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  • Why did you stop working in this profession?
  • What rules must snugglers always follow on the job?
  • Do snugglers get the same kind of benefits that the clients get out of the sessions?
  • Are there special requests by clients?
  • How does one even get hired for this job???

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Why resurrect the Mythbusters name though? I kinda think that name is too tightly coupled with those "famous five" now to pass on to other people, especially when the "final season" had been wrapped up. Why not simply do another show in the spirit of tackling misconceptions with science, that still nicely deviates enough from the Mythbusters in terms of presentation?

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How did you get into improvisation?

Which musical styles are you particularly fond of?

And any tips for those who want to improvise in music?

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Has your taste in music changed after working at such events?

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Are there any non-illusionists that you'd like to collaborate with but haven't yet?