a great film despite not having access to the best equipment?

Wakaliwood17 karma

Asking Isaac from across ghetto. he's yelling bacl - JUST DO IT!! And come here to ACT!

greenmask5 karma

You heard the man /u/thehappymallard. I'm starting a gofundme page for you so you can afford to go to Uganda and be an actor. Go, spread your wings and make reddit proud

Wakaliwood6 karma

IGG - yah! but we can kill you all from home. u just die and send us footage and we put you in a film.

reyonce9 karma

Oli otya? One of my friends in Kampala is interested in filmmaking and he would possibly like to work with you guys. Are there any opportunities for him to hang out with you guys while filming or to help out on the production side of things? Or maybe do you guys have some small acting roles available for an Indian man (my friend) or a muzungu woman (me)?? Might be fun to work on a Ugandan movie, you guys are doing great! Weebale emirimu!

Wakaliwood9 karma

IGG - no problem. you just come to Wakaliga, Sir Albert Cooke Road at Petro City. 0712-921775. But first u need to watch this video. Anyone can be Supa Star here in Wakaliwood.

Scoop_Life8 karma

Hey Wakaliwood crew! Been following you guys since I first heard of you about a year or so back on vice. Love your work and your movies are awesome in their own unique way. I love the fact that you're teaching kids kung fu and other martial arts too. Can you tell us a little bit more about why you do that and where it came from?

Wakaliwood9 karma

why we teach the children? BRUCE U: first they love it and always see us playing. but for us also, we need to educate and teach the next generation of filmmakers and film starz in Uganda. if you have the love when young, you should support and help it to grow.

journalistaccount8 karma

Isaac, what difference will money from the kickstarter campaign make to your work? LOVE from Neon Magazine btw.!

Wakaliwood13 karma

so for the money, first we do not need much. but with what we are getting from kickstarter is amazing, i think. but need so much better computers, faster computers. and dependable electricity. we want to work on HD. and the money will go to that and will help us to be international. proper website, etc. people need to know about us. no reason we only film in uganda with ugandans.

Wakaliwood8 karma

olsmobile8 karma

Do you guys fear that your new found fame will make you guys and your town a target for people who mean to do you harm?

Wakaliwood10 karma

IGG - no, i do not fear that. anything is possible. i do not fear that in Uganda, but what we are doing is new. i do not live in fear. no

Wakaliwood6 karma

Oh Nooo! New Video right now - Revenge! The Ugandan Ghost Story

Wakaliwood3 karma

so sorrry. we know it is too scarey

AmblinFan266 karma

What recent Hollywood action blockbuster would you like to make a Wakaliwood version of?

Wakaliwood7 karma

All- EXPENDABLES! and we are doing it. we are now making Wakaliwood Ugandan Expendables. was a secret maybe but now it is out. u will see!!

Wakaliwood5 karma

here are some photos from upcoming ugandan Expendables movie. enjoy! album -

I_drive_all_over5 karma

How do you guys feel about being related to Chelsea Handler here in America now?

Wakaliwood6 karma

ALL, after I explain to them - she has to die

iakt4 karma

So when will the movie be released?

Wakaliwood5 karma

which movie? we have so many

lartrak4 karma

What're your favorite kung fu films?

Wakaliwood5 karma

IGG - there are so many. Enter the Dragon. Jackie Chan, Snake in Eagle Shadow? Apollo - no kung fu for me Black Sheep Affair. Dauda - i like detective. kung fu okay. but Need 4 Speed is best.

artypierce4 karma

What is your favorite effect shot that you've created?

Wakaliwood5 karma

ha, for Captain Alex the destroying Worker's House. because it is loved and knew people would love. even when doing it i knew it would be loved. many people even thought it was real.

Ask_If_Im_A_Cactus4 karma

Who is responsible for killing Captain Alex?

Wakaliwood6 karma

IGG is asleep now, and it's just me, Alan here. It's after 1am. I can tell you i've been trying to find that out for 3 years. but you're gonna have the answer in the next movie. in the first 10 mins.

and here it is - PW: kampala99

manachar3 karma

Thanks for bringing these movies to the world. I just recently watched Captain Alex, and the line, "They walk slow, because they think slow" made me laugh in ways I haven't in a long time.

Your enthusiasm and passion is infectious and at least a little inspiring to me, and I suspect some others.

