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Thanks for doing this ama.

Propaganda was undoubtedly used throughout the war. Was she and her colleagues, friends or family aware of what was propaganda/true/untrue? Was it even discussed at all at the time? I'm guessing it would be dangerous to do so, but that probably didn't stop it being discussed completely

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By all means critique the OP, but holy shit your evidence is poor.

Yet to drown a country

And yet 42 million people in 2010 alone were forced to move in Asia and the Pacific region. 90% were due to climate related hazards and the number of natural disasters (floods, storms, etc) had doubled on the last reported period. source/D558B66C3B055DE0C12578A7002C0FE1?OpenDocument)

Is the 50 million in a decade quoted in your article really that hard to believe?

massive vegetation growth within previously arid and barren regions

Are we going to ignore the fact that climate change is a global phenomena? It even says in your article "The *rare** positive effect of climate change...*". One positive does not outweigh the global negatives.

It also says in your linked article, "Professor Sutton cautioned that the *change in rainfall was only local** and that many parts of Africa faced problems from global warming, including heatwaves, desertification, floods, rising sea levels and an increase in malaria. “It would be naive to conclude that this is a good thing for Africa,” he said.*"

better food production

Your linked article says SFA in the abstract about that. It is talking about measuring forestry.

Assuming the claim is made behind the paywall it is still bogus. We are still emitting CO2 faster than plants increased their intake and plants can only take in CO2 if we don't clear all the forests.


steady decline in temperature

Fucking what? It says in the article you linked (page 43) why they believe there is variance.

There is medium confidence that this difference between models and observations is to a substantial degree caused by natural internal climate variability, which sometimes enhances and sometimes counteracts the long-term externally forced warming trend

And from the following paragraph:

For the longer period from 1951 to 2012, simulated surface warming trends are consistent with the observed trend (very high confidence)

Way to cherry pick. The article you linked was literally analysing 100's of models and saying they were accurate in the longer term.

1930-1970 has seen a steady decline

Sulphate aerosols. They reflect sunlight and don't remain in the atmosphere for long relative to greenhouse gases. They come from volcanic eruptions and humans. We had clean air acts put in place (US - 1972; UK - 1956). Google it.

As for your final claim - Happer has no formal climate science training. Meanwhile you are listening to the fossil fuel lobby instead of the science. The irony would be amusing if people like you weren't spreading misinformation and others actually believing it. I suppose you probably think cigarettes don't cause cancer because some doctor's said they smoke Camels?

Science adjusts its view when evidence is shown to the contrary literally by design. It is called the scientific method.

There is nothing better than results from a study that contradicts existing evidence. It attracts funding and attention for both publishers, universities and scientists. The fact that over 97% of scientists can agree on anything globally is a statistical anomaly as far as science goes.

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I believe Mr_Beer was referring to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiple_sclerosis

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This is slightly obscure, but my company develops health information systems (software) for Ugandan NGOs and clinics. Do you have any need for information systems?

As part of our own safety we don't travel to the front line (we are mostly not trained medical staff), but we still want to help and it falls directly under our social mission.

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I started grade 6 in 2000 at SAS (stayed on for a few more years until xmas 2003 - grade 9).