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I know you can't disclose what you are working on next, but would it be fair to say that you have been flooded with tips about other sexual predators that will keep you busy for a long time? Would it be fair to characterize what we have seen so far as just the beginning?

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Wikipedia says you have been disqualified by the Guardian Council. Is that true, and if so, would you call your campaign a protest? Is there any polling in Iran? Any way of estimating support? Would it be dangerous to vote for you? Are absentee ballots allowed? Are you allowed any kind of platform in Iran? Can you give speeches, distribute literature? Or are you inhibited in your campaign? What is your long term goal, and how do you estimate your chances of achieving it?

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I've been a Knicks fan since I was a kid.

My condolences.

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Non-wig questions:

  1. How realistic is Rumple of the Bailey?

  2. How many cases do you try per year?

  3. How long does the typical case last?

  4. You both prosecute and defend criminal cases. Does that ever create a conflict of interest?

  5. What is your preferred method of cross-examination, or some of the guidelines you follow?

  6. Have you observed the American system? What differences come to mind?

Edit: If you just want to answer the Rumpole question that's okay.

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Hey, the Greeks still call Istanbul Constantinople.