For Alan, the bit where you were Jesus and the guy convinced you he thought you were the real Jesus was hilarious. I've seen similar humor in other places where the locals pretend to be rubes so they can laugh at the tourist/white guy. Got any other similar stories you care to share?

For the rest of you, any thoughts on branching out from Action to any other genres? Like horror (Evil Dead style, of course!).

Wakaliwood3 karma

oh, we have many horror - right now 30 mins ago we have this

as for me - you nailed it. there are sooooo many times they got me. from waiting at the Zebra Crossing in Kampala to see a real zebra to having to take off my clothes to enter Kasubi tombs museum. THAT one is now in one of the film above, Revenge.

Isaac keeps making notes on stupid things i do and puts them in the movies. like i'm always looking at the stars at night, so in Eaten Alive in Uganda i'm taking pictures of the night sky and don't notice all the cannibals around me. it's a big part of the mext fims to come. even in Bad Black i'm trained by a kung fu 8 year old, who i'm convinced knows more than me.

manachar2 karma

Ha! That's incredible. Though... why did the rock turn into a chicken?

Wakaliwood7 karma

IGG - it is normal. that is normal in uganda.

Shakespeares_Ghost3 karma

Nurse, will you go with me into my closet,

To help me sort such needful ornaments

As you think fit to furnish me to-morrow?

Wakaliwood3 karma


manachar3 karma

So completely normal Ugandan joke:

Why did the rock turn into a chicken?

It is normal in Uganda

What other things are normal in Uganda?

Wakaliwood3 karma

IGG - water can turn into blood. (Alan - IGG is laughing very hard and i have no idea why!)

manachar3 karma

I'm laughing hard enough that tears are coming out!

Fun fact, I'm in Hawaii, which is almost literally on the other side of the world from you. This means IGG and I are making an earth laughter sandwich!

Wakaliwood3 karma

oh no, now IGG is laughing harder - taken just now -

lithiumfarttart3 karma

Do you have a scene where someone punches a shark?

Wakaliwood5 karma

Commando Apollo - yes! if u watch Captain Alex u see Bruce U kicking in water. he really kicking face of dangerous UG sharks in Lake Victoria. u watch carefully and u will see

avrenak3 karma

Ssebo, oli otya?

Is Wakaliwood going to be the next Nollywood?

Wakaliwood5 karma

IGG - bigger than NollyBollyHollywood!!!

Wakaliwood3 karma

Kung Fu Kizza has question for UK - can u give us chopper for use in movies and nothing else. we promise. and if possible what do we need to do.

here is supa kizza:

Saucey_Suger_Tits3 karma

Maybe they'll lend you one. Have you guys tried doing what the Japanese did back in the day while filming Godzilla movies? Have a destroyable set up and mini tanks that explode? Oh and do you guys plan on making any "Monster" type movies?

Wakaliwood3 karma

IGG - nooo! we want to make giant monster movie, like King Kong, and destroy kampala. but we need little money to build a room to keep the city of Kampala. we have so many artists here in uganda and i want t build kampala so much to destroy. but problem is little money.

Bernardito3 karma


I love your work and I was very happy to donate money to your kickstarter as soon as it came up. I look forward to seeing more Wakaliwood productions soon!

My question is: you've done action, war, horror and kung-fu movies - will we ever see a Wakaliwood western?

Wakaliwood3 karma

IGG - ha! we have it planned. except we call then Easterns because eastern uganda looks like movies with cliff eastwood. Our favorite is Six Gun Gorilla. it is King Kong and Eastwood. and should be Ugandan.

It is greatest comic in the world and we want to make it.

J_Carro113 karma

What is your favorite part of the film industry in Uganda?

Wakaliwood2 karma

IGG - that could be editing. for me it is editing. if a movie has good editing, it has to be good. good acting can still be a bad movie.

but for Uganda, my favorite part is the actors. everyone is so eager to be part and do what you say. they are so creative and just do things you cannot believe. i love uganda for the acting.

aineshane3 karma

Mugambaki ba guy mwe. Obutambi bwamwe tubuja wa?

Wakaliwood2 karma

tulibulungi po mwe eyo obutambi ekituufu olina bufuna mu Uganda naye kati who killed captain alex kweri ku kitimba osobola okujidownloadinga naye mwebale oku tuwagira

Flyingpolish3 karma

Hi from Brooklyn!

I loved watching your stuff a year ago when I first came across it! It's such awesome slapstick humor. I'm actually hosting a viewing party for "Who Killed Captain Alex" with a bunch of friends on Saturday.

