Hello Everyone,

My name is Pnut and I am a Professional “Finger Dancer” aka a Finger Tutter. Finger Tutting is a dance style where you make Geometric shapes with your body to music! It all started with a few Viral Videos linked below and now it is my profession!


Photo: http://i.imgur.com/DK5y4T0.jpg

Videos: Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off | Android Watch Commercial | Greasy Fingers | Dubstep Fingers

UPDATE: I am going to sleep for now but i will wake up and do a Final Wave of Answers Tomorrow! Thank you!

UPDATE 2: THANKS FOR ALL THE QUESTIONS! I am done for now but i would love to do this again sometime in the future!

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KelaasmGFY31 karma

Did you show Taylor your finger skills privately before she offered you the job?

Statussilver8 karma

glidec3 karma

it looks like she is sitting on a toilet :P

Statussilver1 karma

It kind of does! I think it was an Air Conditioner.

Bardfinn14 karma

How does one pronounce your name? P'noot? Peanut?

Statussilver12 karma

IT'S PEANUT, like MR.Peanut, except I'm Mr.Fingertut.

EtaKuramNaSmekh11 karma

What was it like working with Taylor Swift?

Statussilver17 karma

herschel_349 karma

Hey Pnut! I love that video! It looks like such a fun time!

Now, where/how did you learn you have this skill?

What have you done to take it to the professional level?

Where do you see yourself going with this skill?

Thanks and good luck with your future projects!

Statussilver7 karma

1.) When i noticed i had super long fingers, i began to experiment with them in various ways. A lot of dancers around my city did tutting with their full arms and i decided to apply those concepts to my fingers, but in a more "Contortion" based style. 2.) Ive always been good at it, but once we found a way to make it more Cinematic , the world was able to see the message i was trying convey. 3.) I want to see the world and share my art! So far, i have only accomplished a small fraction of that.

lmi67 karma

How did you get involved in the video?

Statussilver8 karma

They found one of my videos online and contacted me to see if i was interested!

hannaguist7 karma

is she as awkward as she looks?i bet she is nice. is she?

Statussilver14 karma

She is actually not awkward! She is Very bubbly and outgoing. She does love to laugh and i mean at even the little things!

Karnman1 karma

she was totally hitting on you in that video ;)

Statussilver14 karma

Jeez, I hope so!

PersianBanana6 karma

Where are you planning to take your fingers next?!

Statussilver5 karma

Hopefully Hong Kong!!!

wjbc6 karma

Are your fingers unusually long and flexible?

Do you think anyone who practiced enough could learn to do what you do?

What do you do when you aren't finger tutting?

Statussilver6 karma

1.) Yes to both! My pinky finger is equal to the size of an average persons middle finger. 2.) As far as my style, anyone Can Learn it but you can not learn the contortion aspects. Do not try to bend your fingers back to learn! 3) I Love playing video games in my free time like Madden , Super Smash Brothers, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, etc.

wjbc3 karma

There are some present and former NBA players with huge hands. Kawhi Leonard - 11.25" Michael Jordan - 11.375" Giannis Antetokounmpo - 15" Do you ever play basketball? Can you palm a ball?

Statussilver2 karma

I can palm a ball, but i do not play basketball. I prefer NFL Football!

miKaiziken5 karma

Hey man, good to see you here! Loved that scene in the music video by the way.

What do you do to rest your hands and fingers? I'm a writer, and I wake up every morning with numb hands.

I'd appreciate your input :)


How was it when you met Taylor for the first time? Is she really that beautiful in person? :)

Statussilver5 karma

1) I dont know if this helps but i stretch and crack my fingers often.

2) When i first met her i was nervous and yes she really is that beautiful.

missthebus5 karma

Where are good tutorials onthe internet to learn finger dancing?

Statussilver7 karma

i did a full beginner to Advanced TUTORIAL online! CHECK IT OUT!

can_dry5 karma

What group did you hang with in high school? Was there a teacher that got/kept you focused?

