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I have a bad feeling that in 25yrs - asked as a turing question - the answer will not be "people".

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Reddit: "huh... that's not us" NSA: "he.. he.. he.."

See also: man-in-the-middle attack

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She made a workout video.

In my youth that VHS workout video got demagnetized from the daily play.

ps. /u/AJMilano... you're still damn hot. XO

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as a parent this has to be a horrific roller coaster ride. usually it's the kid that helps them be strong (vs other way around). how well did your parent's cope? (here's hoping they have great medical insurance)

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Can you explain? I assume that means you paid your airfare to get to the ship... but you don't pay for food/lodging while on board working... do you??

p.s. kudos to you and your mates on board! Bloody awesome! If there's a need for an IT guy let me know, I'd love to join in.