Have you given any thought to a Wakaliwood Space adventure?

Good luck with the rest of the Kickstarter!

Wakaliwood5 karma

also, we are happy to say hello and answer questions after your screen, on Skype. with us and Commandos maybe depending on time. if you like, you can email [email protected]. we love Brooklyn. too bad it has to die.

Flyingpolish3 karma

LOL! I love it :)

I definitely want to have a skype session with you. Maybe I can negotiate for the safety of Brooklyn from the Wakaliwood horde, haha.

Wakaliwood4 karma

we could have good debate. maybe you give us Queens. and yes, we very happy to Skype! you are now official ugandan. and have to die.

Wakaliwood3 karma

IGG - yah! we are doing it! it is called Ugandans Lost in Space - uganda's first science fiction movie. we even have some robots that we built -,

Webecomemonsters2 karma

Dude, amazing! If you need any fx advice, let me know, I've only worked on one film, but I make toys now and techniques can be similar, if you guys get stuck on something let me know I'll throw my brain in the mix.

Wakaliwood2 karma

yeah, we're gonna need some advice, i'm sure. what we could really use also are HD effects and models, like explosions and tanks, etc. they cost so much, and just downloading them is difficult here...

Kenyanguyhere3 karma

I just love your films, they make me laugh so much. Can I get them in Kenya?

Wakaliwood2 karma

not yet, ssebo. they are only here in Uganda right now.

Jokorare3 karma

If I'm not mistaken, Alan said to have "seen too many deaths". How do you guys deal with that? And how do you guys stay in good health?

Wakaliwood4 karma

Alan - 8 people that i have known have died this past year. some from accidents, others from bladder infection, suspected aneurysm, and just a couple from old age. one was an actor, the guy who received a Ugandan Kiss in Captain Alex (he disappeared many months ago, and everyone suspects he was murdered). one of our singers went crazy when he had to pick up the body of his young wife from the morgue. her head was crushed in a motorcycle accident, and he said the bodies were stacked in piles like wood. he's telling me all this after he was strapped to a bed for a week to protect himself, and all I am thinking is I have to get back to the fart jokes in Captain Alex. that's how different we were thinking, but i was right. i believe it is by adding fart jokes to a movie and sharing it to the world, we can change things here. if just a little. like health care for when someone really needs it. so for me i focus %1000 on the work. period. that's what i'm doing here. as far as staying in good health, we try but alot is out of our hands.

IGG - you just have to go on.

Alan - to that, i say when i watch a Wakaliwood film it feels to me like everyone is making it as if it could be their last. they put everything in the movie.

IGG - that's true, but we will always make more.

Endolence2 karma

Thank you for your groundbreaking work Wakaliwood! Big fan from Kenya! Question how do we send in our scenes for Tebaatusasula: EBOLA?

Wakaliwood4 karma

you can just email - [email protected], maybe use or similar. we are already receiving from all over the world. indonesia - spain, australia. after the Kickstarter we will start to organize and see how best to kill everyone and blow up the planet. it's going to be serious, i tell you

Akumies2 karma

can I get vj emmy's autograph? :).

Wakaliwood6 karma

ha. he should be here. that no problem. we get him to call you, especially if you are woman. but also need autograph of his young boy. his name is Castor Troy from Face-Off. for real. from Face OFF.

he's crazy. he was in prison last week because he tried to escape police, but he ran out of gas. he was hoping he had more than police but was wrong. welcome to uganda. police here can stop you just asking for bribes. he was broke so thought he could race. that is problem with VJs here in Uganda - too many Need 4 Speed movies

svarog2 karma

What is the most tasty part in a human being?

Wakaliwood2 karma

one moment - we need to ask cannibal

Wakaliwood2 karma

IGG - ok. we asked cannibal. he want to know if u mean man or woman.

svarog3 karma

I have not yet looked what I got in the net, so I guess I'll need an answer for both.

Wakaliwood4 karma

IGG - okay. now, when i asked him there was also a child cannibal next to him and he said the Breast. but the old cannibals just laughed and said "It is obvious you are not yet a man. there is no meat in the breast, only fat. the sweetest part to eat is just behind the ear, right here." then i asked for man and he said he don't eat man.

most cannibals in Ugandan are crazy. i do not know to trust this one.