Statussilver8 karma

I hung out with the dancers but we were often referred to as "losers". When we became good at what we did, we often started to attract crowds and positive attention . After that they loved us!

I was always focused in class, if not on work, then on my dancing.

frozen_barbie_head5 karma

Is there any artist that you would love to work with?

Statussilver8 karma

Believe it or not Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga. Justin Bieber has the ability to make people big with a single social media post. Lady Gaga is just extremely unique and i think she can take my style to the next level.

btcprox5 karma

Ever considered glow-in-the-dark finger tutting, like tutting with your hands covered in fluorescent paint? :D

Anyway, do you know how to play any musical instruments? I'd imagine the crazy dexterity and flexibility of your fingers would be mighty useful in playing techniques for quite a number of instruments, e.g. piano, violin, guitar...

Statussilver7 karma

1) Already did on a Buzzfeed feature and another video in the past!

2) I have not yet tried any instruments but i would like to soon!

Mike81db4 karma

How long does it take to shoot a few minute long video?

Statussilver11 karma

I was there 2 days from 4-6 hours at a time . My actual dance part took about 30 minutes because i was flawless! ;)

Zentrin4 karma

When did you first start to finger dance?

Statussilver6 karma

I started dancing 10 years ago, Finger tutting 7 years ago, noticed 4 years ago, and i became globally known 2 years ago.

rhetoryx4 karma

The question everyone wants to know the answer to;

How are you with the ladies? ;)

Statussilver5 karma

I'm Pretty good! But my Fingers are better!

GravyGiraffe4 karma

Top 3 favorite pornstars?

Statussilver21 karma

I dont have a top 3, Everyone is the same when the lights are off!

ForgottenYogurt3 karma

Can you make enough money from finger dancing alone and is there competition within the industry?

Statussilver6 karma

Sometimes the money is REALLY, REALLY good, but sometimes there is not much work. The only competition is within My Team so it is more like motivation and support rather then competition.

MrWangChung3 karma

Did u show her your finger skills and did she like it?

Statussilver8 karma

Actually, Everyone on set loved my finger skills!

erebus03173 karma

Do you have a favorite genre of music that you like to interpret with your finger dancing?

Statussilver4 karma

Hip Hop because that is the music i am use to and can relate to the most!

paleperson2 karma

I have to ask. How did you start finger tutting? What was your family's reaction when you were like "I want to dance...with my fingers"?

Statussilver1 karma

I am also a full body dancer! The fingers are just a piece of that! My parents didnt care either way.

agentdarko2 karma

Besides your crew, who's finger tutting do you really like?

Statussilver5 karma

Hok, Moon, and Pacman.

nowonmai2 karma

My daughter loves you in the "shake it off" video. She'd love to learn some tricks. Is she too young at 6? If you'd say hi to her she'd get such a kick out of it. Her name is Emily.

Statussilver1 karma

Hey Emily! Im glad you enjoyed the video! You can definitely learn to finger tut at this age, i know a 6 year old Finger Tutter!

GigglyWigglyWorm2 karma

Nutella V. Peanut Butter. Your stand?

Statussilver1 karma

Peanut Butter easily! Peanut butter has my entire name in it while NUTella only has 75%! Even though Peanut Butter spelled it wrong...

EjonMP2 karma

Hey Pnut! Big fan of yours here. Just wanted to know:

Are you planning to upload anymore tutorials anytime soon?

How do you come up with your tutting routines? Like do you use concepts or play around etc.

Coming to Australia anytime soon? :D

Statussilver2 karma

1)There will a new tutorial out soon with a different feel to it!

2) I literally just play around with the music until i see something i like for my routines.

BloodyBisciut1 karma

Have you ever been into the EDM gloving scene? I seem to remember a pro glover with the name Pnut...

Statussilver1 karma

I have been part of the EDM scene, i have performed at the International Gloving Event BUT i have never really been a glover.

cara1234567891 karma

Do you know sign language? Do you think you'd be able to do it really fast?

Statussilver2 karma

I dont know sign language but i figure i can learn it fairly quickly!