Alan - this is all true, by the way. we went outside in the dark to ask a cannibal and this is what they said. he was a Wakaliwood Cannibal, but he got the answers from someone...

snyto2 karma

Aren't all the Entebbe films earlier Ugandan action films?

Wakaliwood3 karma

I'll speak with IGG in the morning... sometimes people come up and say there know an action movie before Captain Alex, and it turns out it is IGG's own film. His movies always had action in them, but they were not action films. like Raiders has romance, but isn't a love story. an action film needs car chases, explosions, kung fu, machine gun battles, etc, in the same movie. i'll ask IGG about Entebbe cinema, but he's never heard of any Ugandan action film, apart from a scene like I said. and believe me, he's looked. we'd love to see it.

Kibby452 karma

What was the hardest part of Who Killed Captain Alex to film?

Wakaliwood2 karma

IGG - The Forest for sure at the end. It was a bad time in Uganda back then. It was very violent and you can hear guns any time. We were very near soldiers and I knew if they hear us screaming ATTTAAACKKK, anything can happen. My wife believed we would be killed. I thought that coudl even be good, because then the world would have to know Uganda has movies. So I thought no matter what happens, it will be for the future.

But the actors were not afraid. They were enjoying. But it was for me to know the dangers. We shot the end of Alex in only couple hours because of this. We came in, everyone knew what they wanted to do - how they wanted to die. And we did it. But really, I thought we would get shot at for real.

BrockenmanJr2 karma

In the trailer for 'Who Killed Captain Alex?', who provided the "alalalala action!" voice?

Wakaliwood3 karma

Alan - whoooaaa. I just asked IGG and he said it was Captain Alex himself! he came into Isaac's home and recorded the audio. my mind is blown.

ageitgey2 karma

VJ Emmie is awesome. Wakaliwood is awesome. I already donated!

How much more do we have to donate to get a bonus audio track of him VJing the movie Bloodsport or something with Nicolas Cage??

Wakaliwood2 karma

Alan - oh, it's done. we have VJ'g a bunch of trailers like Harry Met Sally and My Dinner With Andre. We were debating which should be the first full length movie. Someone suggested The Room, and that just may be genius...

on a serious note, he's amazing at silent films, like Gold Rush and The General. we're testing all this and the plan is to start releasing in the next couple months...

ageitgey2 karma

This is brilliant. I would love to see him do The Room!!

Wakaliwood2 karma

yeah, you know we could use some advice with that. i haven't seen it yet, but these Germans who are visiting think it could be amazing.

Maybe The Room will be Emmie's first American film..

ageitgey2 karma

Other amazing movise would be Hard Ticket to Hawaii or Ninja 3: The Domination!

Wakaliwood2 karma

done. i thought of Coming to America, and Emmie found the director's cut of Samurai Cop. he was blown away when i told him they found the actor again and how he looks the same.

Wakaliwood2 karma

but you gotta hear him doing the original Commando. Holy, man. it's just the trailer for now, but you see how it can be awesome. may have it up next week.

Minsc_and_Boo_2 karma

This is a fantastic initiative! What challenges have been the most difficult in your kickstater project? :)

Wakaliwood2 karma

ha, the most challenging thing for me so far is trying to get people to watch Captain Alex. people love the creativity they see in the Kickstarter - but watch the movie! i challenge anyone to watch any 10 seconds of Alex and tell me its not the most entertaining film they've seen in a long while....

Wakaliwood2 karma

also the fact that we lose electricity all the time and working on dial-up internet. just now we lost internet for 10 mins. i don't know how any of this is possible... really. i think that's why this hasn't been done before. a release from this part of the world under these conditions, economic and otherwise... good question.

Minsc_and_Boo_2 karma

Wow, you do a good job of illustrating the struggle in the most basic things! I'll definitely check out Captain Alex, thanks for bringing it to our attention!

Wakaliwood2 karma

IGG - SUPA WATCH IT! yah, it is just for fun. hard work, but it is for enjoyment. we love it.

squishymaster2 karma

Love the work you guys are doing and even though I didn't hear about you until the kickstarter, I was the first comment! I know you asked for any equipment donations people could give, but how would we safely get something to you? I've looked into shipping from the USA to you, but it seems many packages get "lost" along the way. Do you have a method to receive packages consistently?

Once the kickstarter is finished and you get a website up and running it could be cool to setup a forum so you could make a wish list for people and they could send you the things you need. Or if it was software they could purchase them for you and e-mail you the activation codes.

Wakaliwood2 karma

yeah, shipping is an expensive disaster. but if we can get items to NYC, i can take it from there. or Poland, depending on where you are. we have a good contact there who's shipped camera heads on the cheap.

i tell you, one of the big wishes is HD effects, like explosions, 3D models, etc. we're trying to upgrade from SD, and the models are soooo expensive for us.

astreinz2 karma

Have any of your films received distribution? If so, what countries get distributed to?

Wakaliwood2 karma

we have been offered, but have not signed yet.

sfb_stufu2 karma

What's your opinion on the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2014 that would sentence (known) gays to a life in prison?

Wakaliwood7 karma

IGG - what we can say is we love people. we turn away no one. we have people here in Wakaliwood from all tribes, languages, cultures, and now countries. it is open place for people to be themselves and enjoy art. we kill everyone equally. and they know that here. people know they can come here and be themselves. and that idea is growing from here.

TravisCan2 karma

My wife spent 2 months in Uganda after the LRA raided the villages. She set up schools and trained the teachers in these villages (especially Barlonyo). She is thrilled (and very proud) that this project is happening. She has been to a lot of the locations seen in your photos.

My question is:

Do the raids influence any part of your film making?

Wakaliwood4 karma

IGG - not LRA. but my past, yes.

somethingrather2 karma

Oli otya! Good to see Ugandans on reddit. I don't have a specific question, but to be in line with the rules - what has been the most unexpected challenge you faced during this project?

Wakaliwood3 karma

gende ssebo! but it is just me here now, Alan Ssali. everyone asleep. i can answer for me, as it has taken over 3 years to get to this point with a Kickstarter and releasing Captain Alex. the conditions and lack of electricity are tough, for sure, but what i was not expecting how difficult it would be to convince people that Ugandan even makes films, much less has something special to offer. still a huge struggle, but now it's changing. Uganda's reputation in the West is not very good. the fact we can add Wakaliwood to Uganda's heritage is beyond beautiful..

somethingrather2 karma

I am excited to watch it and I hope it goes well!

What do you think will be the distinguishing feature of a Ugandan film versus one from the West or one from India?

Wakaliwood3 karma

well, with Wakaliwood IGG is an artist. his films are his own. i think you can see a video from him 20 years from now, and know who mae it. as far as Ugandan cinema, the VJ is unique. the way dancing is to Bollywood. and again for Wakaliwood, the feature really is that we do everything ourselves. and never say no. we may say How, but never no. we don't limit ourselves based on budget, the way Hollywood does. they wait for the proper money. here you will die of Ebola first. the films here have to Go For It. just have to...

no0neiv2 karma

Hey I really enjoy your films, and the authenticity of them. There's such a cool DIY element to your stuff. How can someone get in contact with you guys outside of reddit?

Wakaliwood2 karma

[email protected] 0712-921775 our home number is on every trailer!

salvistani1 karma

Do you think your films can be as popular as American or British films?

Wakaliwood2 karma

IGG - why no? and not just Ugandan. Alan - I think they can be just as entertaining. And that's the key. As far as popular, we'll see. but they def have fans allover the world. Wakaliwood is huge in Indonesia, for some reason...

KimmoS1 karma

Soo, what style of kung-fu do you practice? Any other martial art influences (including local ones)?

Wakaliwood3 karma

Alan - ah, it's after midnight and the kids are asleep and Bruce U is back home. I just asked IGG and he said the children study 'obuchwa.' Does that sound right? and more for the Kung Fu team, of course. As far as local styles, yeah they're developing it. each tribe in uganda (there's over 50) has a different style of fighting, and the guys are developing an east african style. it's gonna be showcased in the new movie Ugandan Ninja, which is a cross between Spider-Man and Bloodsport. the mind wobbles.

Wakaliwood4 karma

i can get you the proper names for the kung fu styles in the morning..

KimmoS1 karma

each tribe in uganda (there's over 50) has a different style of fighting, and the guys are developing an east african style.

Thanks for the reply! This sounds more than interesting. Please continue in your quest to refine your awesomeness. 8-)

Wakaliwood6 karma

you know, i feel like the luckiest person on the planet. and i just shit in a bucket. - Alan

KimmoS3 karma

You get used to shitting in a bucket, becoming what you are is probably more crucial to your happiness.

Wakaliwood2 karma

consider yourself gilded. i'd give you gold if i could...